99 Percent Mine

About the Author: Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne is the USA Today bestselling author of the office rom com The Hating Game 2016 It is her debut novel that has sold in over twenty five countries and is being made into a major motion picture, to be directed by Romy and Michelle s High School Reunion and The Simpsons Movie director David Mirkin It was named in the top 20 romance novels of 2016 by the Washington Post and was a top t

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  • ebook
  • 368 pages
  • 99 Percent Mine
  • Sally Thorne
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780062439628

99 Percent MineCrush A Strong And Often Short Lived Infatuation, Particularly For Someone Beyond Your Reach Darcy Barrett Has Undertaken A Global Survey Of Men She S Travelled The World, And Can Categorically Say That No One Measures Up To Tom Valeska, Whose Only Flaw Is That Darcy S Twin Brother Jamie Saw Him First And Claimed Him Forever As His Best Friend Despite Darcy S Best Efforts, Tom S Off Limits And Loyal To Her Brother, 99% That S The Problem With Finding Her Dream Man At Age Eight And Peaking In Her Photography Career At Age Twenty Ever Since, She S Had To Learn To Settle For Good Enough.When Darcy And Jamie Inherit A Tumble Down Cottage From Their Grandmother, They Re Left With Strict Instructions To Bring It Back To Its Former Glory And Sell The Property Darcy Plans To Be In An Aisle Seat Halfway Across The Ocean As Soon As The Renovations Start, But Before She Can Cut And Run, She Finds A Familiar Face On Her Porch House Flipper Extraordinaire Tom S Arrived, He S Bearing Power Tools, And He S Single For The First Time In Almost A Decade.Suddenly Darcy S Considering Sticking Around To Make Sure Her Twin Doesn T Ruin The Cottage S Inherent Magic With His Penchant For Grey And Chrome She S Definitely Not Staying Because Of Her New Business Partner S Tight T Shirts, Or That Perfect Face That S Inspiring Her To Pick Up Her Camera Again Soon Sparks Are Flying And It S Not The Faulty Wiring It Turns Out One Percent Of Tom S Heart Might Not Be Enough For Darcy Any This Time Around, She S Switching Things Up She S Going To Make Tom Valeska 99 Percent Hers.

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  1. Chaima ✨ شيماء says:

    Reading romance is all fun and games until you finish the book and you re like, I need something romantic to happen to me like, right fucking now The immense healing power of a good romance can never be overstated Granted, I am not really a trained reader of romance Usually, whenever I stumble upon one, I m left feeling dissatisfied with the quality of my enamorment I think oh, that was ridiculous or eh, that was lame With very few exceptions, I tend not to seek out adult contemporary romance However, I don t know how I always forget HOW MUCH I ACTUALLY ENJOY READING IT, because every time I pick up a good one, it s like I m seeing the sun after a lifetime of shadows Plus, I LOVED The Hating Game and I was left keen to read every book Sally Thorne has ever written So, what s this book about Darcy s heart was a silvered box where she kept what little of Tom Valeska she could call hers.When Tom shows up on her doorstep after Darcy s twin brother enlists his help to make over their late grandmother s cottage and they have to spend three months in the same vicinity, Darcy s heart gives a lurch of savage hope and a pleasure rises in her so old and sharp it feels like pain Tom and Darcy have a checkered history as expansive as the years they ve s...

  2. Danielle says:

    I don t even know what this is about, but after

  3. Inês says:

    I have the feeling that Sally will soon become one of those authors I won t even question I ll just read whatever she writes.

  4. Whitney Atkinson says:

    Thanks to William Morrow Paperbacks for the free review copy What. in tarnation did I just read Sally Thorne really, really flopped with this book This book was so bad that I m questioning if The Hating Game is even as good as I remember it This book is a HOT mess and I don t know where to begin The main downfall of this book and the reason why I cannot give it than one star is because the dialogue and writing of this book are downright incomprehensible There are no transitions between anything or explanation about any characters or the setting or literally ANYTHING that I seriously got anxiety when I was reading this thinking I was dyslexic and I was misreading sentences But no, it was just how this book was written From the characters interactions and dialogue making no sense whatsoever to the remarkable lack of detail and the disjointed writing, it was such a pain to get through For instance, the first few chapters of this book are set at a bar where she works, but then it s literally never mentioned again And in the middle of reading this book I kept having to stop and reread the synopsis just to remind myself what was happening It s by far the WEIRDEST writing ever that says a lot without actually telling you anything It s like you re l...

  5. Melanie says:

    ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Maybe he s 1 percent mine That has to be enough Sally Thorne s long awaited and most anticipated sopho release, 99 Percent Mine was truly a wild ride for me I ll be honest, it took me a while to warm up to this story and especially to this main character, but I ended up enjoying this one for the most part But, sadly, it is no The Hating Game, or at least it wasn t for me.This story stars Darcy Barrett who is a wedding photographer who is currently working at a bar, while also living in a house that her grandmother left to her and her twin brother, Jamie, after she passed away Darcy has never been known to stay in one place for long, but she can no longer find her passport, so she is sort of stuck in the town she has grown up in Plus, the house that was left to Darcy and Jamie desperately needs to be completely remodeled And one night when Darcy is coming home from work at the bar, she realizes that the contractor on the remodelin...

  6. Wendy Darling says:


  7. Bibi says:

    Spoiler Alert Poof There goes my 2019 reading resolution, which was only read what I m genuinely interested in and no rating less than 3 stars.But, fu fi fo fa, this was a bust To say 99 Percent Mine was one of the most anticipated books for 2019 wouldn t be an exaggeration, which is perfectly understandable considering that Thorne s debut The Hating Game was such a hit So, we hunkered down and marked off our calendars, with some of us wishing we could time travel to the future Well, the future is now, and wow What a miss view spoiler What I Liked1 The premise Friends to lovers2 3 You get the idea.What I didn t like1 Tom Valeska the hero scoff 2 Darcy Barrett the annoying, selfish, self absorbed, alcoholic heroine, who has a heart condition that was shamelessly utilized as a plot driver why 3 Jamie Barrett what was he even doing in this story Darcy s twin Who seemed waaaaay too invested in his sister s sex love life Which was, erm, eeeeww.4 The lack of communication The lack of ambience Too many missing elements Shallow characters 5 Also, Where was this story set and what was the name of the...

  8. emma says:

    Why must I suffer I know I complain a lot I m aware of it, and while I don t think it s a problem and, in fact, only adds to my charms, I m sure that in times like these it reduces the estimated degree to which I am suffering.But you guys I am really, really suffering here.The Hating Game is one of my most surprising beloved books ever I like to read love stories sue me but they rarely make me feel anything I ve read The Hating Game three times and been swept up in it every time.Sorry I said swept up in it Cheesy and gross.I have been waiting for this book since 2016 This was not only my most anticipated release of the year, it was probably my most anticipated release PERIOD Some of my favorite authors are dead, so new releases are few and far between anyway And what I got wasthis A cereal bowl of disappointment And I don t even really like cereal Except Lucky Charms Okay, tangent What made The Hating Game so lovely was its great, developed characters, and its immersive romance, and its fu...

  9. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    DNF pg 50I decided to read this one before The Hating Game so I could work up to the one with all the hype but yikes I hated this writing I skimmed the rest of it to see if it got better but it just got weirder I will still give The ...

  10. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    Re read 1 8 19 So after taking some time away from this to give it a proper chance my first read through was SO rushed and full of anxiety bc I was worried the entire time about how it would live up to the Hating Game , I finally feel like I can actually review it Right off the bat I will say I enjoyed this re read FAR MORE than I enjoyed the first read through, but I d be lying if I said this book was without it s faults The world relationship building wasn t great, and honestly, the main character Darcy wasn t all that great either On top of that, everything felt kind of disjointed and the pacing was really off for most of the book But then on the other hand, Sally Thorne s signature swooney writing and the sexual tension between Darcy and Tom definitely still had me all up in my feelings the entire time I was reading and I DID really enjoy this book Reviewing this one in particular is hard for me because I did enjoy it, but I also recognize that if you go into this expecting to find the magic that you found in the H...