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Although a New Englander by birth and at heart , Elise now lives with her husband and two young daughters within stone skipping distance of the Pacific Northwest s Puget Sound When she s not writing, she s in her classroom making American history and literature interesting for high school students Follow Elise on Instagram to see of what she s reading elisehooper

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  • ebook
  • 384 pages
  • Learning to See
  • Elise Hooper
  • 09 January 2019
  • 9780062686541

Learning to See At A Time When Women Were Supposed To Keep The Home Fires Burning, Dorothea Lange, Creator Of The Most Iconic Photographs Of The 20th Century, Dares To Be Different Now, In This Riveting New Novel By The Author Of The Other Alcott, We See The World Through Her Eyes In 1918, A Fearless Twenty Two Year Old Arrives In Bohemian San Francisco From The Northeast, Determined To Make Her Own Way As An Independent Woman Renaming Herself Dorothea Lange She Is Soon The Celebrated Owner Of The City S Most Prestigious And Stylish Portrait Studio And Wife Of The Talented But Volatile Painter, Maynard Dixon By The Early 1930s, As America S Economy Collapses, Her Marriage Founders And Dorothea Must Find Ways To Support Her Two Young Sons Single Handedly Determined To Expose The Horrific Conditions Of The Nation S Poor, She Takes To The Road With Her Camera, Creating Images That Inspire, Reform, And Define The Era And When The United States Enters World War II, Dorothea Chooses To Confront Another Injustice The Incarceration Of Thousands Of Innocent Japanese Americans Learning To See Is A Gripping Account Of The Ambitious Woman Behind The Camera Who Risked Everything For Art, Activism, And Love But Her Choices Came At A Steep Price

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  1. Cindy Burnett says:

    Learning to See tells the story of Dorothea Lange s extraordinary life and her efforts to expose severe social injustices during the 1930s and 1940s Lange spent the early years of her career in San Francisco as a portrait photographer After her marriage begins to crumble and the U.S economy collapses with the onset of the Great Depression, Lange must find a way to support her two young sons She begins to travel around California capturing images of the Dust Bowl migrants and others who headed west during the 1930s transforming herself into an advocate and activist for the poor After World War 2 began, Lange focused on the Japanese American internment camps exposing the horrific conditions under which these poor people were placed.Dorothea Lange s photographs from the Great Depression era and the Japanese American internment camps are iconic and part of the fabric of our culture Hooper s novel brings the woman behind those photos to life including the sacrifices she made personally to bring about social change for those less fortunate I loved that Hooper includes some of Lange s photographs at the end o...

  2. ☮Karen says:

    3.5 stars and my thanks to LibraryThing.com for the advanced copy.Photographer Dorothea Lange s most famous work is probably Migrant Mother taken in 1936 during the Great Depression, but it was her later work in the Japanese internment camps that got my attention An independent portrait photographer, she hired herself out to the U.S government when times got rough, to document living conditions for migrants that officials in Washington DC had no way of knowing They both appreciated her talent and regretted her perseverance She wanted to show too much of the real truth, while the government thought some things were better left unknown Once she began working at the internment camps, she discovered illegal practices and deplorable living conditions people expected to live inside a horse stall, for one and she would not be quiet or accepting of it like so many others were at that time She had many of her negatives impounded, destroyed, and even now most exist only in the National Archives.Her career enveloped her two marriages and made it impossible to care for her two sons at times, not without tremendous cost Some of her decision...

  3. Chrissie says:

    Learning to See by Elise Hooper is a book of historical fiction about the Dorothea Lange 1895 1965 famed for her photos of migrant workers and the poor taken during the years of the Depression Later she came to document the plight of Japanese Americans confined to Resettlement Camps during the Second Word War You know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words Her photos, capturing the humanity of those who have nothing, actually do succeed in doing this The book chronicles her life from her early twenties through to the year before her death.It is basically in chronological order but with a few flips to 1964, when she is an elderly woman looking back at her life.I learned things about her life that I did not know before picking up the book I was unaware of the fact that she discarded her father s name Nutzhorn and took her mother s instead, and I learned why She was the second wife of Maynard Dixon 1875 1946 , the artist so well known for his paintings of the American West That she later came to marry an economist who adored her and supported her endeavors is something you might not expect She came to raise her own two children and his three, and do not forget her job and the health problems she had to cope with She had difficulty accepting her limp caused by polio at seven, was haunted by her father having deserted her and her family when she was twelve and was responsible for five kids and had a demanding job Is it so strange that she came to have ulcers Nei...

  4. Asheley says:

    I really loved this book 4.5 5It s so, so funny how life works out sometimes When I was in high school, my AP US History teacher of all time my favorite teacher of all time often started class by showing us iconic images and then facilitated critical thinking discussions about what we were seeing, what may have led the photographer to take the photo, etc etc He used many of Dorothea Lange s photographs and they have been cemented in my brain throughout my life, which led me to do the same thing with my own high school aged kids in our homeschool We discuss the importance of images, not only to preserve the real history of the time for us to see for ourselves, but also as potential forms of subversion and protest and speaking out.I never could have foreseen that years later, a book like Learning To See by Elise Hooper would enter my bookish life I ve been a huge fan of Dorothea Lange s work for years learning from it, using it to educate my children so when I got the chance to read and review this book, I leaped upon it, ...

  5. KC says:

    In 1918, photographer Dorothea Lange leaves NYC and heads to San Francisco, eager to make a name for herself She soon meets and falls in love with Maynard Dixon, an extremely capacious natured painter Throughout her time there, she meets fellow artists like Frida Kahlo, writers and numerous talents Faced with the relenting desire with trying to capture the true picture of the times, she find herself struggling between work, ...

  6. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    I had never heard about Dorothea Lange before I read this book, but the blurb intrigued me I love reading about women who were brave enough to follow their dreams and LEARNING TO SEE is definitely a book that is worth reading.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION

  7. Gabriella | The Novel Nook says:

    A massive thank you to Elise Hooper and William Morrow for my ARC of LEARNING TO SEE This novel tells the story of photographer Dorothea Lange, a woman I knew very little about, and I absolutely loved learning about her This story is so beautifully written, full of historical detail and engaging characters and environments, al...

  8. Chanel Cleeton says:

    A powerful and timely view of America told through the lens of Dorothea Lange, a fascinating woman whose photographs shone a light on the nation s forgotten and abandoned Learning to See is both a sweeping portrayal of the effects of the Great Depression and World War II and ...

  9. Nancy says:

    I knew the photography of Dorothea Lange but little about her personal life so I was glad to be given the opportunity to readLearning to See by Elise Hooper.Hooper s novel offers an accessible narrative of Lange s life from her point of view Lange s childhood polio left her with a limp from a deformed foot She established a successful portrait photography career until the Depression when her work dwindled With two children and an artist husband, Lange had to give up her studio to work for the Farm Security Administration.Using her portrait experience, Lange created iconic photographs that recorded the devastation of the Dust Bowl and the misery of farm migrants During WWII she was employed by the Office of War Information to document the internment of Japanese Americans.Through Lange s eyes, readers experience the human suffering of poverty and systemic racism.Lange s marriage to her first husband, artist Maynard Dixon, was strained Her extensive traveling meant leaving her sons and the book addresses her son s anger and acting out While photographing for the OWI she worked with Paul Taylor who became her second husband.Famous photographers appear in the story s background, including Ansel Adams.The novel is inspired by Lange s life Hooper offers a woman filled with doubts and remorse while facing up to th...

  10. Erika Robuck says:

    Elise Hooper is a writer whose talents at clarity and empathy bring out the humanity of her historical subjects Like her debut novel, THE OTHER ALCOTT, Hooper s LEARNING TO SEE is an intimate portrait of one of history s great, shadowed, female artists, photographer Dorothea Lange.Most readers will be able to draw to mind the iconic Depression era image of the poor, exhausted mother gaze toward an uncertain future flanked by dirty children LEARNING TO SEE tells the journey of the woman who captured that image and hundreds like it We see a girl of courage and spunk become a life hardened woman of integrity and fire The images Lange captures through her lens inform her growth, her choices, and the American public.Hooper deftly balances the fascinating historical fabric of the novel with the personal life o...