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About the Author: Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft has illustrated and or written nearly three dozen children s books, graphic novels and middle grade novels for publishers such as HarperCollins, Scholastic, Benchmark, Pearson and his own publishing company, Mama s Boyz, Inc His middle grade graphic novel, New Kid, will be released by HarperCollins on February 5, 2019 Jerry has earned recognition from the Junior Library Guild, and ha

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  • New Kid
  • Jerry Craft
  • 04 February 2019

New Kid Perfect For Fans Of Raina Telgemeier And Gene Luen Yang, New Kid Is A Timely, Honest Graphic Novel About Starting Over At A New School Where Diversity Is Low And The Struggle To Fit In Is Real, From Award Winning Author Illustrator Jerry Craft.Seventh Grader Jordan Banks Loves Nothing Than Drawing Cartoons About His Life But Instead Of Sending Him To The Art School Of His Dreams, His Parents Enroll Him In A Prestigious Private School Known For Its Academics, Where Jordan Is One Of The Few Kids Of Color In His Entire Grade.As He Makes The Daily Trip From His Washington Heights Apartment To The Upscale Riverdale Academy Day School, Jordan Soon Finds Himself Torn Between Two Worlds And Not Really Fitting Into Either One Can Jordan Learn To Navigate His New School Culture While Keeping His Neighborhood Friends And Staying True To Himself

10 thoughts on “New Kid

  1. Betsy says:

    Gaps Sometimes they re all that I can see.Imagine you have a brain that allows you to retain information in compartmentalized slots You have chosen the field of librarian so this trait is useful in your day to day work As you read children s books over the course of a year, you categorize each one You note similarities, differences, and books that don t strike you as like anything else out there And you continue to keep track year after year, building up your knowledge, tracking what you ve seen Now I ve been in the children s librarianship business for quite a while Along the way, I ve identified the areas that I really prefer to read Comics, for example, are great I m a big time fan Better still, comics are seeing a real Renaissance lately Publishers of every stripe are stepping up to the challenge, providing graphic literature for the hungry young masses It s an amazing time to be a comic reader or creator So tell me this All those comics out there All that time All that energy Why is it, then, that I cannot come up with a single comic out there for kids that stars a contemporary black boy who doesn t have super powers Oh, I can think of the superpowered comics of Miles Morales or the highly charming Sci Fu I can think of comics where the black kid is paired with someone else Lost i...

  2. Amber says:

    This is a must have in all upper elementary and above classrooms This book is packed with bias and micro aggressions that are important for kids to read and understand especially kids that live in areas with little to no racial diversity I cannot wait to ...

  3. laurel [suspected bibliophile] says:

    Jordan is the new kid in seventh grade And he s not going to art school like he wanted he s going to a fancy new private school where he s one of a handful of students of color He s not sure if he s going to fit inbut he s going to try.This was such fun to read Jordan s world view and how he frames things are hilarious and introspective, and his drawings are just the cutest things on the planet I loved that he was able to expand his mind, and even though he still wanted to go to art school and pursue his passion at the end of the novel, he realized that he really was able to enjoy all three of his favorite Chinese foods it s a metaphor, I promise and not just have to stick to only one He could enjoy private school and his private school friends, and he could stay true to his Washington Heights roots.It was also uncomfortable, because it highlights how problematic good intentions can be Jordan faces a thousand and one micro aggressions from his white liberal minded teachers who get so caught up on race that they fail to see the person behind the color and get upset when they are called out on their prejudice.And then there s the massive shout out against kidlit geared towards children of color, particularly black children White ki...

  4. Cassie Thomas says:

    This is going to be THE most talked about graphic novel in the new year This is a story that needs to be read and then talked about Every single chapter had me shaking my head yes Swipe right to see just two pages of serious truth that readers and teachers alike need to be reading Out February 2019

  5. Jillian Heise says:

    A FANTASTIC middle grade graphic novel A necessary addition for any school classroom library Approaches subtle overt racism in an accessible understandable way for the audience, while not holding back, through the lens of the new kid at school.

  6. Lynn Plourde says:

    NEW KID is fun and funny at the same time it portrays serious fitting in at school issues Mega kid appeal

  7. Sam says:

    When you finish a book in one sitting, you know it s good.

  8. Nilah says:

    There s so much like to like about NEW KID The terrific art, supplemented by main character Jordan s own comic journal style observations The journey through navigating a new school, new friendships, and new conflicts The theme of not judging a book by its cover woven throughout And I found the perspective of a Black kid in an environment that s not used to Blackness, where teachers constantly confuse you with That Other Black Kid They Remember and push critically acclaimed stories of Black Struggle off o...

  9. Kelly says:

    An outstanding middle grade graphic novel about not only being the new kid in a new school, but about the ways privilege, bias, and racism both overt and subtle play out Jordan attends a wealthy school on financial aid and is one of the few kids of color there he experiences incredible micro and macro aggressions, and as a light skinned black boy, he sees racism play out in a variety of horrifying ways The art in this is fantastic, and Craft imbues so much pop culture in this book in fun and funny ways Each chapter references a movie in some capacity and puts Jordan into it The Hunger Games and West Side Story and Fight Club, etc Interspersed throughout the narrative are panels from Jordan s own art, which showcase of his internal experience than we re privy to otherwise he s an artist and we get to see that play out One of the most moving moments in the story is when Jordan is forced to sit with the weird puppet girl and finally learns why it is she s always wearing a weird puppet and doing weird things He has a reckoning about his own judgements and biases, and he uses this as an opportunity to destigmatize her experiences He also learns to stand up and be a leader, calling out injustices where he sees them, even when it makes him sick to do so.A smart book for the middle grade set and one that ll resonate deeply with kids of color who see themselves in Jordan and for white kids who ll see themselves in those positions of privilege There s also a lot of spot on commentary ...

  10. Georgia says:

    This was so good