A Pinch of Magic

About the Author: Michelle Harrison

My first children s novel, THE 13 TREASURES, won the Waterstone s Children s Book Prize and has been sold for translation in 17 countries worldwide It s followed by two sequels THE 13 CURSES and THE 13 SECRETS, and a prequel, ONE WISH.I ve also written UNREST, a ghost story for young adult readers, and THE OTHER ALICE My latest novel is A PINCH OF MAGIC I m currently working on its sequel, alo

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  • ebook
  • 368 pages
  • A Pinch of Magic
  • Michelle Harrison
  • 16 November 2018
  • 9781471124303

A Pinch of Magic A SPELL BINDING STORY, STEEPED IN MAGIC I ADORED IT Abi Elphinstone, Author Of Sky SongThree Sisters Trapped By An Ancient Curse Three Magical Objects With The Power To Change Their Fate Will They Be Enough To Break The Curse Or Will They Lead The Sisters Even Deeper Into Danger The Enchanting New Story From Michelle Harrison, Author Of The Bestselling THIRTEEN TREASURES Trilogy Praise For A PINCH OF MAGIC This Delightful Tale Fizzes With Magic And Races Along At A Fantastic Pace This Book Completely Charmed My Socks Off Alex Bell, Author Of The Polar Bear Explorers Club Simply Phenomenal A Breathtaking Quest For Survival And Freedom, Bursting With Brave Heroines, Enchanted Objects And Deadly Dangers And At Its Heart Is A Powerful And Beautiful Message Of Sisterly Love And Loyalty Overcoming Jealousy And Betrayal Sophie Anderson, Author Of The House With Chicken Legs Take Three Sisters, Add The Cruelest Of Curses And A Pinch Of Magic, And You Ll Have A Tantalising Tale You Cannot Put Down Tamsyn Murray, Author OfCompletely Cassidy Praise For Michelle Harrison S THIRTEEN Series A Charming And Inventive Tale The Times You Are In For An Adventure Sunday Express The Very Best In Adventure And Imagination Waterstones.com

10 thoughts on “A Pinch of Magic

  1. Sophie Anderson says:

    Michelle Harrison is an incredible writer, with a huge talent for creating atmospheric, emotive adventures, and this is perhaps the best yet A Pinch of Magic is simply phenomenal A breathtaking quest for survival and freedom, bursting with brave heroines, enchanted objects and deadly dangers And at its heart is a powerful and beautiful message of sisterly love and loyalty overcoming jealousy and betrayal I LOVED every moment of this gorgeous story, and I ...

  2. Cat says:

    Have you ever found an author who write stories that are EXACTLY what you wish stories would be That everything you ever wanted to imagine in a story is there, perfectly articulated on the pages you re holding in your hand Well, Michelle Harrison is that author for me Every single one of her novels has had exactly the right amount of magic, character names, adventure, and imagina...

  3. Annemieke / A Dance with Books says:

    Thank you to Netgalley and Simon and Schuster UK for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. Trigger Warnings Suicide 4,5 stars While I don t read it as often as I like, Middle Grade fantasy books can be such gems A Pinch of Magic was one of those for me When I requested this book there was no cover yet so you can t accuse me of being lured in by the cover which you have to admit is just gorgeous I was lured by the synopsis of three sisters and three magical objects While this book is in theory about 3 sisters it focuses all its attention on the middle sister, 13 year old Betty With her 6 year old sister Charlie she tries to sneak across the water to a nearby city for the Halloween celebrations But as they are leaving the harbor of their town on a boat their grandmother, and caretaker, appears out of nowhere, dragging them back Betty isn t having any of it any though and demands to know why they are never allowed to leave the town That is when grandma spills the beans They are cursed Harrison can write This books is beautifully written No sentence is even remotely misplaced We are swept up in the story with Betty and feel for her when she is so held back by her grandma and then learns about the curse All her dreams, crushed The book is full of magic and it is great to read about While I am rating this book 4,5 stars I do have some complaints While I t...

  4. Mathilde Paulsen says:

    Yes, thought Betty It was fair to say that Lady Luck crossed the road when she saw the Widdershins coming This was a really good book It was suspenseful, dramatic, interesting and funny I loved the sisterly dynamics, the magic and the intricate curse that wove it all together A Pinch of Magic is a middle grade book It is about three sisters who are trapped by an ancient curse connected to their family With the help of three magical items, the sisters will do all they can to break this curse, but first they must understand it and learn where it came from This is a tale of sisterhood and the strength ...

  5. Steph says:

    A brilliantly written tale of sisterhood, magic, betrayal and revenge What would you do if you were handed a magical object, but then told you were cursed Betty has to deal with that on her birthday Throw in a prisoner who wants to escape, 2 excellently brave sisters and a myster...

  6. Sabrina says:

    I accidentally read this in one sitting it was so engrossing and I m pleased to report I m officially out of my reading slump There are three itemsthree gifts, if you like Each of them is an everyday object Each of them holds a different kind of power I call it a pinch of magic. I was really quite pleasantly surprised by this book It had splashes of so many things I liked

    Three spunky heroines sisters with a well written relationship and distinct personalities Light humour, including some sisterly teasing which reminded me of myself and my own sister Great plot twists and pacing That ending twist just elevated this from four to five stars GENIUS And the delivery of it was spot on A delightfully witchy backstory, told with ever increasing for...

  7. Samantha says:

    Full of adventure with some great female protagonists

  8. Asha - A Cat, A Book, And A Cup Of Tea says:

    This book is just perfectly magical Can that be the entire review No Okay But trust me, it is.Betty Widdershins is the middle sister of three, and together with 17 year old Fliss and 6 year old Charlie, she lives with her grandmother and a cat called Oi above their pub on the tiny island of Crowstone Their mother is dead, and their father is in prison Betty is itching to get off the island and see the world, but on her thirteenth birthday, Granny breaks some bad news The girls are beset with a family curse, and may never leave the island From there, the story takes some enthralling magical twists, but at its heart it is always a story about loyalty, family, strength, and the power of sisterly love.It s gorgeous Opening the book and reading the first page feels like sinking into a bath that s just the right temperature The foggy, dark, enveloping atmosphere of Crowstone is almost palpable and it s written so beautifully that after a couple of pages I didn t even notice myself holding the book I devoured it in one sitting, wrapped in a blanket on a rainy day with Tomte the cat purring on my legs and if that image sounds tempting, then this is the book for you.Betty is a fabulous main character, full of pluck and big ideas, but all three of the sisters are wonderfully drawn I loved that Charlie wasn t written at all patronisingly, despite being quite a small child, and I loved that Fliss wasn t a...

  9. Nikki says:

    This was exactly what middle grade stories should be full of adventure, sisterly love, loyalty, treachery, bad guys, and, of course, a pinch of magic It starts a little slow, with Betty trying to escape from under her strict Gran s watchful eye she s a typical headstrong kid who s struggling with small town life But the adventure bui...

  10. Sabrina says:

    The Widdershins girls have three magic items handed down to them through the years, though they have no idea where they came from However, that s not the only thing that is passed down All girls in the family are cursed to remain at their home of Crowestone, if they leave they die Betty has always dreamed of adventure so the idea that she can t travel hits her much harder than her two sisters It also means that she is determined than anyone else who came before her She s sure she will be able to fi...