Kestrels Chance

About the Author: Harper Fox

Harper Fox is an M M author with a mission She s produced six critically acclaimed novels in a year and is trying to dispel rumours that she has a clone twin sister locked away in a study in her basement In fact she simply continues working on what she loves best creating worlds and stories for the huge cast of lovely gay men queuing up inside her head She lives in rural Northumberland in nort

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  • Kestrels Chance
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  • 10 September 2019

Kestrels Chance Kestrel And Rory Are The Very Best Partnership In Wester Fleet S Elite Mountain Rescue Team They Ve Trusted One Another With Their Lives For Five Years They Re Closer Than Brothers But Rory S Feelings For His Handsome, Daredevil Partner Are Far From FraternalHe Knows Better Than To Tell Kes The Truth Climbing Partnerships Are A Delicate Balance Of Love And Practicality, And The Fleet MRT Has A Strict Non Fraternization Code Rory Could Lose Everything By A Confession And Kes Is An Enigma Sometimes Distant, Sometimes Seeming To Crave The Very Devotion Rory Longs To Give HimKes Is All Set To Become The MRT S Next Leader He S A Shoo In For The Job, Except For His Impatience With Amateur Climbers And His Inability To Hold His Tongue When He And Rory Are Given The Job Of Guiding Two Important Visitors Across The Fleet Range, It S A Test Of His Tact To Say The Least But Nothing About This Mission Is As It Seems, And Soon Kes Is Facing The Most Terrifying Challenge Of His Life

10 thoughts on “Kestrels Chance

  1. Julio Genao says:

    number of harper fox books i have read 3.of those, number that feature crack cocaine 3.number that feature expert deep throat technique 3.number that feature big manly men weeping 3.number that feature ghosts 3.number i mostly enjoyed reading anyway, on account of the lush prose 3.

  2. Kaje Harper says:

    Harper Fox writes some of the most atmospheric stories in M M, stories where the setting is almost another character This book is like that, with the rough mountains of Scotland playing third to two interesting and well drawn characters The climbing lore felt authentic, and yet never intrusive to the heart of the story There were several moments in here where I felt that little tightness of the chest that goes with reading about her damaged men Watching Kestrel work his way out of that first dark hole where he began the story was emotionally involving I wasn t totally sold on the plot device that led to the final resolution view spoiler I d have preferred something less manufactured than the set up with the French climbers hide spoiler

  3. M says:

    Two bitterly disappointed stars The idea for this book is sublime two sexy mountaineers and the potential for some delicious sexual tension and claustrophobic, high altitude romance But, alas, it was executed rather clumsily The setting was still gorgeous, in true Harper Fox style, but the plot was a bit of a mess Anyway, I ll just continue to look forward to her next full length novel.

  4. Pjm12 says:

    We all know this woman can write, but gees, how much research did she need to make mountaineering seem so natural and realistic Her descriptions of the mountains, the passes, the snow and the sky evoke feelings of wonder and beauty The boys love of their surroundings, their complete surrender to the elements and their place in the world are sublime Yet Kestral s ice hardened heart will need to thaw to prove he is worthy of Rory And Rory will need every ounce of his devotion to his partner to hold him when the edges start to splinter and crack.I hate gushing reviews, yet here I am, wanting to exclamation point all over the place This is a beautiful story, beautifully told, with beautiful characters whose yearning and longing seep through the pages into our hearts and memories.

  5. Natalie says:

    3.75 stars This has all the hallmarks of a Harper Fox story a beautiful, desolate landscape, men with inner demons, and a bit of adventure I wasn t entirely crazy about the French tourist plotline, but overall I really enjoyed this.

  6. Candice says:

    Unfortunately this book did not work for me I just couldn t get interested in the characters or the story itself.

  7. Julesmarie says:

    Again, not at all what I was expecting This sounded like a fun twist on a friends to lovers story with tough mountain men climber guys as the MC s And all of that was true, except for the fun part It was still very enjoyable to read, the setting was breathtaking, the secondary characters entertaining, and the love story beautifully paced It just wasn t quite the fluff I was looking for for my weekend o fluff recovery from emotionally draining stories.Kestrel s past was beautifully outlined It was absolutely understandable why he had the issues he did And I thought the facts about his past were revealed at a perfect, believable pace And Rory s devotion to him was sweet and touching and heartbreaking all at the same time.Without question, my favorite part of the story is when they re taking the french tourists on the climb Getting to see the two men interacting in the place they feel most comfortable was delightful, and the way the mountains and the views were described was spectacular.I was able to finish this with warm fuzzies, given how everything worked out so well by the end, so I am glad I read this today Not to mention that the writing was simply brilliant.Some examples She was little and thin, a white faced patch of hope in a bright woolen hat.A very eloquent spine, had Rory, even when wrapped up in orange polyester.

  8. GymGuy says:

    This book only partially worked for me Rory and Kestrel were strong characters, and I would have really enjoyed them if I felt I got to know them better Both seemed mono dimensional I never really felt I knew Rory at all and Kestrel for me a dumb and really twinky name though I get the meaning was distant I found the dialog confusing There were large sections I needed to re read because I just couldn t follow who was speaking Whether it was bad paragraphing or lack of dialog tags, I just didn t follow large sections.Another really huge irritation for me was the whole French sub plot While I know nothing about mountain climbing and am not a person who engages in high trill adventures, I find it totally inconceivable that a supervisor would subject one of his team members in some test that would in any way compromise his safety view spoiler Suppose Kestrel had become injured or heaven forbid lost his life because of a psychological test or to be specific, a trick It would have been far than tragic hide spoiler

  9. Ulysses Dietz says:

    Harper Fox is a wonderful writer Not only does she research her locales, but she recreates them in words that are vivid and painstakingly yet effortlessly arranged Let me just reiterate Fox is a great writer A pleasure to read for the mere joy of letting her words flow through your brain Kestrel s Chance is a novella, a form that I usually find a bit too thin for the kind of character development Fox is so good at But Harper is a woman who knows how to write men that feel like men not a woman s fantasy of what a man is or a man s fantasy, for that matter Kestrel and Rory are alpine rescuers, part of an elite team that is charged with pulling fools off of mountains in the wilds of Scotland In real life, I never would have met men like this, so it was nice to read about them, their quirks, their unresolved pain.I do wish this had been a longer book that the winding path to that penultimate mountain adventure had been allowed to unroll at a leisurely pace Kestrel s story deserves a slower reveal their five years as work mates could easily have been given of Fox s beautiful embroidery I admit, Fox condensed the story well she packs a great deal of emotion and context into the relatively limited parameters of her form I was surely satisfied with the payoff and caught up in the twists in the plot but I still came away wishing I d had time to get to know all of this.I believe Harper has been working on something bigger concurrently and perhaps this is like one of Virginia Woolfe s little palate cleansers, like Flush look it up a smaller book to clear her mind while a major project simmers The problem is that Fox never makes up characters you don t care about although you may not like them at first So one can t help but feel cheated when it all fades to black and you re not quite ready.Keep em coming, Ms Fox I ll be waiting.

  10. Karen says:

    This is definitely a first Not a first read with this author, I ve read a few Harper Fox books as a matter of fact she is definitely one of my top 5 authors when it comes to m m Her book Life After Joe is one of the few books that I ve not only re read but I ve done so several times.Unfortunately the first is that this book was the first time that I ve read a Harper Fox book and not wanted to give it 4 or 5 stars because that s what I ve given to every other book of hers that I ve read Odds are that this would happen eventually.Having said that I gave considerable thought to the why of it and to be honest I m and the only things that I am sure of are A big part of why this one just didn t do it for me was because for a lot of the book I didn t really care for Kestrel and then once I stopped disliking him and being angry with him mostly because I didn t like the way he treated Rory I still just didn t warm up to the character enough to truly like him or to be glad that Rory seemed so willing to forgive him for being the total ass that he d been.It just didn t work and Harper Fox is still one of my absolute favorite authors because honestly even what turned out to be for me her worst it was still better than many other books that I ve read So I m calling it a bad day and moving on.