The Art of Doing Time

About the Author: L.P. Henson

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  • The Art of Doing Time
  • L.P. Henson
  • 13 November 2018

The Art of Doing Time Prisons And Jails Are Not An Easy Place To Be In For Most First Timers, They Do Not Know What To Expect Or How To Deal With Situations As They Arise Even For Those Already Incarcerated A Lot Of Things Are And Will Be New To Them Because Prisons And Jails Are A World Of Its Own Which Brings Out Its Own Strange Events This Book Will Take An Individual Step By Step, From The Day A Handcuff Is Placed On An Individual, Or An Arrest Warrant Is Issued For A Person, To The Day The Person Gets Out Of Prison Or Jail This Book Will Tell An Individual What To Expect And What Is Going To Happen.One Will Learn How To Deal With A Lot Of Problems One Will Encounter In The New World, Including How To Use The Time Given Wisely, Things To Avoid, Above All How To Survive In The Belly Of The Beast For The Love Ones Having Someone Incarcerated Or Waiting To Go To Prison Or Jail, This Book Will Guide Them On What Their Loved One Is Facing, Or Will Soon Face Behind Bars You Will See The Things They Will Go Through Or Goes Through That At Times They Will Not Even Mention It To You For You Not To Worry You Will Start To Understand That New World They Are In Or Going To Enter, You Will Start To Understand Why Some Come Out Worse Than They Have Gone In, And Why The Most Powerful Country In The World Have The Highest Recidivism Of 67% In The World This Is A Blueprint On How To Survive And Stay Out Of The Penal System.