Romance with a Touch of Love

About the Author: Kevin Hollingsworth

Author Poet, Kevin Hollingsworth has two published works of prose poetry, Wonders and Romance With A Touch of Love and coming Fall 2017 a new compilation of 106 poems titled Stellar Although born a Dreamer, writing came later in Kevin s life, just for fun in his spare time He received positive feedback on his writing from friends, acquaintances and family He continued to write in his fr

[PDF / Epub] ☁ Romance with a Touch of Love  Author Kevin Hollingsworth –
  • Paperback
  • 30 pages
  • Romance with a Touch of Love
  • Kevin Hollingsworth
  • English
  • 23 April 2017
  • 9781432771386

Romance with a Touch of Love My Name Is Kevin Hollingsworth And I Would Like To Touch Your Heart I Would Like To Bring A Love So Special To Your Tender Soul After Your Heart Has Been Touched Bring Love To Your Spirit After Your Heart And Soul Have Been Fulfilled Bring Love To Your Being After Your Heart, Soul, And Spirit Have Together Realized This Great Wonder Love Brings Happiness To This Life Happiness And Is What I Want For You

10 thoughts on “Romance with a Touch of Love

  1. Linda Strong says:

    Not a poetry fan, you say Not a problem because this book is not full of poetry This is a fine example of Prose, the written or spoken form, without metrical structure No roses are red here.This is a deep insightful book, all about love, the loss of love, the finding of love The author writes that he wants to touch the reader s hear...

  2. Butterfly Mentions says:

    Romance with a Touch of Love by Kevin Hollingsworth is a beautiful book about poems with a lot of soul, understanding, compassion and earnestness It shows all different kinds of genuine love and how we all meet love in various stages of our life First love which one we met and which felt like Cupid s Arrow hit us.Love which mystifies us,Long lasting love,Love which fills up and let the hate and misery of the world vanish,and which makes us sing which gives us passion, freedom and hopeAnd the splendid fact that love consists in many ways and which one we love and feel attracted to lay in the eyes of the beholder Love is the ability to trust and to gift each other until the days of time and forever.Or love s other side how we lose love or never gets the attention of the one we love so dearly.How it sometimes saddens us and makes us despair,How love can be the elegance itself and far unreaching to behold Loving words of Goodbye.However in the end the author presents us with faith by writing these charming and delightful poems that even if we think we lost all our love, we will find love again.Because Love is our reason to live and to feel alive and is everywhere we look The books consist of the following poems My American princess Her name was lovely Cupid s Love Song Daniela Death and Marriage Hatred Has No Place Here If I could sing Elegance He said Goodbye My Love Alone Compassion Love All in all It is a small b...

  3. Sapphyria says:

    Romance With A Touch of Love is a very emotionally expressive book of poetry There are 12 poems within the covers and each one delves into an emotion surrounding love, loss, wonderment, and of course, romance The book is not lengthy and the poems are light and airy not cumbersome I enjoyed each poem written in this book.The poem that stands out to me the most, however, is death and marriage I have been through a divorce and while I was the one who left, the divorce and ending of the marriage was very much like a death There are specific steps that I went through mourning, sadn...

  4. Christine Gabriel says:

    I loved this collection It was truly amazing, especially the poem titled Compassion Thank you for allowing to me enjoy such a wonderful collection I can t wait to read

  5. Davidantman says:

    The only great shame about this book is that there were only twelve poems in it However, considering its size, it packs quite a punch with tender poems from Kevin Hollingsworth that reflect upon the magic and pathos of love American Princess is all about the excitement of finding a new love She was freedom s most darling endeavour Beauty delivered her and the Star and Stripes crowned her Her Name Was Lovely concerns unrequited love whilst Death and Marriage is about the death of a lost love who had married someone else It is about lo...

  6. LyndaVee says:

    The author, Kevin Hollingsworth, writes that he would like to touch your heart by bringing love to it Love brings happiness to this life happiness and is what I want for you This small collection of poems is a paeon of praise from a man to a woman It reminds me of the Song of Solomon in its extravagant sentiments It ought to be published and beautifully presented it would make a wonderful gift from one lover to another and I would certainly buy it as I have bought many little books of love poems and quotes in the past.The language is lyrical generous and golden he finds love s heart The doves follow her to learn to dance Compassion is passion s nobl...

  7. Amanda says:

    I don t read much poetry I have been wanting to try some and this is the first actual poetry collection that I have ever read It was quite a pleasant experience It was easy to read and enjoy these, even tho...

  8. Katie says:

    These are poems prose written by Kevin Hollingsworth about the subject of love Of being in love, falling in love and the loneliness of love This is a brief book, barely twenty pages, and I couldn t connect with any of these There is talk of beauty but I dont think this goes as far as actually describing the beauty to us American Princess is maybe my favourite of the bunch, as the title is unique and the poem glorifies the woman in an anthem type way T...

  9. Ian Miller says:

    A very short book, twelve chapters, all very short, one managed one word over five lines It is either a romantic outpouring of unrequited love, or a myopic outpouring of self pity It has no plot, it might make an interesting poem, but in my opinion it is not one Some other commentators have argued it is a collection of poems, but to me they did not have the necessary rhythm and progression One sentence summarizes the book I loved her so, but she never knew It s value l...

  10. Raya L. says:

    An amazing offering of emotional prose Presented as little insights into love, these words are moving and touch the soul in a way that makes me confront all of the same emotions and feelings Even the sections ...