Good Riddance

About the Author: Elinor Lipman

Elinor Lipman is the author of 11 humorous novels about contemporary American society essay and short story collections, and a book of rhyming political tweets. Born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, she graduated from Simmons College where she studied journalism She lives in Manhattan, and received the New England Book award for fiction in 2001 Her first novel, Then She Found Me, was ada

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Good Riddance Daphne Maritch Doesn T Quite Know What To Make Of The Heavily Annotated High School Yearbook She Inherits From Her Mother, Who Held This Relic Dear Too Dear The Late June Winter Maritch Was The Teacher To Whom The Class Of 68 Had Dedicated Its Yearbook, And In Turn She Went On To Attend Every Reunion, Scribbling Notes And Observations After Each One Not Always Charitably And Noting Who Overstepped Boundaries Of Many Kinds In A Fit Of Decluttering The Yearbook Did Not, Daphne Concluded, Spark Joy , She Discards It When She Moves To A Small New York City Apartment But When It S Found In The Recycling Bin By A Busybody Neighbor Documentary Filmmaker, The Yearbook S Mysteries Not To Mention Her Own Family S Take On A Whole New Urgency, And Daphne Finds Herself Entangled In A Series Of Events Both Poignant And Absurd.

10 thoughts on “Good Riddance

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good Riddance is a about Daphne, a recently divorced almost thirty year old woman living in Manhattan who attempts to spark joy by cleaning out her apartment and finds that throwing out her mother s copy of a 1968 high school yearbook changes her life.This book has a light hearted tone but its improbability regarding biology and extremely dated everything else makes it a bust In 1968, Daphne s mother was a first year teacher who won over the students to the extent they dedicated the yearbook to her She may have written snarky comments in it, but Daphne s mother faithfully kept up with the class of 1968 and when Daphne s pushy neighbor, Geneva, picks up the discarded yearbook, she pushes Daphne into attending the upcoming reunion.At the reunion, Daphne finds out that her father isn t her father bio dad was one of her mother s students They got involved right after he graduated, as if this makes it better Anyway It being 2019, this means Daphne was born in 1989 Which means her mother got pregnant with her in her mid 40s, which means she had Daphne s sister Holly when she was closer to 50 than 40, which makes the biological odds of both pregnancies pretty small So, biological stuff Nope Also along those lines how does a rising politician keep a decades lon...

  2. Melki says:

    I ve been an Elinor Lipman fan since I read her first book Then She Found Me way back in 1990 Since then, I ve read most of her work, and at one time I probably would have listed her as a favorite author And, I still get a kick out of her stuff just not as much as I once did This story seems, well, familiar It s almost as if Elinor has a list to follow while she s writing, and checks it off...

  3. Jennifer Kyle says:

    A quirky heroine done with great writing made for an enjoyable read

  4. Toni says:

    Update New review 12 14 18Daphne Maritch, finally free of Pickering, New Hampshire and stupid mistakes made even here in NYC, has read that book about decluttering your home and hugging your stuff to see if they bring you joy or hate or painful memories that may lead to eating a pint of ice cream with a half cup of bourbon on top This will then lead you to the trash or recycle bins in the basement of your apartment building to throw out all the meaningless stuff you ve collected, including the yearbook your mother left you in her will, God knows why, of the Class of 1968 from Pickering NHHS, her first teaching job right after college, that they dedicated to her, their yearbook advisor Worst are the notes and comments she added over the next 30 years after going to every one of the class s reunions Included within is a system of letters by each person s picture indicating Marriage, Divorce, Skinny, Fat, Bald, etc I mean, who does this Satisfied with the free, clean space in her tiny apartment, Daphne s bliss is ruined several days later by a note slipped under her door from a neighbor she hardly knows Some Geneva person, retrieved, no stole her mother s yearbook out of the recycle bin and now wants to discuss with Daphne The foundation of, Good Riddance is the sweet story above, told to the reader in snarky, funny and often snorting good laughter, as in piggy laugh dialog Geneva Wisenkorn, i...

  5. Laura says:

    I m so torn here On the one hand, I love the concept It s unique, it s interesting, and the book is well written.On the other handit s really hard to care about Daphne She threw the yearbook away when it was the one thing she got from her dead mother, and she did it barely a year after Mom passed That s pretty cold I d have liked the book infinitely better if the yearbook were lost due to carelessness or thrown out by a friend by mistake or something I hated that Daphne threw it away partly because she completely loses the moral high ground by doing that Most of her tension with Geneva comes from wanting the yearbook back, but she really didn t have any right to it view spoiler The fact that she destroyed the yearbook at the end UGH No matter what Geneva did, Daphne s mom deserved better I also kind of hated that, after all her fighting with Geneva over making a d...

  6. Kelly says:

    Good Riddance The title of this book pretty much sums up how I felt when I finally finished it This is billed as a funny romance novel, but it feels like a rambling mess that s neither romantic nor overly funny Daphne, a thirty something not long out of a failed marriage and with no obvious job skills, throws away her mother s yearbook It s subsequently retrieved by a nosy and ambitious neighbor that sees it as her path to success in the documentary podcast industry In her desperate attempts to get the yearbook b...

  7. Jill Meyer says:

    I never thought I d give an Elinor Lipman book anything less than four or five starsat least til I read her newest novel Here s my two star review Elinor Lipman basically writes the same book with every one she writes The main character is usually a young woman who is emeshed in a large family and milieu filled with colorful and lovable people While there is usually a problem the young woman has to solve, the books always end happily Sometimes tragedy will strike a minor character, but things still turn out well Lipman is also a novelist who works mostly with dialogue to move her plots forward and she s a master at the technique She s so good that even a poor book like Good Riddance is fun to read at least til you think about it Lipman s latest book can be combined with two previous novels The Pursuit of Alice Thrift and The Ladies Man in the category of poor The main character Daphne Maritch is the typical Lipman protagonist She s fled her quiet life in small town New Hampshire to an exciting life in New York City She has an ill advised first marriage which ends in an early divorce She has a typical cute meet with her neighbor, an actor a few years her junior But her life goes a bit...

  8. Jill says:

    I typically love Elinor Lipman witty and satisfying feel good books, which are very often romantic and literary social comedies, focusing largely on quirky heroines who navigate a confusing world.But this one is just too contrived The basics of the plot without spoilers Daphne Maritch inherits her deceased mom s yearbook, which is filled with notes about the 1968 class After she decides to toss it out, it falls into the hands of a nosy, trash diving neighbor Geneva who is determined to research the class, reveal Daphne s mother s juicy secrets, and turn it into a docu drama film project In the meantime, Daphne tries to protect her widowed father, a recent New York transplant, from the fall out, and navigate a friends with benefits relationship with the handsome and young TV actor who lives across the hall.Among the problems I had was the character of Geneva, who I often wanted to slap Although Ms Lipman often pairs repressed and loveable heroines with flamboyant others , Geneva s nosiness and lack of empathy made her someone that most people would stay a mile away from Daphne, on the o...

  9. Hannah Grace || BookNerdNative says:

    Thank you HMH Books for sending me a copy of GOOD RIDDANCE in exchange for an honest review This one was light and sweet, but not for me I couldn t get along with the main protagonist, or figure out who she was or what she wanted relateable though haha Little plot progression, and a romance that felt forced I really enjoyed the re...

  10. Sally Koslow says:

    Playful, witty, smart The perfect novel to turn to if you need a break from scary suspense, World War II and even uplifting memoirs Elinor Lipman is a smooth writer and sharp observer of popular culture.