California Girls

About the Author: Susan Mallery

[Epub] ➟ California Girls Author Susan Mallery –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • California Girls
  • Susan Mallery
  • English
  • 17 August 2019
  • 9780778368960

California GirlsThe California Sunshine S Not Quite So Bright For Three Sisters Who Get Dumped In The Same Week Finola, A Popular LA Morning Show Host, Is Famously Upbeat Until She S Blindsided On Live TV By News That Her Husband Is Sleeping With A Young Pop Sensation Who Has Set Their Affair To Music While Avoiding The Tabloids And Pretending She S Just Fine, She S Crumbling Inside, Desperate For Him To Come To His Senses And For Life To Go Back To Normal.Zennie S Breakup Is No Big Loss Although The World Insists She Pair Up, She D Rather Be Surfing So Agreeing To Be The Surrogate For Her Best Friend Is A No Brainer After All, She Has An Available Womb And No Other Attachments To Worry About Except When Everyone Else, Including Her Big Sister, Thinks She S Making A Huge Mistake, Being Pregnant Is A Lot Lonelier And Complicated Than She Imagined.Never The Tallest, Thinnest Or Prettiest Sister, Ali Is Used To Being Overlooked, But When Her Fianc Sends His Disapproving Brother To Call Off The Wedding, It S A New Low And Yet Daniel Continues To Turn Up For Support, Making Ali Wonder If Maybe For Once Someone Sees Her In A Way No One Ever Has.But Side By Side By Side, These Sisters Will Start Over And Rebuild Their Lives With All The Affection, Charm And Laugh Out Loud Humor That Is Classic Susan Mallery.

10 thoughts on “California Girls

  1. Berit☀️✨ says:

    Sunshine, Sisters, and second chances A fabulous story filled with fun and drama Susan Mallery has crafted a brilliant story that will make you laugh, cry, and want to throw things Three very different sisters faced with some major life choices, but side by side by side they can get through anything Whenever I read a book about sisters I always get a little jealous, it is a relationship that I myself don t have, but I can still experience it through books.This book begins with one bad weekend, all three of the sisters get dumped Finola hosts a television morning show Her husband informs her right before she s about to go on air that he is having an affair, now that s some timing right What a great guy Ali is consumed with planning her wedding that is until her fianc s brother shows up to let her know that her fianc is too much of a wuss to tell her he s calling off the wedding Another great guy Zennie Who is pretty content being single is dumped by a guy she just recently started dating His reason He realizes that she s not all that into him and she isn t really looking for a relationship OK fair enough, he actually might be a good guy After this weekend the sisters are left to pick up the pieces of their lives and are also face with some unusual unique and life altering choices The story was told with charm and heart, and I re...

  2. Jessica says:

    I received this book for free from TLC Book Tours as part of a review tour This was my first time reading a book by Susan Mallery and I enjoyed it This book was a classic chick lit novel I loved the dynamic between the sisters That felt very real and organic The sisters did have their differences but were still able to come together when it mattered I also loved how each of their stories were different Even though they all had the commonality of getting dumped at the same time, they all went down different paths I thought that was really important to show because everyone is different and deals with things in their own way The one thing I didn t like was how some of the situations that the characters found themselves in weren t that realistic For example, the way Finola found out about her husband s affair her husband told her right before she went on air, plus the mistress was the pop star she had to interview, who also confronted her about the affair But this is a chick l...

  3. DJ Sakata says:

    Favorite Quotes Finola, we have models in the building Tall, skinny, hungry models They re starting to look feral and turn on each other I m convinced it s the smell of bacon she alternated between trying to figure out a plan to win Nigel back and wondering if she could find a few anthrax spores to send him in the mail.Finola told herself they weren t deliberately cruel, they were just young and thoughtless At least she hoped they were because otherwise the next generation was going to be a disappointment.My Review I fell into this irresistible story and didn t want to come back out Susan Mallery has extraordinarily strong word voodoo I was fully invested and right beside them or sitting in a corner watching as they bantered and argued The storylines were deftly written and cleverly crafted with ample servings of levity and curiously addictive conundrums Each character was uniquely compelling and so e...

  4. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Easy breezy, a great escape read.Aw, what a premise Three sisters get dumped in the same week Finola, Zennie, and Ali could not have worse luck That said, one of the many perks of sisterhood is having friendship and trust and being able to lean on each other, and that s just what these three do as they start over Finola is a host for a morning show when she finds out on live TV her husband is cheating on her with a much younger pop star Regardless, Finola desperately wants her husband back if he ll take her Zennie feels differently about her breakup She s fine surfing and having time to herself She agrees to be a surrogate for her friend But then she winds up pregnant and alone and wonders if she s made a mistake Ali is the wallflower sister The other two garner attention, but not Ali Her fianc sends his brother to call off their wedding, and Ali thinks she s never been lower But she has an admirer that keeps showing up California Girls is all about starting over I loved these sisters even though at times they frustrated me with their choices I felt the strong bond between the three women, and I loved how close they are with their mom as well This book is well worth reading just to find out if all three get their happily ever after, especially Ali My heart always went out to Ali Overall, California Girls is a fun, endearing story that warmed my heart and made me wish I had a sister I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My r...

  5. Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader says:

    I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting This is a book that takes you away and you are going to fall in love with the three sisters I loved the ending and was so happy to have read this book.I gave it five stars two times I HIGHLY recommend it

  6. Susan says:

    California GirlsSusan Mallery Holy cow, CALIFORNIA GIRLS is one crazy story Three sisters all get dumped in the same week and to say they are devastated is a huge understatement I have two sisters so I totally understood some of the feelings they had Finola is a tv host for a morning show in Los Angeles Zennie is a surgical nurse and Ali works for an auto parts warehouse These three sisters couldn t be different but they are about to find out just how strong their sister bond is Their mother, Mary Jo has been after all three daughters to give her grand babies and needless to say, she isnt happy with the latest turn of events.CALIFORNIA GIRLS is exactly why I love Susan Mallery s books She had me sad on one page and giggling out loud on the next This story is all about family and the past and the life lessons are heart tugging It had me flipping through the pages like a woman on a mission I had to know what was going to happen to these three sisters and all the secondary characters CALIFORNIA GIRLS is a perfect story that will hold you hostage until the very last page Once you start reading, it will be very hard to put down You also won t be able to stop yourself from laughing at Daniel and the way he won t leave Ali alone In CALIFORNIA GIRLS, all of the characters are very interesting and believable, so much so that I felt as if I ve known them for a long time I would love to hang out with these sisters I m sure the...

  7. Heather~ says:

    Thank you to the publisher for this copy in exchange for my honest review This was the first book I read by Susan Mallery and now I m so glad I had the chance to, because I really enjoyed this book It s about 3 sisters come together after, ironically, being dumped in the same week I love how they came together to help eachother overcome their heartbreaks This book had lots of drama, and laughs It made you mad for them at times Such a fun chick lit book I will de...

  8. Andrea says:

    Starting over isn t easy, even when it s the right thing to do.This is Susan Mallery doing what she does best combining romance and chick lit with all the feelings and lessons about love, loss, heartbreak, moving on, and learning and ultimately coming out of the worst moments of your life a stronger person This book tells the story of three sisters, who couldn t be different, all experiencing a painful breakup at the same time, each of them learning a different lesson Ali s fianc doesn t even have the guts to break off their engagement weeks before the wedding and sends his brother to do his dirty work instead, Zennie is shocked when she has literally no feelings about her boyfriend breaking up with her and throws herself into a very new, non romantic situation, and Finola s husband informs her, minutes before she has to be on live TV, that he has been having an affair and is leaving her While they all learn different things about themselves during the painful months that follow, they realize they have all lost sight of what is truly important, and grow stronger I loved watching the sisters realize uncomfortable truths and growing because of that, how they each learned to let things go and ultimately found themselves again It was a lovely story about three totally different women, each remarkable in their own way, and I cheered...

  9. Barbara says:

    I wanted a quick chic lit novel and dared to try a new and respected author California Girls by Susan Mallory has an interesting premise three sisters get dumped by their man at the same time I liked the idea Can t say I m impressed with how author Mallery wrote the story.Yes, it s a quick read Yes, there is an overbearing mother who one wants to strangle Yes, all three women ...

  10. Amy says:

    This was a good book but it didn t completely work for me I really loved one of the sister s stories but the other two never really came together for me Ali worked for me and the others were fine but didn t grab me like Ali s did It s not that it s not worth reading it is a solid read but it s difficult for me to give than 3 stars with 2 3 of the story line didn t grab me I kind of wished the entire book had been about Ali s story with her sister s stories taking a smaller focus of the ...