Burning Sage (Love Among the Ruins #1)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Burning Sage (Love Among the Ruins #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Deena Remiel author readers around the world.

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  • 53 pages
  • Burning Sage (Love Among the Ruins #1)
  • Deena Remiel
  • English
  • 22 April 2018

Burning Sage (Love Among the Ruins #1) Sage Wilcot, An Accomplished Scientist, Has Set Her Sights On Her Lifelong Obsession, Studying The Volcanos Of The Island Of Santorini Once There, Though, She Gets Than She Bargained For The Dormant Volcano Is Waking And Shaking Things Up In The ProcessAn Enigmatic Stranger From A Mythical Ancient City Comes To Her Rescue And Challenges Her To Believe In The Unbelievable Will She Take The Huge Leap Of Faith For Love S Sake Or Stay Cloistered In Her Fortress Of Certainty And Solitude

10 thoughts on “Burning Sage (Love Among the Ruins #1)

  1. Ingrid Stephanie Jordan says:

    Title BURNING SAGE a LOVE IN THE RUINS book Author Deena RemielReviewer Stephanie Jordan Well when I first started reading to be honest I really wasn t impressed Thinking to myself oh no, I hate giving Little to No Stars Getting ready to quit reading and all of a sudden it started to flow Like the lava running smoothly down the side of mountain, page by page I just couldn t put it down This is a short read BUT we ll worth it.Dr Sage Wilcot is from the Northern Pennsylvania University, in the Department of Geosciences as a historical eruptions specialist Sage was asked to be an assistant in the June expedition to Mount Etna This step down after years of being the lead scientist just was not going to happen She thought, than her dream was brought to the table, of course she accepted it But than who wouldn t, one week, single person expedition to study the Santorini s Volcano, and maybe discover Atlantis.Emmanouel, the last Prince of Atlantis, is Immortal and must find someone to tell the story of the lost city or he will stay on this earth forever The attraction between Emmanouel and Sage is breathtaking BUT the sexual attraction is Romantically Hot and Steamy It would be a sin not to read this book I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review My Personal Stars ScoresBook Cover Rating 5 StarsHero Rating 5 StarsHeroine Rating 5 StarsSexual Tension Rating 5 StarsSex Scenes Rating 5 StarsPlot Development Rating 5 StarsDialogue Stars 5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsStorytelling Rating 5 StarsStoryEnding Rating 5 StarsWould I Reread This Book DEFINITELYWould I Read Future Books By This Author ABSOLUTELY

  2. Katrina says:

    Burning Sage is a wonderfully written short romance by Deena Remiel At only over 40 pages long this story will have you hooked till you have read the last word The cover is just to die for and this story is certainly Unique and captivating It is set on an exotic Greek island of Santorini, a whitewashed city built on top of a dormant volcano When the volcano starts to tremble , its not the only thing trembling along with it The fire inside can not be contained. Emmanouel, is the last Prince of Atlantis, and until he can find someone willing to proove that his world existed he is trapped for eternity.Sigh Emmanouel is yet another book boyfriend to take home All I can say is I was grinning like a cheshire cat in the end stary eyed I personally really enjoyed this short story would love to see between Sage and her Prince of Atlantis and there future The chemistry between the pair was certainly electric volcanic With a hotty like him, what wouldnt make your fires burn grins The story was finished nicely and will leave you sheepishly happy.An enigmatic stranger from a mythical ancient city a scientist searching for her dreams, the two combined equals Volcanic chemistry.Anything can happen when you believe in a little magic BURNING SAGE is the story of two people whose personalities are so diametrically opposed to each other, how could they possibly wind up deeply in love, defying all logic and reason Taken from Deena Remiel s facebook page but so very true

  3. Lori says:

    Mythology and science combine in an earth shattering way in Burning Sage by Deena Remiel.Sage Wilcot s belief in fairy tale endings and true love falls apart when her marriage fails, and she builds a barrier around her heart Now, Sage only believes in things she can prove with science Sage has an engaging conversational style that contains a touch of a colorful language, that alone drew her character to me After securing a trip to Santorini, the volcanic island she has always wanted to revisit, Sage encounters Emmanouel, a prince from the lost land of Atlantis Remiel s vivid and lush descriptions make you feel like you are on that volcanic island experiencing everything Sage s attraction to Emmanouel and his beautiful eyes is instantaneous As Emmanouel tells Sage his story, she realizes that science cannot prove everything, and the ice around her heart begins to crack and let love back in The sexual chemistry between them sizzles, as their intimate encounter is explosive.Can a scientist give up the scientific method and believe in true love In this case, the answer is an unequivocal yes With a masterful blend of captivating characters, mythology, and fairy tales in a modern romance, Burning Sage is a spellbinding love story that is not to be missed.I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of an honest review for The Jeep Diva I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  4. Kristina says:

    Deena has outdone herself with Burning Sage It is the PERFECT story I LOVED it It s like a fairy tale meets mythology meets modern age Deena has the ability to draw readers in and mesmerize them with her beautiful stories There s an unbelievable amount of magic in her words that creates the most amazing stories imaginable There s a beautiful passion that translates into her writing and you can see it in the story.Burning Sage combines a couple with sizzling chemistry a smart and feisty heroine that knows her stuff and an Atlantian prince that took me to swoonsville and a wonderful plot combined with a very unique setting that is a wonder all on its own When they come together it s like fate, amazing and wonderful.Normally I m not a fan of short stories because sometimes they are lacking what you want in a full length story, but that s not the case with Burning Sage You get all you could possibly want and .I can t wait for the next book in this series Do yourself a favor and pick this one up My sweet, sweet Sage My princess He eased her back to lie on the soft earth and hovered above her, his piercing gaze telling her she would be his cherished love.Ohhhmmmyyygaaawwwddd faints

  5. Renee says:

    And I fell in love sigh This is a great short story by one of my favorite local authors Deena will bring you to your knees with this story of love bridging time and space to unite two lonely lovers who share the same dream Loved it

  6. Kendall Hunsaker says:

    I absolutely loved this short story I was a little hesitant at first when reading, but I fell in love with the story after the first chapter I recommend this to those who love Immortals and are romantics I still pull the book out when I want something short to re read.

  7. Deneale Williams says:

    I was lucky enough to meet Deena at another facebook event She was promoting her book, and wanted a loud mouth Hi, I am a loud mouth But, that isn t the only reason I offered to be a big mouth for Deena When she told me about her book, I totally flipped I am a lover of books, especially with mythology This book Burning Sage takes place on Santorini Island where a dormant Volcano has decided to wake up and shake things up A scientist Dr Sage Wilcot has decided that is what she wants to investigate in this expedition taking place in June.Even though Dr Thomas Conrad had been the lead on this expedition, and Dr Wilcot who was much wiser and grew up knowing every detail about this volcano in the end she won three times over.Then while there, low and behold, Dr Wilcot finds Emmanouel, the last prince of Atlantis And he has a story to tell Not only that, the two of them, will have a long lost civilization to restore But that s not until Emmanouel actually convinces Dr Wilcot of everything Once she becomes a believer, than everything is about to change But is she sure she wants or should believe this First, ask yourself this Is Dr Wilcot with her degree from Northern Pennsylvania University going to believe this Does she want to I mean is this this gorgeous hunk of a man pulling her leg Would you believe it But what do you have to lose right Emmanouel has a problem that he needs solved He needs to find someone, anyone, to tell this, his very story to If he doesn t, he will remain here forever Sage, then figures it couldn t hurt to listen, real or not He was worthy of listening to, and anything else he might want her to do.Dr Sage Wilcot, was able to bring mythology forward and fall in love, all while in a days work What could you ask for The question is, what will become of Emmanouel after he tells his story What will happen next You will need to read this fascinating story, and see for yourself I truly loved this book, in every sense of the word It was fascinating, and so deeply written I felt like I even learned so much I give Burning Sage five stars, and think if you love a mix of romance, with a twist of mythology, this is the right book for you It was an extreme pleasure reviewing this book, and an even better pleasure getting to know the writer Deena She has a true talent for making you believe anything you read, and wanting to read even

  8. Rachel V. says:

    This was a short story but the author packed a lot of detail in it that made this into an enjoyable read Burning Sage had many things in it that I enjoy reading about First I am a science nut so I love geology and volcanoes The story of Atlantis is also always enjoyable and just made it even better.It seems like there are a lot books are including science as their characters profession If this is a trend then I am happy if not then I just happen to be running across several of these recently.Science is such a varied profession that you can choose many different things to study I really enjoyed that as well as Sage s voice in this story She is feeling passed over at work for someone who obviously doesn t know how to do the job and is just blackmailing the boss to get his way I will not spoil it but he does get what is coming to him in the end I loved the whole story.The only thing I didn t like was it was to short I wanted to continue on in this world I wanted to see the story of Atlantis to be expanded or the mystery of the secluded oasis on the volcano investigated and also wanted to hear of how Sage s co worker got what he deserved.All in all this story is definitely worth reading even if you are not a science nut like me because it is all around enjoyable no matter your tastes I received this story in exchange for an honest review.

  9. Linda says:

    Since she was a little girl visiting the Santori volcano, Sage Wilcot loved everything about volcanoes She studied and became a scientist at Northern Pennsylvania University in the geo science department Doctor Wilcot had read the note three times that said that sleazeball doctor Thomas Conrad was leading the team at the Mt Etna expedition and she would assist him Her boss knew that she was the best in the department, yet he but Conrad as lead She raced to her computer to request a meeting with her boss to get this straightened out The next morning, as she sat before her boss, she couldn t believe the crap he was saying, but she agree to be on the team if he would spring for a trip to Santori where she could finally achieve one part of her life long dream.Finally she was on the dormant volcano and just as she bent to take samples, the ground shook and she plunged into a deep craterDeena Eimel pens a wonderful what if story that will make you think perhaps it s true and I wished it was longer as I want to know how Conrad got on Of course this is a short story but he needs to get his just dessert

  10. Mary Myers-Huff Barscz says:

    Once again, Deena Remiel packs a punch into a story I am a mythology fan, so anything that adds that into a story, and does it as well as Deena, will have me hooked With a love of volcanoes, Sage is on a mission ut she wasn t expecting what she found Finding an immortal prince is enough to shake anyone to their core What happens when these two strangers from different times collide I can t tell you that.I hate spoliers Just READ THIS BOOK You won t be sorry you did.