The Beauregarde Affair

About the Author: Brian M. Talgo

Born in the Deep South in 1954, Brian M Talgo later spent his formative years in Westchester County, a northern suburb of New York City Despite his new Yankee status, he returned to the South Atlanta, Georgia after high school, where he idled away a large part of the 70 s.Wandering restlessly about the US for several years, working mainly as a carpenter and stonemason, he eventually found his

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  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • The Beauregarde Affair
  • Brian M. Talgo
  • English
  • 15 October 2018
  • 9781936827725

The Beauregarde Affair Growing Upside Down In The Nineteen Seventies A Slice Of Life From A Time Gone By, A Story Of Youthful Folly, Of Stumbling Cluelessly Into The Gaping Maw Of The Age Of Aquarius And Living To Tell The Tail Um, Tale.A Transplanted Yankee Longhair Living In Nineteen Seventy Something Atlanta, Young Mr T Finds Himself Wrestling With Naked Commie Roommates, Toothless Rednecks, Flatulent Dogs,.357 Magnum Toting Silversmiths, Indian Fox Spirits, Conniving Neighbors, Hot Swedish Blondes, Rubber Ape Masks, Freak Snowstorms And Basically The World At Large Mr T And His Wastrel Buddies Inhabit A Dilapidated Tudor On Morningside Drive, The Best Side Of Town Blots On The Landscape, They Go About Their Idle Hipster Ways With Slacker Abandon But There S Change In The Wind And Beauregarde, A Hognose Snake With Appetite Issues, Is Headed Their Way Beauregarde S Entr E Into The Wayward Household Heralds The Impending Collapse Of The Collective As Well As The Beginning Of The End Of A Wild And Crazy Decade For Mr T It S All Turning Into One Big Fat Nasty Hassle, A Hassle That He Is Haplessly Doing His Best To Avoid Surrounded By The Lunacy Of His So Called Friends, Foes, Neighbors And A Noah S Ark Of Incarcerated Animals, He Ll Be Lucky Just To Make It Through The Month Reading Like A Post Pubescent Stateside Adrian Mole On Shrooms, This Is A Ribald Tale Of Hipster Youth In 1970 S America, The Way It Really Went Down.

10 thoughts on “The Beauregarde Affair

  1. Melki says:

    Wave your hand in front of your face to disperse the purple haze of pot smoke, and prepare to spend a month with a philosophical young man, his colorful roommates, and a homely hognose snake named Beauregarde.It s the seventies Brian works at a construction company where a fellow named Psycho has vowed to kill him and the burning question everyone s asking is Does the supervisor ever change the toothpick that constantly dangles from his mouth Then he goes home to the large house he shares with friends, visitors, and a smelly aquarium filled with an ever growing smorgasbord meant for a snake who appears to be on a hunger strike From drug fueled ramblings that produce observations of sheer genius I thought about a fly on the ceiling Is the ceiling over the fly or beneath it to this important lesson if you re going to transport large quantities of an illegal substance through the streets of Atlanta, have your brakes checked first this ...

  2. Sandie Zand says:

    The Beauregarde Affair is a tale told by a natural raconteur I would love to hear this serialised on radio, or done as an audio book read by the author Memoirs in themselves can often be self indulgent and fall foul of the oh well, you d understand if you d been there realm, but what Talgo has done here is to fictionalise the memoir slightly and to do so with such a strong and compelling Voice that it s surely impossible not to be drawn into this world of stoned misfits and so, with the edges of Reality tinged with imagined romanticism and the tidying up of events, the whole thing comes together as the most wonderful story, polished and with witty afterthought and honed to perfection What bits are true, what bits invented, who knows but one thing for certain it s a ish tale of witty hedonistic indulgence that will touch the very soul of anyone who lived through that era and, indeed, I reckon I ll be having flashbacks for yearsBut it s also a tale of friendships and, no matter the decade, these early bonds those people with whom we choose to spend our formative years define and remain with us for life and are not confined to one particular decade in time And so I don t think this is a story purely for the stone heads of the seventies but is a story for anyone who s ever shared digs with others during their carefree, egotistical party years.And the snake ...

  3. Rob Mahan says:

    The Syphilitic Groin of Morningside DriveResurrected from the mildewy ashes of a long forgotten journal, The Beauregarde Affair is a hilarious, sometimes sordid, and very personal series of anecdotes about self discovery and other verbs that start with self You ll take an intimate look at life in the 1970s for a bunch of idle hipsters living and partying in a beautiful, rapidly deteriorating house on Morningside Drive in Atlanta Self described as being a blight on the neighborhood, they were being kind or maybe they were just stoned.Brian M Talgo has faithfully captured a motley cast of characters that would have been impossible to make up I can vouch for their existence, because I know a guy who met them all, back in the story s day The dialects Brian has reproduced play back like a soundtrack of the era, even down to the drawling redneck who tr...

  4. Sammy Smith says:

    I m actually quite saddened to see a 1 star review on this book, and would be intrigued as to how the reader could possibly have come to the conclusion that this is a terrible read This is fantastic, in all areas.I ll probably make the author feel old now, but I wasn t born in the seventies I m an eighties baby and yet this book made me wish I d desperately been part of the MC s crowd back in the day It s funny, witty yes, there s a difference , slick, fast paced need I go on I laughed aloud times than I can count The story surrounds the groups adopted snake and his apathy towards food, and believe me, they try EVERYTHING to get that blasted snake to eat including a newt Poor newt, that s all I ll say If you want something different, somet...

  5. Sharon VanOrman says:

    A Motey Kind of MomentI knew when I read a motey kind of moment that I was going to really enjoy this book However, what ensued was far uproariously funny and entertaining than I had expected it to be From a cast of incorrigible young men, to a menagerie of mismatched animals, The Beauregarde Affair had me laughing out lou...

  6. Paul Freeman says:

    I have to say, I laughed my way through this book Mr T takes a nostalgic look back to a time of cut price love nothing is free , drugs and rock n roll There were times when I laughed out loud at the antics and escapdes of the house mates as they stumbled and staggered from one drug fueled escapade to the next, always somehow managing to emerge relatively unscathe I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour and even if you don t have one it may just help you find it Five stars...