The Story of Ireland

About the Author: Neil Hegarty

NEIL HEGARTY grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland, and now lives in Dublin.Neil has written a range of fiction and non fiction His books include THE JEWEL, a new novel forthcoming in 2019 INCH LEVELS, a debut novel published in September 2016, and shortlisted for the Kerry Group Novel of the Year award FROST THAT WAS THE LIFE THAT WAS, the definitive and best selling biography of Sir David Frost

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  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Story of Ireland
  • Neil Hegarty
  • English
  • 04 March 2017
  • 9781250002891

The Story of Ireland In This Groundbreaking History Of Ireland, Neil Hegarty Presents A Fresh Perspective On Ireland S Past Comprehensive And Engaging, The Story Of Ireland Is An Eye Opening Account Of A Nation That Has Long Been Shaped By Forces Beyond Its Coasts The Story Of Ireland Re Examines Irish History, Challenging The Accepted Stories And Long Held Myths Associated With Ireland Transporting Readers To The Ireland Of The Past, Beginning With The First Settlement In A.D 433, This Is A Sweeping And Compelling History Of One Of The World S Most Dynamic Nations Hegarty Examines How World Events, Including Europe S 16th Century Religious Wars, The French And American Revolutions, And Ireland S Policy Of Neutrality During World War II, Have Shaped The Country Over The Course Of Its Long And Fascinating History With An Up To Date Afterword That Details The Present State Of Affairs In Ireland, This Is An Essential Text For Readers Who Are Fascinated By Current Events, Politics, And History.Spanning Irish History From Its Earliest Inhabitants To The Country S Current Financial Crisis, The Story Of Ireland Is An Epic And Brilliant Re Telling Of Ireland S History From A New Point Of View.

10 thoughts on “The Story of Ireland

  1. SeanlovesVera E. says:

    I read this book for three reasons because I like history, we were on our second mission there, and because I have deep roots there on my dad s side Ireland s history is very violent, religious and rich culturally and intillectually at the same time From the Gaelic to the Norse to the English, the author shows that Ireland was part of a wider history European upheaval and religious forces, combined with economic factors shaped the Island over the centuries And what an amazing story it is Just think while most of the world floundered through the dark ages, Irish monks copied the scriptures and preserved accumulated knowledge for generations to come The book of Kells is a product of their ingenuity and love of knowledge But the history is stained with the blood of untold millions With blame for all sides for so much brutality it stagers the mind as you read So many were forced to emigrate because of forced starvation etc that there are Irish in the Irish diaspora than on the Island T...

  2. Regina Lindsey says:

    Going into the this read I knew very little of Ireland s history outside of it s context within the Tudor dynasty of Great Britain I ve never traveled anywhere with such little knowledge of a location s history So, since we are going this summer I have a list of books to enhance my knowledge a bit This was the perfect book with which to start this journey, covering the time from 5th century AD to present day Ireland in 342 pages in an engaging and readable writing style Hegarty does an excellent job laying out the timeline for important events and introducing important figures during this time There is a fantastic timeline at the end of t...

  3. Patti says:

    I read this book to learn about my ancestors and to understand the history of Ireland It took me awhile because I read it carefully and took notes until I understood, but it was well worth it The author tells the story clearly and well I felt I understood Ir...

  4. Kevin Leung says:

    Generally engaging book covering 1500 years of Irish history that had a lot conflict than I would have guessed Hegarty does include maps at the end of chapters, so if you, like me, have no sense for Irish geography, that is very helpful for context ...

  5. Suzanne says:

    This was a great overview of Irish history that helped me understand what life in Ireland was like when my great grandparents and many others decided to come to America,

  6. Alex Kennedy says:

    I read this short history in connection with my trip to Ireland with Liz for our 20th anniversary celebration It offered a general overview to the present day, and gave helpful insights for a foreigner like myself.

  7. Andrew Fish says:

    Underpinning any history of Ireland there is always a subtle conceit that Ireland, uniquely amongst nations, has been forced to live under the shadow of a powerful neighbour whose influence has shaped her history A simple glance across the European map proves this to be less than uncommon, but Ireland is at least unusual in that it has allowed this relationship to dominate her thinking and cast a shadow over her politics Keane and Hegarty in their history try to do something different by looking at Ireland s relationships on a larger stage, but whether by virtue of a limited knowledge of world history or his own biases, in this they are only partially successful.Some of Ireland s history is, of course, almost mythological To cast Cromwell as anything other than a black hearted villain, for example, would be like telling an Englishman that King Arthur was French Whilst not willing to overturn this particular orthodoxy even treating an example of Cromwellian clemency as some kind of lapse at least in some places, the authors are prepared to question myths Their handling of the potato famine is particularly even handed in this regard.It is as we reach recent times that this attempt to be balanced seems to falter and the internationalist view becomes patchier During his earlier talk of emigration, the authors do mention the manner in which the number of Irish moving to the United States influenced the attitudes of that country to the Anglo Ir...

  8. Pili says:

    Not only is a very well written book that takes you through all the milestones of Ireland s history but it also includes amazing appendices such as a Timeline which I found very useful while reading and recommended bibliography.

  9. Charlie says:

    Excellent overview of Irish history Highly readable and exciting Definitely a good introduction to the subject.

  10. Samantha Worden says:

    The Story of Ireland A History of the Irish People a book written by Neil Hegarty, was published in 2012 Neil Hegarty was born in Derry Ireland, he has a PHD from Trinity College in Dublin, on English literature Hegarty writes an interesting and enlightening book all on Irish History, through Irish eyes The Story of Ireland A History of the Irish People is a great introduction to Ireland s story, by using vivid language, the author creates a mental image for readers, but spends much time focusing heavily on events after the introduction of Christianity, as well as gliding over anything after 1930 creating a choppy historical timeline Hegarty continually uses vivid language, in a successful attempt to provide readers with a mental image of Ireland s history Using language to help intrigue and create this visualization such as on pages 80 through 82 in which the author discusses the conflicts between Columbanus and the monk within Ireland Hegarty provides such beautifully crafted words you can almost see the fight unfolding before you, in which the monks and Columbanus are fighting through written means you can imagine him sitting and writing on old parchment paper in the Latin tongue to achieve his goal, much like Hegarty does in his description of the events This visualization occurs throughout the book s entirety Although hegarty creates a great mental image of Ireland, he does not spend much on particular parts of Irish history creating a bits and ...