A Werewolf in Sheeps Clothing

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  • 13 pages
  • A Werewolf in Sheeps Clothing
  • Rob Rosen
  • English
  • 20 April 2019

A Werewolf in Sheeps Clothing Meat Might Indeed Be Murder, But For A Wolf, What Choice Is There So Thinks The Blood Hating Jackson Until He Encounters A Rather Curious Bear, One Who Introduces Him To An Equally Odd Assortment Of Vegetarian Forest Hunters, The Most Intriguing Another Wolf Such As Himself In Ways Than One Love Brings The Two Together, But Can It Save Them From A Sinister Plot That Is Hatched By An Animal That Is Not What It Appears To Be

10 thoughts on “A Werewolf in Sheeps Clothing

  1. Serena Yates says:

    This short story reads like a fable It is filled with animals who talk and have all sorts of human issues, but, basically they are animals the vast majority of the time It s an interesting take on the Walk on the Wild Side theme of this year s Dreamspinner Daily Dose collection, and even though I ve read the story s first edition, reading it again was just as much fun as the first time The idea of a vegetarian werewolf, just barely accepted by a pack despite his proclivities , as they call it, is pretty funny to start with But to then have him find others with his preferences and see them deal with life as the forest rejects them is pretty darn entertaining.Jackson may look like a scary predator, but he doesn t want to eat meat and, in fact, hates seeing blood When a bear catches him crunching on some delicious carrots, Jackson s secret is out and he fears the worst His reaction to the bear confessing similar issues is hilarious, and Jackson s curiosity is piqued What follows when Jackson attends his first carnivores anonymous meeting whose motto is meat is murder is the beginning of a new life for Jackson.Frank is another werewolf attending the secret meetings of carnivores repulsed by killing their food, and Jackson is than excited by the prospect of finding some real companionship, a pack, tiny ...

  2. FantasyLiving says:

    Read as part of the Boy Meets Boy Review Shifter Sunday Funday for Dreamspinner 2016 Daily Dose A Walk on the Wild Side Anthology 2.5 HeartsJackson is different to the other wolves in his Pack, but they still accept him, except for his dislike for meat It s weird, and Jackson feels ashamed Along comes Woodly, a bear, who is also vegetarian, and introduces him to other woodland creatures who are not a fan of meat, including another...

  3. Mike says:

    Wolf sheep fable and setting mirroring contemporary social struggles and issuesOverall, this was a very interesting and rather heated story, and I enjoyed reading it The writing was generally fine maybe a bit uneven to me , but the sizzle was nicely steamy, and the story, in the end, definitely worth the read.This is another story that underlines the parallel between discrimination hate against LGBT populations with a story setting substitute, in this case prejudice among predatory shifters against those with the unnatural procilivities of being a vegetarian The author also nicely works in allusions to other real world struggles like 12 step programs and family conflict as well as explores the push pull of loyalties, betrayal, and natural instincts, all in a very brief and intriguing short read.There were some writing and plot issues that I fo...

  4. Serena Yates says:

    This short story reads like a fable It is filled with animals who talk and have all sorts of human issues, but, basically they are animals All except one, werewolf Jackson, and the other werewolf he meets, Frank The whole situation of a herbivore wolf made me laugh The story is well written and totally in the style of all fables well, with one notable exceptions when the two werewolves become closely acquainted.The basic issue this story revolves around is that Jackson doesn t want to eat meat and, in fact, hates seeing blood Frank is of the same conviction, and together they dutifully attend the carnivores anonymous meetings organized by a bear I can t tell you too much without giving away the ending which is brilliant and totally logical, yet, I did not expect it.If you like fables that will make you think, if you enjoy reading about a different kind of werewolf, and if you re looking for a short read that is funny but with a serious message and a surpri...

  5. Christy says:

    A very interesting addition to this year s Dreamspinner Press 2016 Daily Dose A Walk on the Wild Side The idea of a werewolf as a vegetarian was quite humorous and I fell for Jackson quite easily This story definitely read like a fable with shifters who remain in their animal forms but can talk and reason exactly as if they were in human form.Jackson attending his first carnivore anon...

  6. Reflection says:

    Nope There is very little about this story that I liked Perhaps I went in with hopes too high, or maybe I am not in the mood but I found it unpleasant from start to finish Essentially it felt like a children s story with gratuitous sex thrown in I wouldn t...

  7. Daniel Mitton says:

    Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher author for an honest review In today s A Walk on the Wild Side story, I m bringing you a review of A Werewolf in Sheep s Clothing I picked this one up based on the vegetarian aspect of the story A few years ago, I did the whole vegetarian thing for a little over a year, so I knew I d feel some rapport with the characters I was also intrigued with how a vegetarian wolf and a vegetarian bear would come to be friends.Jackson is a wolf, and a member of a wolf pack, but he is a wolf with a difference He doesn t do meat He will help with the hunt, but won t touch the meat preferring instead to subsist on carrots, nuts and other readily available vegetarian delights found in the forest One day while he is eating his carrots, he is approached by a large bear named Woodly, who offers to introduce him to a group of vegetarian animals I ll be ...

  8. Becky Condit says:

    The story itself was cute enough Shifters of all sorts, trying to show that one doesn t need to eat another animal and friends can be made with other species.Unfortunately, the ending doesn t quite live up to the promise of the story this is my opinion onl...

  9. Lindsay says:

    Fun dirty readIf you ve got 40 minutes to kill and want something fun to read pick this up A werewolf who is also not a killer meets a bear and others like himself and learns that there s nothing wrong with this He also meets another wolf with the same ideals and leanings.A great read.

  10. Katherine says:

    This didn t really grab me at all It was like someone watched Finding Nemo Fish are friends, not food , applied it to other predators, and then threw in some werewolves It just felt half funny and half sad and I didn t really see the romance or the odd support group working out Not for me.