Sexual Healing (Contemporary Cowboys, #1)

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International bestseller Natalie Acres is a Tennessee author Prone to pen Western m nage romance and romantic suspense, Natalie Acres enjoys sports, reading, and spending time with her family and friends When she isn t writing, she s often found at a craps table in Cherokee, North Carolina, or playing poker in Tunica, Mississippi.Natalie Acres has been a fan of western fiction for most of her li

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  • Sexual Healing (Contemporary Cowboys, #1)
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  • 07 September 2018

Sexual Healing (Contemporary Cowboys, #1)Siren LoveEdge Erotic Cowboy M Nage A Quatre Romance, M F M M, Voyeurism, Consensual BDSM Elements, Spanking, Whipping, Sex Toys, HEA Brianna Baldini Ropes In A Fraudulent Cowboy And Lands In Bed With Her Father S Enemy, But When The Jackson Brothers Find Out What Has Happened To The Woman They Love They Offer Her The Security She Ll Only Find In Their Loving ArmsJax, Flint, And Tyler Jackson Have Waited To Claim Brianna, But Not Because She S A Pretty Young Thing They Wanted To Give Her Extraordinary Things No One Else Could Offer A Lifetime Of Happiness, A Family, And Every Inch Of Themselves Together As A Loving Unit Their Only Concern Was If She Could Handle Them Then Tragedy Strikes And Leaves Little Room For DoubtBrianna Is Looking For Trouble And Finds It She Unravels A Larger Plot, A Huge Scheme, One Destined To Place Brianna In A World Of Danger Soon, The Jacksons Are Taking Up Arms And Fighting For The Woman They Love, But They Aren T The Only Players In An Untangling Web Of Deadly DeceptionA Siren Erotic RomanceNatalie Acres Is A Siren Exclusive Author

10 thoughts on “Sexual Healing (Contemporary Cowboys, #1)

  1. Lorraine Lesar says:

    Cowboys Bring it on M nage Oh yes I ve already signed the dotted line and didn t bother with the small print Should I have done Absolutely not, the author delivered the goods exactly as specified The storyline was like Mr Kipling s cakes exceedingly good, the brothers all drool worthy especially Jax and the sex scenes had to wear mittens to hold my kindle as I thought it was going to combust Undoubtedly the best book Natalie Acres has ever written and she has written quite a few The m nage scenes were written with shit hot precision, no mind wandering and filling in the pieces, with this author, you know the who s, what s and where s remember I mentioned the mittens lol and if that s not enough to tempt you, we are given a first rate, intriguing storyline that had me enthralled, so much so, I believe it may have outshone the sex scenes Another added bonus is that this book can be read very successfully as a standalone, yes there is appearances from characters from another series, but the author uses her writing talent to full advantage and we can pick up their background stories, with no problem, which of course makes you want to read their own stories Can t wait to read the next book in the series Highly recommended and worthy of 5.

  2. Shirley Williamson says:

    Brianna is one of the daughters of the infamous Alberto Baldini When she is attacked because of her father s debts, the Jackson brothers are right there to take care of her Jax, Flint, and Tyler plan to claim what is theirs and take care of their woman.The threat is much larger and the girls uncle Kane and his wife Peyton come to lend a hand Realizing they are dealing with the mob, Kane calls reinforcements These families take care of their own but with this large of a threat, Kane decides to call the Feds in also.This is my first Cowboy book I have read from Natalie Acres and now I know I need to catch up These Cowboys are smoking hot, drool worthy, and know how to train their women Sign me up Cannot wait for the next installment

  3. Eva Millien says:

    Brianna goes looking for trouble and she finds it in spades as she uncovers a huge scheme that places her and her sisters in danger, it s a good thing she s got three hot cowboys taking up arms to protect her in this riveting erotic menage a quatre contemporary western romance.The brothers Jax, Flint and Tyler have been waiting for Brianna to grow up but now that trouble has come calling they will not only protect her but claims her as theirs with some smoking hot sex scenes including m f m m and BDSM scenes that scorch the readers world much less Briannas The characters are strong and compelling and draw the reader into their story and those brothers certainly incite some fantasies.Spine tingling tension builds as the danger escalates and the well written scenes and details make the reader feel as if they are part of all the action Brianna s family has had a rough time and that has lead to the danger that is surrounding them and the reader can t help but get caught up in the story as everyone tries to figure out just who did what, when and where The small town that may be entirely crooked adds lots of spice to the story as the good guys fighting back captures the imagination and makes hearts pound in excitement.There is never a dull moment is this fast paced and smooth flowing plot with plenty of intrigue and heartwarming moments and drop dead sexy cowboys yum Though it was over with too quickly, I enjoyed the story very much and I can t wait to read the next one and really I have to say that I totally envy Brianna her cowboys Anybody know where I can get some of my own 4 STARS

  4. Isabelle Morebooksthanlivros says:

    Brianna Baldini s rash decisions leads her to a nightmare Now she not only has to protect her family, but regain the trust of the trio she was trying to rope in She doesn t know the enemies she must face, but she is certain everything can be solved as long as she gets her own cowboys Will love give her a reprieve Should a child pay for her father s mistakes The Jackson brothers know when they have miscalculated When Brianna ends up in a hospital, they know they have waited too long Not one to let his past mistakes stop him, Jax is ready to change In fact, he and his brothers are bringing the prize home They only have to convince a stubborn woman and keep her safe from unknown, dangerous enemies Are they ready to enter a war that doesn t belong to them Or is this war closer to home than they ever imagined Sexual Healing is the kind of book I love to read I love a m nage story, and when an author brings an interesting plot along with all the heat and passion that only m nage books can offer, it makes it perfect for me The Jackson brothers are the perfect image of hot cowboys They are big on family values and small town community respect They are hard working men, with kinky minds and hot bodies They have played the field, but are ready to settle down and make their ONE be the center of their lives Really, I don t remember anything to dislike them.Brianna and her sisters are a whole new world to be explored They are multi dimensional characters with several amazing plots that could be delved into future books They have had a tough past, and each of them has brought a different set of baggage as consequences of their upbringing.Brianna for example, is a wild child that knows what she wants She only needs the right stimulus to focus all her drive into the right direction Nothing like three hot males to tame this filly.Ms Acres has mixed well different themes for this book She brings in m nage relationships, cowboys and mafia all together in this fast paced, very addictive tale Her characters are easy to love and relate and everything feels very believable to real life.I m really looking forward to this series, but I believe I would have understood it all better if I had read Cowboys sex series before reading this one This is a mistake I hope soon to rectify You may read Sexual Healing because you enjoy m nage reads, you should read this because you like your reads sexy and kinky, but you MUST read this if you want to be roped in by amazing cowboys

  5. Sassy Beta Reading & Review says:

    I absofreakinlutely loved this book This was not your typical Menage book This actually had a believable story to it as well Yes the sex was hot and I am so in love with Jax it isn t even funny Sure Flint and Tyler are hot too..but something about Jax just makes me want to melt This book had a great story line, great dialogue and great description to detail There was mystery, intrigue, even a few heartwarming moments but most of allhot, pantie melting sex Oh to have a set of brothers like theselife would be awesome LOL Who could go wrong with Menage, Cowboy Brothers.that s rightyou can t I can not wait to read in this series Would I recommend this book Yes Yes Yes if you like Menage that is Would I read from this author Oh heck yea Just try to stop me

  6. Dottie says:

    Fun book I was a little confused at the beginning because as a stand alone or the first of three but three separate m nage groups but now I understand that to get the most out of this book, you should really read the Cowboy Sex books first Several characters in this book are from those books And when you read a book on Kindle, it skips to the first page of the actual book so I missed that information that s actually stated before the book starts I wrote to the author who very nicely explained reading those books first would lead to a greater enjoyment of this book But the characters in this book are fun very sexy especially Jax and very clearly focused on what is important in their lives and know what they want and whom they love I m looking forward to reading from this author.

  7. Heather Fortman says:

    Sizzling HAWT Brianna is attracted to 3 men, who happen to be brothers But for some reason they don t act on it until after she gets attacked From the prologue straight through to the end is nothing but action and sexual tension I was stuck to the book like glue, reluctant to put it down because I had to find out What happens next and nothing would suffice until I found out Much to my poor husbands torment I often kept him awake with the little light on my kindle as I read way past my bed time until he would finally get annoyed and try to take it from me, surprised he has fingers left LOL but that s just how good this one is Yet again Natalie Acres, WONDERFUL book Great Story Awesome Plot MUST READ

  8. Shelly says:

    This book is HOT Three guys one girl and a whole lot of action of course it s not all about the sex having a bad guy for a father can have deadly consequences Brianna was in love with three brothers, they in turn were in love with her but never said anything to her She went looking for a good time and ended up almost dead The boys realize that they need to clue Brianna in about how they feel, at the same time protect her from this threat This book was well written, easy to follow and characters that you connect with I know Jax, Tyler, or Flint will be in my dreams, Great book