The Dream Sleeper

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Dream Sleeper book, this is one of the most wanted Conner Herman author readers around the world.

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  • 264 pages
  • The Dream Sleeper
  • Conner Herman
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9781118018422

The Dream Sleeper Dream Team S New Way To A Good Night S Sleep For Babies Andparents With A Simple And Easy To Follow Plan For Today S Fast Moving And Often Sleep Deprived Parents, This Book Offers A New, Modernapproach To Teaching Babies How To Sleep Independently Theauthors Proven Methods, Prepared With A Team Of Esteemed Pediatricadvisors, Show Anyone How To Coach Their Baby To Sleep Through Thenight On His Or Her Own The Importance Of Preparation, Consistency, And Patience Is Explained In A Down To EarthstyleA Primer On The Science Of SleepInstructions For Setting Up The Sleeping Environment Andcreating Sleeping And Eating SchedulesAdvice On Identifying Sleep Associations And Creating A SupportsystemChecklists And Strategies To Implement The Three Part PlanWith Respect For Many Styles Of Parenting, This Step By Stepprogram Includes Methods For Helping Baby Get A Good Night Ssleep

10 thoughts on “The Dream Sleeper

  1. Sierra says:

    A how to guide with the planning done for youLoved this book Same or similar advice I ve read elsewhere but presented in such a way that it finally allowed all the pieces to click into place.

  2. Parul Datta says:

    This book had some very useful tips on how to create a great sleeping environment for your baby, but the plan is too strict and harsh for me.

  3. Robert Beveridge says:

    Conner Herman and Kira Ryan, The Dream Sleeper A Three Part Plan for Getting Your Baby to Love Sleep Jossey Bass, 2012 Full disclosure this book was provided to me free of charge by Vine.I don t want to say this book has talismanic properties, but I will mention that the baby, who was just shy of three months old at the time, began sleeping through the night the day the book arrived in the mail, days before I began reading it Coincidence Most likely But still, desperation will drive people to absurd lengths And as I m on my second trip through having an infant, I can attest that there are few quotidian things that can drive a parent to desperation with the speed and efficiency of a baby who won t sleep through the night My older child is now sixteen She still doesn t sleep through the night, but she can at least amuse herself As the authors of the book tell you, there are basically two camps though like any problem approached with almost religious fervor, there are any number of variations on the basic themes when it comes to trying to teach your kid to sleep through the night there s the cry it out camp, and there s t...

  4. Annie says:

    My son wasn t a terrible sleeper but at 6 months old I was still rocking him to sleep at 7 00pm and he was still waking up to eat at about 10pm and 4 00am every night I was exhausted I got this book out from the library and finished it in two days It was an easy read and I liked that they stressed that you as the parent need to be ready to start sleep teaching I followed their suggested schedule and removed the night light from his room That helped right away Two days later I was ready to start sleep teaching In the book they don t really say that you need to let your child cry it out but they allude to it This is a cry it out method for sure They make you feel better by saying that the child needs to cry in order to teach themselves to fall asleep on their own The first night he cried for 45 minutes The second night he cried for 30 The third night he cried for 10 minutes The fourth night he cried for ZERO The first night he slept until 2 30 I fed him , second night 4 30 I fed him , the third night he woke up again at 10 30 and I let him cry until he put himself back to sleep about 20 min because I knew he wasn t hungry The fourth night he SLEPT all the way through Hurray I haven t read any other sleep books so I can t compare, but this did work for us I didn t think I d be an advocate for crying it out and you need to do what you think is best for you and yo...

  5. Kevin Kosar says:

    The authors claim they created new ways to get babies and toddlers to sleep They haven t they have repackaged what Richard Ferber figured out decades ago I can t speculate why the authors don t credit or mention Ferber The advice in this book is all good and fine I say this as a parent of three The authors approach is sound Again, it largely simplifies and softens Ferber s information and advice But boy did the authors pad it out, turning what might have been a 50 page handbook into a 264 page textbook Ferber s book also isn t short, I should note but it contains advice on a broader range of sleep troubles, like bed wetting and night terrors And Ferber covers babies through youth Where this book differs from Ferber is that it spends much time feeling the parent reader s pain often by sharing anecdotes from other parents ,and prov...

  6. Stacey Tyson-Tracy says:

    It was okay is all I can really give it A detailed review would be too controversial to get into without opening up all sorts of discussion and I m not a controversial person so let s just say that this book had some valuable information in it it ended up NOT being what worked for me, but I m glad I read it My pediatrician, rightfully so, pointed out that if I read enough books I could probably find one that tells me just what I want to hear, but that at the end of the day you have to do what works for you, and you have to put baby s needs first We followed what HE suggested and that s ultimately what worked for us It may not be what s right for everyone else but I m glad my doctor was straight with meLike I said this book did have some very valuable information in it worth a read, and take from it what you can.Best of luck to all new mothers and fathers and e...

  7. Rob Ballister says:

    After my first child s inability to sleep through the night until she was 18 months, I was looking for anything that might teach me what I did wrong before our second was born This book s main point is that if you start sleep teaching at the right time about 4 months , are consistent with the schedule, and allow your child to learn to self soothe, you will all sleep through the night a lot faster.Some other good tips in the book include buying blackout curtains to keep the room dark, and making sure your baby learns that the crib is for sleeping, not play time I also enjoyed the parent testimonials spread throughout the book though of course they all referred to the methods taught in glowing terms I imagine if there were any dissenting comments they didn t make the book.With the above knowledge, I anxiously awaited the arrival of my son He arrived, we br...

  8. Danielle says:

    A friend got this book out of the library for me because our 10 month old is still not sleeping through the night, and this book helped her sleep teach her son successfully I like how the book is laid out, I like that it emphasizes that some parents have great reasons or a great need to sleep teach and are doing it for the right reasons even though it s hard They spent a lot of time on nutrition at different ages and how that effects sleep and offered useful optional daily schedules for babies of different ages, which actually helped me figure out that I could get the same amount of milk into my baby without having to nurse every two hours So, those are all good things It is still a book that recommends a cry it out style of sleep teaching, which isn t for everyone and I think still isn t for us, and it doesn t reflect the most up to date research that the breastfeeding relationship can be sabotaged by early sleep training though our baby s old enoug...

  9. Jenny says:

    The Dream Sleeper helps parents understand the nature of sleep for infants, techniques about how to prepare baby s room for optimal sleep, and a strategy of leaving the baby to learn how to fall asleep themselves.I ran across this at the library when I was picking up the Baby Whisperer book and I also checked it out, thinking it couldn t hurt I mostly skimmed the content, and found the research behind baby s sleep interesting and the techniques about preparing baby s room to be somewhat he...

  10. Sarah says:

    This book was a fast read finished it in a few hours I liked the the behaviorism focus very appealing to my B.F Skinner mentality It reframed how I think about Reed s sleeping habits and has empowered us to teach him that sleep is non negotiable A MUST READ for all parents with a child under 24 monthsespecially if the child has a difficulty with sleeping napping or bedtime re read in February, 2013 to help two families that are dealing with ...