Deadly Paradise

About the Author: Grace Brophy

GRACE BROPHY grew up in New Jersey She now divides her time between New York and Umbria, where she lives with her husbancd, a Uruguayan artist This is the first in the Commissario Cenni series of investigations set in Italy.Series

<Ebook> ➠ Deadly Paradise Author Grace Brophy –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Deadly Paradise
  • Grace Brophy
  • English
  • 19 November 2017
  • 9781569474914

Deadly ParadiseIn The Peaceful Umbrian Village Of Paradiso, The Shocking Murder And Mutilation Of An Elderly German Woman Is Barely Credible That Is, Until Inspector Alessandro Cenni Of The State Police Discovers That This Retired Cultural Attach Was Not Just A Difficult Tenant, But Also A Bisexual Swinger With An African Lover Recently In Residence, As Well As A Blackmailer The Dead Woman Grew Up In Occupied Venice, And Some Of Her Secrets May Have Been Acquired That Long Ago, During World War II And The Bucolic Village Is Not That Innocent It Was The Site Of A Famous, Scandalous Murder Fifty Years Earlier Cenni S Boss Wants A Scapegoat, And The Young African Lesbian Is The Obvious Target, But Cenni Cannot Bring Himself To Close A Case Without Solving The Crime And Bringing The Actual Perpetrator To Justice.

10 thoughts on “Deadly Paradise

  1. John says:

    A book about which I found a fair amount to like, but .An elderly German woman is found murdered and post mortem mutilated in the cellar of the house she rented in the village of Paradiso, in Umbria The German embassy wants the case solved quickly, and Alex Cenni s boss consequently puts pressure on him Soon Cenni finds himself embroiled not just in the present case but in three earlier ones linked to it a double ax murder a couple of decades ago, a pair of poisonings around the same time, and a genuine plot during WWII by the Germans to flood Europe with counterfeit British currency .This is the second in the Commissario Cenni series, set in Umbria and in Venice One of the subplots concerns a bit of backstory carried over from the first book Cenni still yearns for the love of his life, Chiara, kidnapped twenty years ago by the Red Brigades and presumed dead In this novel he discovers that she s still alive and, in the midst of investigating the various murders, makes some effort to try to track her down By the end of the novel he still hasn t found her This kind of faux cliffhanger, using a subplot whose introduction to the book appears entirely artificial and which is presumably designed solely to make us rush out to buy the next volume, seems to me to display a sort of contempt for the reader If a book s good enough, we ll...

  2. Mary says:

    So far the mystery counterfeiting during WWII is interesting I always like to learn something when reading fiction , the writing so far is fairly simplistic Right now I prefer the early Guido Brunetti mysteries Am I wrong to thin...

  3. Sharyle says:

    I enjoyed this mystery set in northern Italy, namely Perugia and Venice in addition to a place called Paradiso Inspector Cenni and his partner Elena are well developed as characters The main story involves a murder with roots in WWII There s also an unsolved crime from 1978 that ties into th...

  4. Mirachil27 says:

    A Delightful SurpriseI expected this to be just another copy of Donna Leon s Venice mysteries, but it turned out to be a pleasure all its own The story was interesting and involved, the detective charming and the writing tight and often hilarious I will be looking for of Grace Brophy s Cen...

  5. Anna says:

    A Deadly Paradise caught my eye because of the World War II connection Baudler s secrets and the document sought by the Germans are associated with counterfeit British pounds produced during the war I found this aspect of the story most interesting, but the story really focuses on the manipulative Baudler and how she created numerous enemies Baudler was really unlikeable, so m...

  6. Desiree says:

    Second book in the inspector Cenni series I liked this one better then the first Better eleborated plot Cenni is a very likable inspectot and the interaction with his assistants is nice Set in Ubria Paradiso and Venice.Curious ho...

  7. Jean says:

    Great new author in the tradition of Donna Leon This murder is set in Umbria amd the action takes place there and in my favorite place, Venice Commissario Cenni is an ethical, smart and egotistical protagonist He is assisted by the feisty, Elena, working hard to succeed in an old boys ...

  8. Susan says:

    In preparation for a trip to Italy in the Spring,I have just started reading a series of mysteries set in Italy This is the first one of that tall stack of books It is well written and deftly and intricately plotted the character...

  9. Karen says:

    Liked the characters and the plot was entertaining, will definitely read in this series.