It Never Was You

About the Author: William E. Thomas

William Edward Thomas was born in West London in 1925.He left The Brompton Oratory School when he was 14 and started work as a messenger at the BBC When war broke out, his mother insisted he left central London and went to work with his father at a factory in Harrow While still a teenager, William joined the army and was soon recruited in to the parachute regiment By the time peace had been dec

[Ebook] It Never Was You By William E. Thomas –
  • Paperback
  • 380 pages
  • It Never Was You
  • William E. Thomas
  • English
  • 08 September 2018

It Never Was YouHarry Williamson Is An Ex Merchant Seaman, A Successful Businessman And A Loving Family Man When He Disappears From A Ferry In The Middle Of The Irish Sea, His Grieving Family Are Left With Questions Than Answers Who On Earth Is Mary Robinson Why Did Harry Leave Her A Small Fortune In His Will Had He Been Unfaithful To His Beloved Late Wife, Lesley As They Delve Into His Past, They Discover He S Been Harbouring A Secret Which Threatens To Tear Apart The Very Fabric Of Their Family History What Unfolds Is The Heartbreaking Story Of A Quiet, Middle Class Merchant Seaman And His Unexpected, Tragic Relationship With A Beautiful And Exuberant Waitress From The Liverpool Docks As They Struggle To Reconcile Their Feelings For Each Other With The Ever Changing Attitudes Of Post War Britain The Follow Up To The Acclaimed Pegasus Falling, It Never Was You Continues Thomas S Epic And Panoramic Saga Of How Ordinary People Coped With Some Of The Most Extraordinary And Devastating Events Of The 20th Century.

10 thoughts on “It Never Was You

  1. Damaskcat says:

    This book is a sequel to Pegasus Falling and is the second part of the Cypress Branches trilogy It could be read as a standalone novel but the reader will get out of it if they read Pegasus Falling first Harry Williamson has died in what seems to be an accident and his will holds some shocks for his adult children Why has he left a fortune to a woman his family have never heard of The rest of the book goes back in time to just after the end of World War II to show what part the mysterious woman named in his will played in his life As with Pegasus Falling I loved the characters in this book and thought they were very well drawn I cared about them and wanted things to turn out well for them The author has a marvellous way with dialogue and I found I could hear the characters speaking in my head as I read the book....

  2. Harry Nicholson says:

    In the first sentence we are aboard a U boat rising to periscope depth By the closing chapters we might be cheering for a bonny Liverpool lass trying to make sense of the life fate has dealt her This is a brilliant tour of human experience, from grim loss in Arctic seas to the Mersey and a...

  3. Lucy says:

    I listed the previous book in this series, Pegasus Falling, as one of my top ten indie books a few months ago, so I was looking forward to finding out what happened next.At first I found it rather difficult to make links between Pegasus Falling and It Never Was You Part of that I think was that there was quite a gap between my reading of the two books It s not something which really effected my reading of It Never Was You At the time when it really mattered that there was a link it was explained In some ways it was better that I didn t remember, because it made things of a surprise Maybe it says something about the way I read, I didn t even make some connections which were within the book, but that just made things much emotional when they were revealed It might not be me, one link which turned out to be quite important was related to something earlier on that you may not find significant.I must admit I felt attached...

  4. Amanda says:

    This is book number 2 in the Cypress Branches Trilogy, following Pegasus Falling As before, this author does an excellent job in hijacking emotions I read the first book, Pegasus Falling in a few days The characters, the writing and the emotion packed into that book absolutely enthralled me Here is the link for the review of Pegasus Falling.As it was billed as a trilogy , I expected book two to pick up where book one ended.Not so This book starts in modern day as Harry s children are attempting to figure out what led to the death of their father and why he bequeathed part of his estate to a woman they have never heard of before.Then there is a jump to the past Harry is a merchant seaman during WWII Harry rescues three other seamen before collapsing and nearly dying in the frigid water You learn just enough about two of the rescued seamen to hate them.Then the character of Mary is introduced Her ordeal is tragic I had always heard about the class divisions in the U.K., but this book illustrates it perfectly.Mary meets Harry, and the love story begins.But can their passion for one another survive the class differences so prevalent during this time period Hampering their efforts to maintain a solid relationship, Harry is scheduled to be out at sea for a long period of time.During one particularly long voyage, Harry meets Lesley, who was prominently featured in book one of the trilogy They...

  5. Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    It Never Was You is the second book in the Cypress Branches trilogy and although it is part of the trilogy, it can definitely be read as a standalone book This book takes place during and after WWII in England As with Pegasus Falling, the first book in the trilogy, this book looks at how people coped and went about their lives and loves while their world was being thrown into sheer chaos.The story begins when Harry s children find out that he has left part of his fortune to an unknown woman in his will after he has a mysterious and tragic accident that shakes his family I sort of wish that the book would have ended there as well so we could see what the adult children find out if anything about Mary The book ends instead in sort of a cliffhanger and I am wondering if the story of Harry and Mary will be picked up in the final book of the trilogy even though thus far, the first two books have covered different couples There were some sections of the book that I thought could have been streamlined a little bit in order to pu...

  6. Anne says:

    Once again, William E Thomas has created a wonderfully atmospheric story, starting out as something as a mystery and turning into an emotional journey with two strong and interesting characters heading the way When Harry Williamson disappears from a ferry bound from Liverpool, his family are left devastated and puzzled Harry was an experienced ex merchant seaman and they have no idea why he was heading for Liverpool They become even distressed when they discover that Harry has left a significant amount of money and a property to a mysterious Mary Robinson Who on earth is she, and why should she inherit so much of their family money The reader is then whisked back to Harry s early life, just after the war and long before he met his future wife What follows is a story of passion and heartbreak and the story of Harry and Mary slowly unfolds Many parts of the story, and some of the characters do link into the first book of the trilogy, and although it would help if the reader had read Pegasus Falling first, this book does work well as a stand alone novel.As in the first book, there is a political side to Thomas s writing, the effects of war on the working classes, the wide gap between them and the wealthy, the prejudice and beliefs of the times are all shown here the language is often colourful and often very politically incorrect, but fits perfect...

  7. Joanna says:

    Great readcan t wait until the next part comes out Really enjoyed reading this book..