Royal Flush

About the Author: Lynda La Plante

Lynda La Plante born Lynda Titchmarsh is a British author, screenwriter, and erstwhile actress her performances in Rentaghost and other programmes were under her stage name of Lynda Marchal , best known for writing the Prime Suspect television crime series.Her first TV series as a scriptwriter was the six part robbery series Widows, in 1983, in which the widows of four armed robbers carry out a

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  • Royal Flush
  • Lynda La Plante
  • English
  • 16 February 2018

Royal FlushHigh Adventure, Furious Plotting, Blackmail And Betrayal The Colonel Is Rumoured To Have Masterminded Several Of The Most Successful Robberies In The UK Over The Last Forty Years But Who Is He Edward De Jersey, Now A Wealthy Man, Owns A Very Successful Racing Yard And Stud Farm And His Pride And Joy Is His Horse, Royal Flush, Who He Has Always Dreamed Will One Day Win The Derby But De Jersey S Luck Runs Out When His Trusted Financial Advisor Invests His Fortune In A Fledgling Internet Company That Goes Bust, Leaving De Jersey With No Capital And Mounting Debts In Danger Of Losing Everything, De Jersey Resurrects His Criminal Past, Turning To The Internet To Find A Team Of Specialists Who Will Help Him Pull Off The Most Audacious Heist In History.

10 thoughts on “Royal Flush

  1. Ilze says:

    I actually started reading this book with a mind to make my way through it slowly But once you ve taken a gamble on Edward de Jersey anything can happen Royal Flush, as the name implies, is a gamble as well as the highest card you can play in Poker In addition to being the title of the book, it s a horse s name and maybe even a play on the Royal s flush once they had a brush with Edward de Jersey The story is weaved in such an intricate, artistic way the reader cannot help break out in a sweat as s he s placed on the wrong side of the law Most of La Plante s narratives are told from the side of the police not this time The mastermind of a crime that shook the UK to its foundations might seem an enigma to some, but La Plante manages to show you that criminals have feelings too In fact, you start making excuses for what happened, like if it wasn t for David Lyons bad judgement or if Sylvia Hewitt had just then the robbery murder would never have taken place At one point the reader s hopes are all piled against the odds and you bet they ll all get away with it Sadly, crime writers have the unique and disturbing ability to build up something admirable only to break it all down again You can predict that you will be thrown out of Eden, even before you taste the fruit So don t put your money on a happy ending as most actions have reactions that could leave you bank...

  2. Lainy says:

    Blurb from goodreadsHigh adventure, furious plotting, blackmail and betrayal The Colonel is rumoured to have masterminded several of the most successful robberies in the UK over the last forty years But who is he Edward de Jersey, now a wealthy man, owns a very successful racing yard and stud farm and his pride and joy is his horse, Royal Flush, who he has always dreamed will one day win the Derby But de Jersey s luck runs out when his trusted financial advisor invests his fortune in a fledgling internet company which goes bust, leaving de Jersey with no capital and mounting debts In danger of losing everything, De Jersey resurrects his criminal past, turning to the internet to find a team of specialists who will help him pull off the most audacious heist in history.My Review The book starts by introducing us to Edward de Jersey the main character at the Royal Ascot and builds up our character who loves, lives and breaths for his horses He has a huge racing yard and stud farm which hou...

  3. MJ says:

    This is fake writing This is all she was still beautiful after 20 yrs of marriage and he, the strong silent type who never talks about his past,sweeps her off her feet and carries her to bed Ridiculous When his past henchmen start...

  4. Kingfan30 says:

    I have heard of Lynda La Plante but never actually read anything by her This started out a bit slowly but soon picked to a point I struggled to put it down Im not going to lie, it s a bit cheesy in places and I did groan a few times, however I liked the fact this was written following the bad guys point of ...

  5. Richard Danks says:

    I found some of La Plante s detective series very average but improving significantly in her subsequent ones And unlike many reviewers who disliked this book, I found it to be well thought out, fast paced and thoroughly absorbing In fact, I found it hard to put down There were no long drawn out passages, no endless list o...

  6. Cherie Melbourne says:

    I really enjoyed this story I couldn t put it down

  7. Shelle Mondon says:

    I loved this book There is no suspense in who did it but lots of suspense in determining if they are going to get away with it I fell in love with Edward De Jersey even though he was a bad guy.

  8. Michael Oezil says:

    3 stats because the ending was abysmal Otherwise not a bad book to read

  9. Erica Eybers says:

    Urgh.thought would have been interesting, but the main caracter was a dissapointment ending really dull, had an exciting feeling and then it just went poof.

  10. Robert Beveridge says:

    Lynda LaPlante, Royal Heist Random House, 2004 It took me about a year and a half to read Royal Heist Not continuously, of course I started it back in December of 2007, struggled through the first few chapters, and when it had to go back to the library, didn t renew it Here comes 2009, and I m going through my backlist cleaning it out, so I put the book on hold again and pick up where I left off I get questions about that sort of thing Honestly, I don t find it any harder to do that after eighteen months than I do putting a book down at night and picking it up again the next morning I don t know why I m glad I did, because it does markedly improve once you re farther into it, but I came very close to abandoning it for good after the first seventy five pages or so Be warned.The novel concerns Edward de Jersey, formerly Eddie Jersey, a thief and con man during his younger years With his friends James Driscoll and Tony Wilcox, he was part of a band of thieves known as the Three Musketeers, who after pulling off one of the biggest heists in British history, quit their lives of crime and went legitimate Until, that is, all three invest in an internet startup run by someone even fraudulent than they are De Jersey, now a Thoroughbred owner with a horse who has a great deal of promise for next year s Derby, has no intentions of his ship going down, much less hi...