High Country Haiku - Winter

About the Author: Gary Wayne Clark

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[Ebook] High Country Haiku - Winter  By Gary Wayne Clark – Onedayyourdayweddings.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 30 pages
  • High Country Haiku - Winter
  • Gary Wayne Clark
  • English
  • 12 March 2019

High Country Haiku - Winter When A Photographer Trades The Urban Jungle Of Los Angeles For Winter In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado, Poetry Is Revealed Among Hushed Footfalls On New Fallen Snow.A Haiku Is An Unrhymed Poem Of Three Lines Containing 5, 7, And 5 Syllables Respectively, Typically Epigrammatic Or Suggestive, Referring In Some Way To Nature Or The Seasons Of The Year Simplicity Wrapped Around A Deeper Meaning After Escaping The Urban Jungle Of Los Angeles, I Began A Photographic And Lyrical Journal To Document Life Above 8,000 Feet In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado I Wanted To Capture The Native Spirit Of A Simpler Life In America S High Country, But Somewhere Along The Way, I Discovered Something What Started Out As A Chronicle Of Nature S Change Of Seasons Devolved Into Something Deeper, Something Spiritual A Quest To Deliberately Seek A Road That Few Had Traveled Listening For The Resonance Of The Elusive Harmonic Tenor Of The Universe, The Divine Rhythm Of Nature Can Be As Difficult To Discern As Trying To Distinguish A Forest Among The Trees Our Chaotic World Has Become A Blur The Speed At Which We Live Our Lives Is Spiraling Out Of Control We Just Need To Slow Down To Ascertain A Fresh Perspective Some Say That This Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination So Come Along With Me On A New Journey, A Journey To A Simpler Life, A Journey Of Personal Enlightenment, A Journey To The World Of High Country Haiku I Trust You Will Enjoy The Ride.

10 thoughts on “High Country Haiku - Winter

  1. Gary Clark says:

    From Reviews Loved this photographic and poetic journey through a winter in the mountains Photography is excellent and the subject matter is spectacular The haiku poetry is sometimes lovely, often interesting and thought provoking tr...

  2. Alison says:

    kindle 30