Long As My Besties Love Me

About the Author: Faith.

Faith has been writing since she was very young Her writing is a lot like her personality, raw and gritty with a sprinkle of testimony This preachers kid is off the chain and there is no telling what she will come up with next Keep reading to find out.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 214 pages
  • Long As My Besties Love Me
  • Faith.
  • English
  • 03 March 2017

Long As My Besties Love Me Long As My Besties Love Me Is A Raw, Uncut, Gritty Tale That Takes You On A Whirlwind Of A Ride With Three Bestie S That Are Running The Street Game In Louisville, Kentucky Poopsie, The Queen B And The No Nonsense Leader Of The Group, Doesn T Play If Crossed If One Lives To Tell The Story, Then Consider Them Lucky CeCe, The Smart And Savvy Business Woman, Tends To Let Lust Dictate Her Every Move This Puts Her And Her Besties In Dangerous Situations, Always Causing Chaos Among The Crew Nikki, The Na Ve Fashionista, Is Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places She S Not So Much Into The Crime And Drugs Like The Other Two, But Nevertheless She Is Down For Whatever When Their Sisterhood Is Tested, Will It Cause Their Empire To Crumble Or, Will They Be Able To Withstand The Lies, Deceit, And Betrayal That Make Its Ugly Presence In Hopes Of Tearing Them Apart

10 thoughts on “Long As My Besties Love Me

  1. Francesca Reid says:

    I did not know what to expect with this book but it was OFF THE CHAIN I know the expression is outdated but it fit so well There is so much to be taken from this urban novel as there are several gems throughout the drama entertainment A lot of lessons about friendship, love, marriage, betrayal, and loyalty Especially loyalty, which the author shows us throughout this story, can be a struggle Loyalty to self vs Loyalty to your friends or family This author did an excellent job I cried numerous times while reading The ending is a jaw dropper I cant wait to see what happens with the group of besties and their families next.

  2. °BeauutiLovve says:

    This was very good, Poopsie husband Mont made a very good point but a wrong move.CeCe is crazy, crazy an crazy she had me laughing like crazy, Nikki she just want to be love an is carryin around a big secret from her besties I love there friendships. This book was on point

  3. Deena James says:

    Long As My Besties Love MeI liked everything about this book, from the beginning too the ending Wonderful job I loved the characters Hats off to the Author.

  4. Kitani says:

    This was my first read by Faith but because of the errors I gave it 4 stars I must say I really enjoy the relationship and bond the three childhood friends shared I wasn t expecting them to be involved in what they were doing but they seemed to be handling it well Poopsie was crazy and straight bipolar for real Even though she was the hot head, whenever a situation came about she always handled it Cece was in another world and showed just how messy she could be Even though Nikki avoided some of the things the others engaged in, she still played an important role Man Mont My how problems present themselves when you don t listen or pay attention to your significant other Everyone had to face some problem or another and eventually proved just how strong their friendship is Guess it s safe to say Chevy has messed up in the worst way

  5. aisha ray says:

    Really good bookThis was a really good book I read straight through from beginning to end Not so crazy about the main character poopsie She is too hard on her friends and expects everything to b her way or no way That s not a true friend Her two besties kiss her butt too much in my opinion I think she was wrong with how she handled the situation with her father Especially since she forgave her husband for his betrayal On to part 2.

  6. Mz. Jetson says:

    This book was the first that I read by Author Faith and I must say I absolutely loved it I know I and a couple of other people in my household lost several hours of sleep behind this, because I was waking everyone up laughing at itlike 3 in the morning This book was hilarious and I loved the friendship between the three ladies That damn Poopsie was a mess, but my fave character Definitely recommend this title to everyone Can t wait to read part two

  7. reneeNaDaBomb says:

    Long As My Beasties Love MeWell, it took a minute for me to understand the game Usually it s the guys doing all the shootings, killings and clean up dirty work But as you can read Nikki, Cece and Poopsie are unusual bad ass females I can not wait to read book 2 and 3 Great writing Faith

  8. Debbie says:

    This book took a while to get into while the plot wasn t bad, it was just all over the place and had no consistency It ended abruptly so I m thinking there will be a part 2 which I will not be reading and did I mention the typos were crazy. no thanks on the sequel if there is one..

  9. Penney Gant says:

    I really enjoyed the book These 3 women have a bond like no other They had their ups and downs but they made it through it But there is always a snake out there that just jealous and wanna bring you down Can t wait to see what s going to happen next.

  10. Torz& says:

    This was a great book, I enjoyed the characters and how realistic they were The ladies really are the true definition of friends PageTurner