Copper Cauldron

About the Author: Terri Talley Venters

Terri received her Bachelor s degree in Accounting and Master s degree in Taxation from the University of Florida She is a licensed CPA and a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo She lives in St Augustine, Florida, with her husband, Garrison, and their two sons

[Ebook] ↠ Copper Cauldron  Author Terri Talley Venters –
  • ebook
  • 105 pages
  • Copper Cauldron
  • Terri Talley Venters
  • English
  • 01 January 2018

Copper Cauldron Penelope Manchester, A Good Witch With One Green And One Blue Eye, Awaits Her Destiny A Warrior Of God With The Face Of An Angel, The Heart Of A Saint, And Eyes Which Match Her Own St Michael The Archangel Flies Into Her Life And Sweeps Her Off Her Feet Meanwhile, An Evil Sorcerer Captures Witches, Steals Their Powers And Most Of Their Nine Lives, And Shrinks Them To The Size Of Dolls N Rnberg Dolls But When He Turns Two Of The Manchester Witches Into Dolls, The Manchester Clan Fights Back With The Help Of St Michael, And Divine Intervention Armed With The Legendary Copper Cauldron, A Fire Breathing Dragon, And An Arsenal Of Spells, Good Battles Evil

15 thoughts on “Copper Cauldron

  1. Lynette Sofras says:

    I have to admit from the outset, this is not the sort of genre I usually read, but for once I m quite pleased I ventured out of my comfort zone I found it refreshing, youthful in tone and good fun.Penelope Manchester is the youngest in the long line of Manchester witches all still residing at their New Orleans mansion Penelope is twenty nine, going on sixteen and lives with her parents, grandmother and great grandmother and all these delightful witches share the unique trait of one blue eye and one green eye Penelope s favourite relative, her nonagenarian great grandmother, told her stories of her destiny as a young child that she would meet her soul mate, a warrior of God, with the face of an angel, the heart of a saint, and eyes which match her own From this delightful beginning, you might expect to guess the rest quite easily But the author has woven an imaginative and amusing story surrounding Penelope s destiny While fulfilling her ambition to visit all the churches in the world belonging to St Michael who Penelope believes represents her destiny , she finds herself in Germany with her cousin, Cat Although she thinks she catches a glimpse of St Michael, she also encounters her nemesis, the evil sorcerer, Marcus Maximus I m not sure if I made up the surname, but you get the idea You might think the story from then on will follow the usual course, but you d be wrong It does have a few sweet and comic twists to it,...

  2. Bill Corradini says:

    The Copper Cauldron is a quick, fun read and can be enjoyed in one or two sittings I liked the pace but couldn t help but think that a few pages could help develop characters a little Penelope, her mother, and grandmother all witches are intriguing and piqued my interest and I would have liked to learn about them than the story affords.With that said, the story is imaginative witches turned into dolls by an evil wizard and captured my attent...

  3. Crazy4more says:

    2.5 starsToo short for plot and characters to develop.Sorry, just wasn t my cup of tea.

  4. Laura Thomas says:

    Copper Cauldron opens with Penelope at bedtime Her great grandmother Violet tells her favorite bedtime story about Penelope, a young witch with one blue eye and one green eye She is descended from a long line of Manchester witches with this unique trait.One day, she will meet her soul mate, her destiny.He will be a warrior of God, handsome and pure of heart, with eyes like hers.Flash 20 years later Penelope has grown into a beautiful young woman and she is obsessed with the churches of St Michael.Ever since she was young, she s believed St Michael is her soul mate and she searches for him all over the world.While on vacation and visiting yet another church, she sees a man slip past her vision When she looks up to a portrait of St Michael she is stunned The man could be his spitting image.She searches, but never sees him again.Penelope meets up with her friend, Cat, a Manchester witch from the Scottish line, who s with her on vacation.Cat needs a rare ingredient for her potions and they head to a biergarten in Nurnberg to get it.There, they meet the charming wizard, Marcus.He is all too eager to assist these beautiful...

  5. Claire says:

    Read this in 2 sittings Nice easy book following the Manchester witches, in particular, the youngest, Penelope.We follow her as she clashes with the evil sorcerer Marcus, her closeness with her family and trying to make her destiny come true.A really sweet book which is perfect for YA s ...

  6. Ines Vieira says:

    Full disclosure I haven t read this type of paranormal story in ages It used to be my go to genre, but I have been addicted to a contemporary fiction for quite some time So reading Copper Cauldron brought me back to the reason why I used to love this genre so much.I love the world of magic, but most of all I love the mystery behind it This book delivered just that It brought out my curiosity of the fate that Penelope held, and what her true destiny was I loved the dynamics of these delightful witches and the generations that were introduced to us I actually found myself itching to read about the eldest clan members and was kind of bummed that there wasn t background story on them, but fingers crossed there will be in future books What a delightful read This book is an easy read and I strongly recommend it to anyone that wants likes this genre in the first place and wants to be taken to a place full of enjoyable characters and one malicious sorcerer I see this as a book for young adults, even though Penelope is turning 30, she is a true teenager at heart, tantrums and all Even the bad guy was int...

  7. Penny BroJacquie says:

    Double, double toil and trouble Fire burn, and COPPER cauldron bubble I love witch stories and Copper Cauldron is one of the most entertaining I ve ever read It s intriguing, suspenseful, interesting till the very last page I loved Terri Venters s writing style She knows how to craft a storyline that keeps you glued to your kindle screen In this book, there are no boring long desc...

  8. Samantha says:

    I enjoyed the story in Copper Cauldron I just wish I d had a little time to engage with the characters It reads very quickly I finished it in a single morning In the end, this made the story feel a little rushed I didn t get to know or care strongly about the characters as much as I would have liked, which lessened the impact of big moments of joy or stress All ten...