Bound By Love (Touched By You, #4)

About the Author: Emily Jane Trent

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you ll get to know and love If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you ll find her books are for you.

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  • Bound By Love (Touched By You, #4)
  • Emily Jane Trent
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  • 14 March 2019

Bound By Love (Touched By You, #4) Natalie S Submission Has Tanner S Desire Spiraling Out Of Control She S In Touch With Sexual Pleasures She Never Dreamed Of, And Can T Imagine Life Without Him Tanner Admits To His Obsession With Natalie, But Is That All It Is I Never Met A Woman I Crave, Like I Crave You It S Not So Much What We Do, As How We Do It There Are No Words It S Different With You You Excite Me, And Sometimes I Fear I Will Lose Control, Tanner Admitted A Desperate Look Came Over His Normally Reserved Features, And Natalie Stopped Breathing.Bound By Love, 4th Novella In The Touched By You Series, Is A Romantic Tale That Takes Place In London, England The Sex Scenes Are Graphic Includes Light Bdsm The Author Was Inspired By The Endearing Romance In The Twilight Series And The Sexual Enlightenment, And Sweet Romance, In The Fifty Shades Of Grey Series Touched By You Is A Unique Love Story, With Full Character Development, And Added Intrigue From The Billionaire S Life, That Will Make This A Read That S Hard To Put Down.

10 thoughts on “Bound By Love (Touched By You, #4)

  1. Christy says:

    I was provided with this book by the author to provide an honest review..The forth book in the series continues on from book three seamlessly, Tanner and Natalie are still at that emotional impasse, Natalie knows that Tanner is the only man for her, even though that he believes that he is no good because of the demons in his past and keeps warning her about this, but her being the stubborn woman she is refuses to believe it The sexual exploits in this book delve further into aspects of bdsm, giving an understanding of the power and control that Tanner needs and what he believes that s all he is good for Their relationship continues to develop further when Tanner takes Natalie to London, he takes her to his father cottage where he discovers information about his past maybe he is good enough for Natalie, he can be intimate maybe even love I am really loving this series and find it so ea...

  2. Candee Love says:

    Great great great

  3. Paris (kerbytejas) says:

    Bound by Love, the 4th novella in the Touched by You series has many of the traditional elements found in this trendy BDSM light romantic genre We have the continued question of commitment by our heroine wanting from the relationship, wanting to know why our male lead doesn t love her, as she loves him, our heroines fight to remain independent not totally dependent on our leading male, the classic misunderstanding involving the other woman, the fleeing heroine for the good of the relationship, our male lead realizing he really does love the heroine and wants that long term commitment he has been avoiding all this time Everything you come to expect from this storyline formula, we also shared in the announced engagement of Ellis and Jazzy, and insight into Tanner s background.The storyline presented in this installment to my dismay employed the constant use of brand name dropping food, wine, clothing, shoes, cars etc , endless clothing descriptions of the characters and predictable and repetitive sex scenes I would have been extremely happy if the stories plot lines had development and depth, sexual tension and a few extremely HOT sex scenes that just left you feeling as sated as our couple I felt the product name dropping and clothing descriptions were used to emphasis the wealthy circles that Tanner and now Natalie were traveling in, and made me feel that Natalie had forgotten her humble roots The constant use of sex did seem like the main focus...

  4. Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews says:

    This review is meant for installments 4 through 12.Our dominant billionaire Tanner continues to amaze and enrapture Natalie Being so innocent, Tanner is taking charge of her sex education into the dark corners of passion.These installments give us very hot sexy scenes plus plot and character development showing the changes this passionate romance has on both our main characters Owning her own sexuality is difficult for Natalie She has grown from an innocent virgin, into Tanner s goddess of kink In order for her to accept her desires, she has had to come to believe that what she is feeling is not a deviant desire where she can loose her sense of self Tanner s patience and understanding is the catalyst to enabling Natalie to come to terms with reality Our author has done a great job of developing these characters to the point you as the reader will feel deeply empathetic to their feelings and handling of the obstacles that arise.Tanner s jealousy is forever an issue Whether because he is so controlling or because he feels insecure, his reactions are meteoric if any man looks at Natalie or he perceives any interest on her part toward a male person.It impressed me how Natalie s character reacts to Tann...

  5. Nicole says:

    Each time I pick up another book by Emily Jane Trent, I find that it was hotter than the last one Natalie and Tanner continue to grow in their relationship not only in the bedroom as well as everywhere else but out of it Natalie s family now lives in New York so that she can be closer to her sick mother and help her mother get the care that she needs Not only is it nice that her mother and sister are living closer, but her sister is now developing a romance with her best friend and Natalie couldn t be happier about her.Her company is hitting it off and Tanner is no longer expecting her to work for him unless he asks her specifically although he isn t because he wants her to focus on hers A friend of Tanner s picked up Natalie s designs and now there is another person who wants to pick them up as well.While all this is going on, Natalie and Tanner go back to wh...

  6. Bobbi says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Book 4 in the Touched By You series starts off with Natalie and Tanner going back to where it all began A concert in San Francisco where they continue where they left off in the same closet.We then join them back in New York for a bit before they are off to London As They take care of business in both places, Natalie starts to wonder if Tanner will ever love her Tanner starts to winder if he is able to love her Tanner continues to push Natalie s limits in the world of BDSM.While Tanner and Natalie are staying in his cottage outside of London, Tanner discovers a few things that seem to lift the invisible weight off his shoulders So much sex in this book Aye carumba At times I was starting to wonder if the storyline was going to continue or...

  7. Leighann Sherman says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed reading of Tanner and Natalie s story in Bound By Love The two revisit the concert hall where their journey first began so many years ago What kind of memories are made this time in that small side room They also spend a large amount of their time on a business tip to London Tanner seems much sweeter this time around After visiting a cottage that he inherited, he finds a journal that belonged to his father William Clarke The secrets revealed in this journal help Tanner fully understand his past and he is able to let go of some of his insecurities Natalie s company is growing quickly and her LOVE life is starting to come together as sh...

  8. Jean Tallman says:

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review And, this is about as honest as I can be I had trouble with novella one and kind of two I missed three oops, but realize that I really am sucked into the story because when I started reading 4, it all came back to me.This story was set in London, England There has been so much happening in London royal weddings and babies, oh my, that this story just continued my romance with the British Isle I loved the country cottage, the Ritz, the Russian boyfriend I thought it was very well done I can t wait until Jazzy s wedding and predict that Natalie will find her HEA around that time Tanner is really warming up.I can t wait to see where ...

  9. Connie says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I give this book 4 Stars The story continued to be good and well written The 4th novella in a series of 8 started in NYC and then the adventures moved to London I don t how Emily does it but the sex scenes kept getting steamier and hotter The adventures in the book was exciting and interesting It was great to see that Tanner Natalie s relationship kept growing not only in the bedroom but also in their lives They became intertwine with each other Natalie s fashion line continued to growth as well Natalie s sister, Jazzy, became engaged to Ellis which was great b c they were perfect for each other Toward the end of the book, Tanner finally recognized the feeling he had been feeling wa...

  10. Barbara Zeh says:

    I received this novella in exchange for an honest review This is the fourth in the series, and each book just seems to get better and better I love the relationship that Tanner and Natalie are building, and I have enjoyed watching them grow both publicly and privately.Natalie and Tanner, start out by going back to where it all began the concert hall where he left her all those years ago No heartbreak this time though There are glimpses of Natalie s family, as well as business dealings that must be made With so many ...