Living the RV Life

About the Author: Marc Bennett

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  • 256 pages
  • Living the RV Life
  • Marc Bennett
  • 15 April 2019
  • 9781507208991

Living the RV Life Whether You Re Downsizing Or Thrill Seeking Or Anything In Between Find Out If The RV Lifestyle Is Right For You, And Learn How To Transition From A Life Of Traditional Home Ownership To One On The Road Do You Love Traveling Meeting New People And Seeing New Places Are You Craving A Life That Feels Meaningful And New The RV Lifestyle Could Be The Answer.Both Aspirational And Practical, Living The RV Life Is Your Ultimate Guide To Living Life On The Road For People Of All Ages Looking To Downsize, Travel, Or Work On The Go Learn If Life In A Motor Home Is Right For You, With Insightful Details On The Experiences Of Full Time RV Ers, Tips For How To Choose An RV How Big New Or Used , Whether To Sell Your Home And If Not, What To Do With It , Model Costs, Sample Routes And Destinations, Basic Vehicle Maintenance, Legal And Government Considerations And Much Written In A Light And An Easy To Understand Style, Living The RV Life Is Your Bible To Living A Mobile Life.

10 thoughts on “Living the RV Life

  1. loafingcactus says:

    No one book can possibly tell you everything you need to live the RV life Think about everything you need to know to live in a sticks and bricks house some of it you learned over years of childhood and some you learned in specific training such as from a realtor as you were trying to select a book Fortunately for living in an RV, in 2018 there are a ton of resources But how do you know that you ve covered all the topics Ah ha This is the perfect book for that Literally everything you need to know about living in an RV gets a paragraph in this book This book is the great big giant skills list checklist you need Now, while you re reading other specific articles and watching 10,000 hours of YouTube, you know what you are looking for What do you need to learn What questions do you need to answer for yourself This is a shift I have gone through myself, moving my home based job into an RV a little over a year ago, so I have a good basis of experience from which to evaluate the book If you like this book and want to read of a memoir style story of moving into an RV too, I would suggest Take Risks One Couple s Journey to Quit Their Jobs and Hit the Open RoadI use real rankings three stars is NOT a ding on the book, it means that a non fiction explanatory book has adequately met its goal.

  2. Susan Veness says:

    We just finished reading Marc and Julie Bennett s book, Living the RV Life, and not only is it extremely well written, it has a huge amount of information that will benefit even those who have done a lot of research into RV living It starts with the decisions we all face when considering extended RVing, and goes right through the intricacies of making the dream a reality, all the while bearing in mind there is no one size fits all way of doing it That insightfulness is a hallmark of the book, and makes readers feel as if Marc and Julie are friends, guiding them through the process.Every aspect of RVing is covered, from understanding and using the basic systems to making and maintaining social connections With the Bennett s guidance, you ll come away from it feeling like, yes, you really COULD do this Living the RV Life is a terrific, easy read Highly recommended.

  3. George Henry says:

    Great read Really enjoyed the book, Congratulations to the authors for creating a fun informative book to read, very well written in my opinion I have been full timing 1 year now and although I had experienced myself a lot of what was shared I learned a lot of new info, love all the active links to websites Recommend following RVLove on Facebook and You Tube as well as there is always being new info posted.

  4. Randal White says:

    Disappointing Extremely short Very basic information Would have made a better, very general, magazine article.