Good Enough

About the Author: Jen Petro-Roy

Jen Petro Roy is the author of the middle grade contemporary novel P.S I MISS YOU releasing by Macmillan Feiwel and Friends in Fall 2017 Jen is a teen librarian who lives with her husband and two daughters in Massachusetts.

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  • 15 January 2019

Good Enough Before She Had An Eating Disorder, Twelve Year Old Riley Was Many Things An Aspiring Artist, A Runner, A Sister, And A Friend.But Now, From Inside The Inpatient Treatment Center Where She S Receiving Treatment For Anorexia, It S Easy To Forget All Of That Especially Since Under The Influence Of Her Eating Disorder, Riley Alienated Her Friends, Abandoned Her Art, Turned Running Into Something Harmful, And Destroyed Her Family S Trust.If Riley Wants Her Life Back, She Has To Recover.Part Of Her Wants To Get Better As She Goes To Therapy, Makes Friends In The Hospital, And Starts To Draw Again, Things Begin To Look Up.But When Her Roommate Starts To Break The Rules, Triggering Riley S Old Behaviors And Blackmailing Her Into Silence, Riley Realizes That Recovery Will Be Even Harder Than She Thought She Starts To Think That Even If She Does Recover, There S No Way She Ll Stay Recovered Once She Leaves The Hospital And Is Faced With Her Dieting Mom, The School Bully, And Her Gymnastics Star Sister.Written By An Eating Disorder Survivor, This Is A Realistic Depiction Of Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment, And A Moving Story About A Girl Who Has To Fight Herself To Survive.

10 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. rachel says:

    I just cried reading this entire thing I tried to read this book last year when Jen started it I don t have an eating disorder any, it s fine, I said I was wrong Page one bothered me but I couldn t figure out why It took me a long time to realize that I was bothered because I still had an ED If I ignored it, no, it didn t go away Jen and lots of other incredible ED warriors pushed me to get help I got help.But if I had this book at 11, when I first started actively doing disordered eating habits, it would have changed everything At 13, I had a therapist who suggested I go to Renfrew I told her all I needed was a school change It took me 16 years to accept she was right A different school didn t make my issues go away It took me a long time to figure this out I am SO grateful GOOD ENOUGH exists I am so glad girls and boys and kids AND adults will have this book on their library bookstore home bookshelf...

  2. Beth says:

    Finally This is the book about eating disorders that I have been waiting for It s not a how to , an over the top , or a make light of the situation book This book gives an amazing insight into why a child might begin habits that move into an eating disorder, and why he she would continue Parents should read this book too Your heart will break for the main character and the girls in tre...

  3. Renata says:

    This is a really moving read that gives you a character to root for and smashes a lot of myths about eating disorders and diet culture in general I also loved the way Riley s journey is rooted in pop culture, taking inspiration from superheroes and Disney characters I think that ...

  4. Kelly says:

    A fantastic read about a 12 year old girl named Riley whose parents put her in an in patient treatment center for her anorexia I ve read a number of books that take on eating disorders without shying away from the hard details, but this is the first one I ve read aimed at middle grade readers where, as author, survivor, and recovery advocate Petro Roy herself states she began to exhibit the behaviors It s hard not to root for Riley or any of her peers, and her emotional journeys are up and down, much like recovery itself As someone who struggles with a mental illness, I especially appreciated how much was discussed about recovery not being linear That there are bump and hiccups and that those are part of the process, rather than any indication of failure or inability to succeed Well written, immersive, and one that anyone who works with people 9 13 should have in their back pocket for those who might be struggling with an eating disorder, n...

  5. Kelly Hager says:

    I loved Jen s debut novel, PS I Miss You, and so I was waiting for this with no small amount of impatience I m only mildly ashamed to admit that once I knew that egalleys were a thing, I basically pouted and whined and used emojis as a weapon I didn t mean to read this in one afternoon I wanted to savor it, because Jen s writing is gorgeous.But I immediately loved Riley and I worried about her I worried about whether she d be able to have a healthy relationship with food and if she d be able to talk to her family about her feelings, if they d listen to just keep assigning blame and ignoring her feelings.I had to know what would happen next, and each page made me completely feel for her A lot of feelings sadness, sometimes anger, always pride I don t think it s an exaggeration to say that Jen Petro Roy is this generation s Judy Blume She s talking about hard topics, things parents may not f...

  6. Chelsey says:

    I can t give this a star rating, because I have very mixed feelings about it There s some technical writing issues the author puts really important conversations into summary, instead of having them in scene, which kills their emotional immediacy and allows the narrator to gloss over difficult topics The author also jumps forward over scenes that should be important, like Riley s check in after she refuses to eat, which leaves weird gaps in the narrative But those aren t really the crux of my uncertainty over the book This book is about Riley, who is in treatment for her eating disorder And the author clearly tried to do everything that s right when writing about an eating disorder she didn t use any numbers, so that the reader can t compare their weight to Riley s She mentioned very little about Riley s tricks and methods for losing weight, so that the reader can t use those as a guide She focused a lot on Riley s emotions, and on the positives of recovery, and tried to avoid any glorification of an eating disorder I want to give the author credit for clearly working hard to write a book that shouldn t be used to encourage an eating disorder.And yet I 100% know that I would have read this book over and over, and bathed in the warm glow of acceptance it would have given me when I was chronically anorexic I was just a little older than Riley is in the book when I first developed an eating disorder, and I...

  7. Laurie says:

    Have you ever felt like you weren t good enough Not pretty enough Not skinny enough Clothes not nice enough These are some of the issues that twelve year old Riley are going through She used to have a normal life with her friends, her family, and her art One day all of that changed when a mean girl in her school made fun of her weight Riley vowed then and there that she would lose all the weight that she could and become a fierce competitor in track and field Because of her extreme desire, Riley developed an eating disorder called anorexia She began to alienate her friends, her family, and even food to achieve her goal Her parents began to fear for her health so they admitted her to a hospital to receive treatment for this disorder She is so not happy at first, but as she begins to delve deeper into herself through the help of the therapist, Riley learns that she has so much to overcome that just eating food Does Riley have the strength to fight the chaos that is living inside her Can her new friends at the hospital help her or are the battles they are fighting going to bring her down Will Riley s relationships with her family and friends ever be the same again Read this incredible story of one girl s journey to finding herself and possibly her freedom This book is absolutely amazing From page one you begin the journey with Riley and it doesn t stop at the last page Riley s story grabs hold of you and doesn t let go I found myself crying with her, laughi...

  8. Karley says:

    I thought this book was really good Really sad though I still would highly recommend it

  9. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    2.5 STARSTwelve year old Riley winds up on an eating disorder unit of a local hospital At first she fights recovery, then takes tentative and finally concrete steps to take back her life.Jen Petro Roy s debut middle grade novel also has a companion nonfiction self help book Unlike YA eating disorder books, GOOD ENOUGH has no tension or edge It s a book with a Big Message, a primer on body image and eating disorders There was never any doubt Riley would recover.Riley, a likable main character, narrates with a sincere and sometimes sarcastic voice Tween girls will be interested in her story, though may become bored with repetitiveness, which, while realistic to recovery, doesn t make for interesting reading Petro Roy did a good job illustrating different types of eating disorder with the similarities and differences in the underlying issues I wish she had focused on the other girls issues instead of so much on the food and eating with only a sentence or two interspersed throughout the book Riley had a specific, privileged set of issues and while important, throwing in a less wealthy kid, bisexual or a black girl doesn t make...

  10. Samantha (WLABB) says:

    Rating 4.5 StarsGood Enough was a first hand account of Riley s inpatient treatment as she began her recovery from anorexia It s been over 25 years since my inpatient treatment for disordered eating, but Petro Roy s depiction of Riley s battle with ED eating disorder immediately brought me back to my own struggle.I applaud the author s decision to write this story in journal format, because it was the perfect way to clearly capture and communicate Riley s emotions She skillfully depicted the sadness, loneliness, anxiety, desperation, and shame that results from this disease She explored the secretive nature of it, and how it forces the one suffering from the disorder to withdraw from their life Riley often lamented giving up things, activities, and people who made her happy in order to protect her secret This part was so honest and really hit home with me.I loved the way Petro Roy laid out Riley s recovery as well I don t think people realize how difficult it is to wage a war with an eating disorder Someone suffering from anorexia or bulimia NEEDS food to survi...