Garage Sale Superstar (Almost Free Money, Volume 2)

About the Author: Eric Michael, which features over 70 pages of content related to flipping used items and selling items found for free The site also teaches garage sale hosts how to make considerably money at their own garage sales.Eric also has Facebook fan pages for Almost Free Money and Twitter e_michaelauthor.

[Epub] ↠ Garage Sale Superstar (Almost Free Money, Volume 2)  Author Eric Michael –
  • Paperback
  • 46 pages
  • Garage Sale Superstar (Almost Free Money, Volume 2)
  • Eric Michael
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781484193563

Garage Sale Superstar (Almost Free Money, Volume 2) Would You Like To Double Or Triple Your Garage Sale Or Yard Sale Profits, Without Spending Any Money Have You Heard Stories About People Making Over At Garage Sales, And Wished For Similar Success Have You Ever Wondered How To Effectively Price Your Items That You Will Be Selling At Your Garage Sale How Would You Like To Be Able To Design A Free Garage Sale Advertisement That Will Pull Garage Sale Shoppers In To Your Sale From Other Cities And Counties Would You Like To Know What Types Of Belongings Sell For The Most Money At Garage Sales, So That You Can Round Them Up From Your Own Home Would You Like To Make The Process Of Organizing Your Garage Sale Easier And Fun Have You Ever Thought About Selling Some Of Your Collectible Items On The Internet To Make Money, But Did Not Know How To Get Started Garage Sale Superstar Provides Solutions To All Of These Questions Asked By Almost Every Single Garage Sale Or Yard Sale Host In Superstar, The Second Book In The Almost Free Money Series, Detailed Instructions Are Provided For Making Excellent Money By Selling Your Used Property At Free Venues Like Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, And Tag Sales As A Veteran Of Visiting Over , Garage Sales In The Last Ten Years, I Can Provide Specific Examples Of What Works For Garage Sale Hosts, And What Does Not Here Are The Top Ten Benefits From Reading Garage Sale Superstar Learn Garage Sale Techniques Used By The Most Successful Garage Sale Hosts To Rake In Thousands Of Dollars At Their Personal Garage Sales Learn How To Maximize Your Garage Sale For Either Higher Profits Or Items Sold Determine Whether You Want Max Sales, Or Clearing Clutter To Clean Out Your Home Or Garage Ensure That You Have A SAFE Garage Sale You Would Be Surprised How Many Hosts Neglect Their Own Safety, Or The Safety Of Kids Visiting Their Sales Learn How To Arrange Your Displays And Tables, One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Maximizing Garage Sale And Yard Sale Profits Make Your Own Free Garage Sale Advertisements That Will Make People Flock To Your Sale, With Zero Advertising Fees Learn What To Put In Your Ads, Where To Post Them, And How To Spice Up Your Classified Ads With Photos Or Graphics Learn What Days Of The Week To Be Open, And What Hours Are Peak Selling Times What Time Should Your Garage Sale Be Open In The Morning We Have Some Innovative Ideas For Making Garage Sales Inviting To Potential Shoppers, And Passers By On Your Street They Are Also Fun For Hosts And Their Children Discover What Types Of Items Are Collectible And Should Be Sold On EBay To Make Significantly Money Do You Hate The Process Of Organizing Your Garage Sale Learn How To Make It Fun By Including Your Friends And Family Organize Your Garage Sale Items, While Socializing Or Perhaps Over Several Adult Drinks This Works Anywhere In The World Anybody Can Do This We Are Confident That You Will Enjoy The Personal And Hopefully Humorous Accounts Of Shopping At Garage Sales Provided In This Book Come On And In And Join Several Thousand Fellow Garage Sale And Yard Sale Hosts Who Have Benefited From Garage Sale Superstar Please Order Now

10 thoughts on “Garage Sale Superstar (Almost Free Money, Volume 2)

  1. Eric Michael says:

    Garage Sale Superstar is the second book in the Almost Free Money series by Eric Michael.Garage Sale Superstar provides all of the information that garage sale or yard sale hosts need to have their best sale ever in the book, veterans of visiting and hosting thousands of garage sales provide experiences related to improving garage sales for maximum profit.Included in the book is easy to implement instruction on pricing goods for sale, advertising garage sales for free, advertising content, garage sale and yard sale lay out, customer relations, displaying of goods for sale, holding themed sales for maximum profit, what to do with leftovers after your sale, dealing with early customers and what types of items should be sold online instead of at garage sales From how to set up your tables, how to advertise and where even how to word your ad to what days your should have it and why and when to start it You can tell that this book was written by someone who has been there, done that and has LOTS of experience and knowledge as how to be successful For example The author suggests having co hosts help with the sale and assigning jobs to each of them This is a wonderful notion if you can get your friends and neighbors to do it Perhaps when they read how much effective the sale could be and that they could make money by teaming up they ll jump on board I especially liked the 10 tips for effective organization and spacing of your garage sale and yard sale tables, display and traffic flow, but I believe my favorite tip is on what to do with the annoying early bird people They are part of the reason I dread having a garage sale But not any You ll also learn about how to make signs and where to put them, pricing your items, great examples on amounts for them , what to do with unsold stuff, then concludes with even useful tips I am anxious for spring so I can put this book to use and make some money selling our stuff If you are planning on having a garage or yard sale in your future, you definitely want to read this book 5 Star Review I didn t think a book about how to throw together a garage sale would be that helpful, but this book actually was The author mentioned some tools and techniques that I ve never considered before It s cool that all of the steps are laid out in a straightforward, easy to follow manner like a checklist I have no doubt that after having read this book, my next garage sale will be much successful than my last one Awesome 5 Star Review Great overview on how to host a successful garage sale The thought of all that work getting ready for a garage sale is a real turn off, BUT, now that I read this great book, I am motivated to give it a shot The checklist will make things easier and with the tips given, all that time to get the stuff ready should be worth it Planning ahead and being organized with definitely increase profits, it will increase storage space in my basement Thanks 5 Star Review I really wish I had this book when I did my yard sale last spring.In my mind, just throw a bunch of boxes out front and a few signs up on the street No wonder I didn t sell 17 worth of stuff I didn t have this book This step by step e book walked me through the entire process where I believe I can make some serious change money in this years sale From advertising how to write it, when to write it, and where to place it , to how to set up the yard and tables.I really liked a couple of tips One concerning how to make sure you re not selling that 1 million dollar Picaso you thought was your uncle Henry s mid life crisis painting session.And a second that will DOUBLE your money from your sticker price with this simple little step found in the chapter When to start your garage sale Another home run Eric Keep em coming 5 Star ReviewFor information on Garage Sale Superstar, visit the Almost Free Money Facebook page and the Garage Sale Academy website.

  2. Shawn Camp says:

    I have to admit there are some good tips included in here.for those who have experience running a garage sale and those who haven t will get some value from this book What prevents me from giving it anything than a three star rating is that it s very short and their are other ideas out there that I know of myself which tells me not much research went into this just general experience of the author s The other thing is there are no pictures of anything included I would have loved to see some good versus bad sales, organizational methods, etc to illustrate some of the ideas presented here.