But I Love You

About the Author: Peter Rosch

Peter Rosch is what happens when a Polish drag racing varsity bowler and a beautiful but ber paranoid French Canadian Air Force brat get together on a disco dance floor in glorious Albuquerque, NM He s a recovering alcoholic who favors the run on sentence the one thing for which he offers no apologies Eighteen years in NYC, Boston and Los Angeles as an award winning writer, creative director, a

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  • Paperback
  • 282 pages
  • But I Love You
  • Peter Rosch
  • English
  • 01 June 2017
  • 9780692210925

But I Love You On The Well Intentioned Dare Of A Friend, Model And Recovering Addict Lisa Denton Meets Alicia Lynn Wilde, Manhattan S Hottest Matchmaker To The City S Elite And The Mind Behind An Exclusive, Very Lucrative Singles Service Built On A Misguided Ideal, Lies, And Midwestern Blue Collar Work Ethic Alicia S Brief Encounter With This New Stranger Quickly Begins To Unsettle Her Meticulously Curated World, And Throws Lisa Unwittingly Into A Series Of Unsavory Possibly Lethal Events Already Set In Motion When One Of Elite Two Meet S Members Claims To Have Been Sexually Assaulted By Two High Profile Clientele.

10 thoughts on “But I Love You

  1. Aditi says:

    Why are you the way you are asks Alicia Lynn Wilde to one of her prospect for the Elite Two Meet s members club, in the book, But I Love You written by Peter Rosch Elite Two Meet, Alicia s brainchild, is a club of elite and super rich, single men and women, and is built up on delusional beliefs and lies But I Love You is a dark love story, although it was a one sided love affair, of an obsession and possession over someone The underlying story is a sweet love story, but since, it s a one sided affair, it turns quite bloody at the end If you re that obsessed with someone, why would you kill her Humans are full of contradictions Ai Yazawa, a Japanese Magna authorBecause finally when you realize that you can t possess that person s heart, who you love so deeply, then you feel like killing them and taking their souls out of them, and maybe that s a contradiction.Thanks to the author, Peter Rosch, for sending me over a copy of his dark novel, in return for an honest review.Elite Two Meet an exclusive and a very posh club for a very elite class clientele and it is Alicia s brainchild, who hand selects the members wi...

  2. Mark Matthews says:

    I have been waiting anxiously for Rosch s follow up to My Dead Friend Sarah and was happy as hell to snag an advance review copy of But I Love you I was already a fan, but now I m an avid follower His writing style captures the hidden nuances of human thought and behavior and is lyrical with an edge But I Love You is full of rich, deep characters, and a plot that earns the readers full attention to the page It is a story of high stakes dating by conflicted and flawed characters with so many wonderful layers that get peeled back page after page This novel seems uniquely New York, with fragile metropolition ch...

  3. Barbara Tsipouras says:

    This is the first time I got a free copy from an author who is asking me to write a review That s why I try to be not too short without telling too much About two weeks ago I read My dead friend Sarah and fell in love with Peter Rosch s writing style I m glad that his style hasn t changed Obviously he loves to create long twisted sentences full of sarcasm, details, a little humor and an enormous vocabulary for me as Non Native Speaker quite a challenge With two or three sentences he makes you feel the akwardness of a situation or the odor of a place It s really amazing.In My Dead Friend Sarah I didn t really like neither Max nor Sarah In this book it also takes some time to get to know the not really lovable characters but you learn to understand them and to feel with them Did you ever wonder what s going on in an insane mind or why, when and how an alcoholic is drinking This book will put some light on it.This is not a crime novel even though there are quite a few crimes nor is it a love story Perhaps you could call it a psychodrama about unanswered love mirroring the insanity of our society.In the end I felt a bit like Alicia Her emotions half a dozen or were bouncing ...

  4. Lori L (She Treads Softly) says:

    But I Love You by Peter Rosch is a highly recommended love con story You re just going to have to read it to figure out how that combination happens, but perhaps life is a con of some sort.First, you know right at the start that somebody dies on August 7th in But I Love You, then the story jumps back to August 2nd and you will begin to figure out what is going to happen or you will think you are figuring out what is going down Yup, expect a twist or two in this wild ride of almost an anti love story, but I digress.Alicia Lynn Wilde runs the Elite Two Meet dating single s service Elite Two Meet is exclusive and all the members are carefully vetted by a very controlling and tightly wound Alicia and her very controlled staff Chris, one of the members of her service who is obsessed with Alicia, is becoming a nuisance with her constant texting and calling Alicia is interviewing prospective customer client Lisa and is clearly smitten obsessed with her Add to this garbled jumble a lot of self ...

  5. Agnieszka says:

    English review below the German.Ich habe dieses Buch von der bersetzerin mit der Bitte um eine ehrliche Bewertung erhalten Trotz bester Absicht habe ich in mehreren Ans tzen 30 Prozent geschafft.Das was ich gelesen habe, war intelligent, unterhaltsam, spannend und witzig geschrieben Das Wesen der Figuren wurde wie die Schalen einer Zwiebel nach und nach aufgezeigt.Die Geschichte selbst f ngt mit dem Ende an, dann erst wird zum Anfang vorgespult und dann erst werden nach und nach die Zusammenh nge und Verflechtungen aufgedeckt.Wie bereits gesagt, es ist ein sehr gutes Buch f r das ich mich jedoch leider nicht erw rmen konnte.I got this book from the German translator with the purpose to read it and write an honest review.First things first The fact I didn t like the book has nothing to do with the book itself...

  6. Mary E. Hastings says:

    I received this through First Reads Giveaways.It was really good Peter Rosch has such an awesome personal style and flair His book was both humorous and insightful, and I had a lot of fun reading it A friend told me that I should I check out his other book I can t remember the name My Dead Aunt Sarah or something that doesn t so...

  7. Michael says:

    someone i know told me to read his first book, which i did, and i loved it that ultimately got me into his blog, which is as hilarious as it is dark the same person told me he had written a new book again i read it, and again i loved it there s something about his writing style that always reminds me of fight club and the like just like his first book, i read this one in only a few days again, not be...

  8. Abs says:

    Amazing details and description help paint every scenealmost too graphically, which makes it that much realistic I love how the author gives us characters, but none are idealistic or too perfect He creates real peoplewith good and bad traits It, again, makes it fe...

  9. Helen Brumfield says:

    I received this book for free in a Goodreads First Reads It took me several chapters to get into this book, and when all the mayhem started, I really liked it It was hard to like any of the characters in this book, you certainly don t want to be friends with any of them...

  10. Erika says:

    This book was extremely thrilling and romantic novel, it kept me interested right up to the last page I was one of the fortunate few to receive a complimentary copy from GoodReads FirstReads and the author.