Never Play Dead

About the Author: Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is an American conservative political commentator Lahren graduated from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned her B.A in broadcast journalism and political science She currently serves as host of FOX Nation s daily programs First Thoughts and Final Thoughts. Her signature Final Thoughts recaps her views on the day s top stories In addition to her role on FOX Nation,

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  • Never Play Dead
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  • 24 December 2019
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Never Play Dead The Fox Nation Host, Fox News Contributor, And Social Media Master Argues That It S Time To Square Your Shoulders, Stand Your Ground And Speak The Truth.The Conventional Wisdom Is That We Need Civility And Fewer Arguments If You Have A Controversial Option, Keep It To Yourself Tomi Lahren Could Not Disagree It S A Trick The Same People Whining About Tone Will Call You Names And Applaud Those Who Threaten You We Don T Need Safe Spaces, And You Shouldn T Be Patient And Wait Out The Bullying In Never Play Dead, Lahren Encourages All Americans, Especially Women, To Find Their Voice And Speak Out She Skewers The Hypocrisy Of The Self Esteem Movement That Has Made People Afraid To Stand Up For Themselves Wherever Lahren Goes, The 1 Question She Gets Isn T About Politics It S About Her Confidence In Herself, Her Beliefs And Who She Is Never Play Dead Not Only Answers This Question But Helps You Learn How To Stand Your Ground, Discover How Resilient You Are And Find Your Fearless Side In This Book, She Offers The Antidote To All That Worry Less About Who Might Offend, And Focus On Who You Might Inspire In The Long Run, You Will Never Regret Being Forceful When The Truth Is On Your Side.Lahren Worked Her Way Out Of South Dakota To Television Fame In LA, Surviving Social Isolation, A Truly Terrible Boyfriend, Awful Workplaces, And Getting Fired In Front Of A Million Haters Along The Way, She Was Tempted To Keep Quiet, But She Never Did Now She Calls Out The Comment Trolls, The Political Correctness Police, The Terminally Jealous, And The Ever Escalation Victim Culture That Tells You All Your Failures Are Because Of The System And Therefore There S Nothing You Can Do About It Whether You Ve Been Told You Re Not Good Enough By Parents, Lovers, Frenemies, Bad Bosses, Or Social Media, It S Time To Take Lahren S Advice And Fight Back It S Better To Lose Friends And Followers Than To Lose Yourself The Truth Is, You May Find People Who Agree With You Than You Think It S Time To Shed Your Fear With Never Play Dead She Inspires You To Stand Up And Shows You How.

10 thoughts on “Never Play Dead

  1. Noah Barber says:

    To balance out the haters who are unintelligent People are writing reviews saying the book is bad when their grammar is so horrible I bet they don t even know how to read

  2. Coelleen says:

    Tomi clearly doesn t have enough life experience to be someone else s inspiration which she claims she wants to be, especially to young women who can t find their voices to speak up What she really means is she wants to inspire CONSERVATIVES to speak up although she claims her book is for everyone including liberals while contradicting that statement throughout the book Also, this book is so poorly written that I don t think she even had an editor or one that knew what they were doing because I CONSTANTLY found myself correcting not only for grammar but for conciseness which she ironically claims to be along with articulate This book could be condensed to about three quarters its size just by taking out unnecessary garble Final note, I had hope for this book, but Tomi obviously wouldn t know what true grit is if it hit her in the face All this book did was make me realize how blindly biased Tomi is regarding her values which doesn t say much coming from someone who admittedly ducked and covered in two instances of people of color noticing her It takes a special type of person to put an incendiary quote in their book that reads, We have all these people who are homeless and shoving needles in their arm sic because they followed their dreams sic And the last thing this book made me realize is how easy it is to write a BAD book, publicize the hell out of it, and make a lot of dough doing so I give this two stars because at least it was entertaining.

  3. Stormi says:

    3.5 5 Rating You shouldn t wait to be proud of yourself only after you succeed, be proud of who you are and it will help you succeed Pro s She Really Is Trying To Empower Young Women I don t question or doubt that Tomi is about empowering young women, she clearly wants to elevate all women no matter their political opinions She wants them all to be confident, to take no shit, and to be sure of their place in the world I think that is the best part about this book She gives a lot of empowering pep talks not just for women s lives in their careers but for their personal lives She wants women to be confident in their friendships and their relationships Her Work Ethic Is Undeniable Something that I ve admired Tomi since the very beginning when she was the first female introduction I had to right leaning politics is her work ethic She talks about being willing to do all of the hard work, about being prepared, about not giving up when things are rough at a job I think she is an excellent role model when it comes to working towards what you want and understanding that climbing the ladder doesn t come easy She puts emphasis on being willing to do the dirty work at first, about being realistic about where you have to start to get where you want to be, and etc Embrace Your Confidence In Places Where You Stand Out She talks a lot about being a young woman in a mostly older male field Instead of playing a victim in this situation, she talked about making sure she was the most prepared, the most outspoken, and the most impressive person in the room She was confident that she had earned her spot there Once again I think this is a great message for young women entering the professional field of politics Con s There Is No Set Organization for the Topics or Timeline My biggest issue with her book is that I have no idea what the organization for it is It isn t chronological, she jumps between moments in her life, headlining situations, and etc in what seems like a random as it comes to mind style It s hard to keep up with The topics also aren t organized She doesn t group things together She doesn t finish thoughts on one topic only to bring it up mid another chapter It left no opportunity to flesh out her opinions or thoughts about any topic or moment in her life Once Again MisCharacterizing Her Pro Life Audience Once again, Tomi misrepresents the people who made her career She refers to Pro Lifers as Jesus Freaks , and she says they want to push their religious views on others and aren t being actual conservatives This is why people dislike her pro choice stance, not because they are jealous like she implies, but because she talks down and insults her own audience that gives her a living It s disappointing that she continues this narrative in a book that she had multiple opportunities to reread, edit, and reconsider Builds Herself Up By Tearing Down Other People She consistently paints herself out to be a better person, a better commentator, nicer to fans than someone else She name drops multiple people or purposely doesn t in others, and it seemed like a hypocritical move considering how she criticized this very practice earlier She mentions Dana Loesch, Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, OAN Network, and etc She uses them as examples of mean, wrong, or bad people while she is someone that does it better or does it the right way I think this definitely hurt the tone and message of the book Overall, I really do admire Tomi for her success at a young age I genuinley think she is a good model for young women when it comes to her work ethic and confidence However, this book was disappointing because I do expect better from her It seemed like a fight between the petty high schooler in her and the introspective grown professional woman that she is I enjoyed this book, and I m glad I read it, but I wish I would have seen of the latter version of who she is.

  4. Amy Payne says:

    If you hate this book then you are merely a Hillary loving democrat who can t look at life from someone else s perspective I couldn t put this book down and I read a lot of books Tomi tells it like it is No sugar coating which I love All girls of college age should read this There is so much positive about this book I love how she admires a Democrat because they are a good person like Oprah Politics shouldn t fill our daily lives She recognizes that her parents made her who she is and taught her values that are so hard to find in most millennials I m 51 and I wish I knew half of what she s already figured out in 26 years.

  5. Paul Samson says:

    Why is this little girl with no experience in life coming out with a book She admitted herself she doesn t even read, she a racsit bigot that talk bad about woman fighting for their rights She does nothing but complain and NEVER offer a solution This book is all about her, this book is nothing but her tweet feed in a book form, nothing new, no suggestions on The things she whines about Don t waste your time reading about a loud mouth privilege white girl who had plastic surgery No thanks.

  6. Samantha Thornberry says:

    Tomi Lahren shared a lot about herself and about the situations the United States is in at the moment She is such a strong women, and I loved hearing all about situations in her life I would recommend this book to everyone who has been in hard times, especially women readers But democrats and republicans alike would be able to take things away Even though she talks about her politics it is not overwhelming I don t have the same views on politics as Tomi yet I found it interesting Avoid the readers who put the score before the books release date It came out July 3, and I read it in two days and couldn t put it down.

  7. Alex Beck says:

    I can t support an animal abuser, tomi has no talent, all she does is bring other people down to sell herself What has she done productive lately Why isn t she running for Congress in California Because NOBODY like her, she make it seems like she high power, but all she is is a one trick pony doing the same tricks She called Joe Kennedy a ginger and limp d , she love disrespecting older people if they don t agree with her propaganda Last thing is she try to make her opinions the truth without factual evidence All she does is yell inn TV, which has gotten old even Fox News gotten bored of She s spokesperson for Nazi Tomi Nazi Lahren is the worst person in US HISTORY EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR HER TO GO AWAY FOREVER.

  8. Tom says:

    tomi is a nasty disgusting human being, how can someone her her be so heartless But what pisses me off is her fake love for the military She young en to enlist instead of trying to speak for people who have served YOU CANT, WONT AND DONT SPEAK FOR ME You are the opposite of what I want my daughter to be, she only 6 and mature than you Grow up.

  9. Jason says:

    This little girl called Joe Kennedy a ginger and talked about his private parts, admitted kicking her dog, had pleasure watching kids getting teargas, badly disrespect woman fighting for women s rights ALL this chick does is play the victim and talk plenty og bullcrap without REAL FACTS, this book is nothing but LIES But best part is calling people RHINOS when she in farted has had several abortions Why would anyone take this little girl seriously when she provides nothing to the table.

  10. Sarah Shotwell says:

    This book was a good read Despite the word I in this book several times making Tomi come off like a narcissist, I do feel there was a lot of interesting stories and motivational context Tomi is young and for her to speak her mind the way she does is inspirational.