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Jill Santopolo is the author of the The Light We Lost, the Alec Flint Mysteries, the Sparkle Spa series, and the Follow Your Heart books She holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia University, an MFA in Writing for Children from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and a certificate in Intellectual Property Law from NYU Jill is also the Editorial Director of Philomel Books, an imprint of Pen

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  • 19 May 2019

More Than Words From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Light We Lost Comes A Tender And Moving New Novel About A Woman At A Crossroads After The Death Of Her Father, And Caught Between The Love Of Two Men.Nina Gregory Has Always Been A Good Daughter, A Good Girlfriend Raised By Her Father, Owner Of New York City S Glamorous Gregory Hotels, After Her Mother S Death, Nina Was Taught That Family, Reputation, And Legacy Are What Matter Most And Her Boyfriend Tim, Thoughtful, Kind, And Honest, Not To Mention Her Best Friend Since Childhood, Feels The Same But After Nina S Father Passes Away, She Learns He May Not Have Practiced What He Preached As Her World Falls Apart, Nina Begins To Question Everything She Thought She Knew And To See The Men In Her Life Her Father, Her Boyfriend, And Unexpectedly, Her Handsome And Attentive Boss, Rafael In A New Light Soon Nina Finds Herself Caught Between The World She Knows And Loves, And A Passion That Could Upend Everything More Than Words Is A Heartbreaking And Romantic Novel About Grief, Loss, Love, And Self Discovery, And How We Choose Which Life We Are Meant To Live.

10 thoughts on “More Than Words

  1. Melissa says:

    Angsty Relatable Redemptive Heartfelt Sweet.To say that I was eager to get my hands on Jill Santopolo s latest release is quite the understatement And now, on the other side with those mighty expectations I d built up during the wait having been met my heart is content.Likely, readers will find that More Than Words is just that, a novel that s than words simply typed on a page with a pretty face to boot Nina s story is a heartbreakingly beautiful reminder to live your truth and to not apologize for it Back in 2017, after strolling through one of my favorite book aisles love you Target wink , a copy of The Light We Lost found a new home Upon cracking the cover, I was instantly swept up in Lucy and Gabe, who gave me no choice but to binge their story Now, even after all this time, I still reflect back on that experience For me, The Light We Lost is one of those rare books few and far between that I ll carry around with me always A reminder of just how kismet it is for a book to find its way into my hands and evoke an emotional response so strong it manages to leave a lasting mark on my heart.So, it was with equal measures of excitement, trepidation, and bated breath that my eyes found the opening line of More Than Words What if I struggled to connect with Jill Santopolo s writing this time would it somehow mar my previous experience with her work Silly, silly me Within...

  2. Susanne Strong says:

    3 Stars.A novel that was well told, but unfortunately, not felt with my heart What do you do when your life s actions and decisions are made for you For Nina, you follow them Nina is a woman whose life has always come naturally, her relationship with her father, college, work and Tim, her best friend since childhood and now, her boyfriend Working as a speechwriter for a Mayoral Candidate, she loves her job Someday soon however, she ll be running the family company sooner than she thinks as it turns out when tragedy befalls her dad, leaving her life in a spiral Then of course, there s Tim. who keeps putting the pressure on The problem of course, is that she s just not feeling like her old self and then there s the fact that she s been feeling an intense attraction to her former boss, Rafael, that she just can t shake If only she felt comfortable doing what she wanted v what others wanted for her More Than Words is Jill Santopolo s follow up to The Light We Lost which was one of my favorite reads of 2017 Sadly, this one missed the mark for me All of the feelings that Light evoked, this one lacked There was no heart to this story and no characters whose lives I ached for, or with for that matter In The Light We Lost the storyline involving the characters of Lucy and Gabe ripped out my darn heart, crying commenced, my eyes were red and puffy and my body was wracked with sobs In More Than Words, there were times wh...

  3. says:

    In her second adult novel Santopolo gives us extremely beautiful prose, introducing us with interesting and lovely characters More Than Words is one of my most anticipated book of the Year and it didn t dissapoint me, you ll get hooked by the amazing writings while devouring this book, it really is a page turner and it has a unique nature of telling the story in a very delightful perspective, I highly enjoyed the tensions between the acts and the novel is very fascinating.Nina Gregory is the main character which everyone will enjoy her personality, a smart and educated young woman struggling with different problems Nina tries to keep her life in consistent after her father s loss and the problems she faces are so common in real life and I love the way that the Author has written within the book is really wonderful and intriguing.The family relationships and the romance tensions make this book so wonderful and inter...

  4. Katie B says:

    Nina, Nina, Nina You just didn t really work for me therefore this was just an okay read I didn t dislike you or anything but given the tough stuff you were dealing with in the book, I wish I would have felt of a connection to you.This is a story of a woman who has the type of wealth and privilege most of us can only dream of and yet Nina Gregory doesn t feel completely satisfied with her life When her world falls apart, she really starts to question if she is on the right path to happiness or if she needs to go in a different direction.It is essential when I read these type of fiction stories with elements of romance that I feel something for the character or otherwise it will never be than just an average read With other genres like mysteries or thrillers, I can find the main character completely unlikable and still have a fun time reading the book The problem with this one is Nina I don t know how to describe her other than she s just blah The author gave her a fairly interesting backstory but the way her character was written didn t do much for me There were only a couple moments with her father and with Caro that made me feel anything at all I needed heart to fully enjoy the...

  5. Jayme says:

    I loved The Light We Lost 5 stars for me so when I saw that Jill Santopolo had another novel being released, I had to request a copy In that book, Lucy struggled to resolve her feelings for the one who got away with the one who took his place In this book, you ll meet Nina, heiress to the Gregory Hotels of New York City, a woman also struggling to make sense of her feelings for two men She has known her boyfriend Tim, since childhood, though they have only been dating for eight months It makes sense that they end up togetherbut is that enough If so, then why is she drawn to her charismatic boss, Rafael Nina is extremely close to her father who is dying and she knows that soon she will be expected to leave her job and take over the family business.But when that day arrives, she realizes that she has been living her life to please her father instead of to please herself, and she learns a few things that may free her from taking the path her father has chosen for her.As always, there is some lovely, thought provoking writing I especially enjoyed a chapter where Nina is visiting her father for their weekly Jeapordy and dinner date As she is picking up Chinese food, she muses New York City really was made up of hundreds of different worlds, each right next to one another She wouldn t go to a pharmacy five blocks away any than she would go to one in New Jersey They answer the questions a...

  6. Elizabeth says:

    More Than Words is barely a story Hotel heiress Nina Gregory s father is dying Her mother died when she was eight Oh, various parental mysteries Her boyfriend, childhood friend Tim, wants to get married Nina is attracted to Rafael, mayoral candidate for New York City whose campaign she s part of You can guess the whole thing from this Which is about as long as mos...

  7. Stephanie (Stephanie& says:

    The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo didn t really work for me, but I wanted to give the author another try because although I didn t love that particular story, I did love Santopolo s magical and eloquent writing style I m so glad I decided to read her newest novel More Than Words was a captivating story filled with lots of drama and romance, but than that it is a story about one woman s journey through heartbreak, loss, and grief to find out who she really wants to be.Nina Gregory has everything She s a Manhattan heiress who grew up knowing that one day she d be running the luxurious Gregory hotels that have been in her family for generations She s had the perfect upbringing the best of everything and has been taught by her father that their legacy and the reputation they present to the world as a Gregory is what matters most Even now, although she s working as a speechwriter for the very handsome mayoral candidate Rafael O Connor Ruiz until she takes over the Gregory Corporation, the rest of her life seems to be going just the way her dad has it mapped she s dating Tim, her childhood best friend, and son of her father s best friend and the company s CEO, and Tim and everyone else knows they ll get married and have kids one day who will carry on the Gregory legacy while he takes over his dad s...

  8. Bkwmlee says:

    2.5 stars rounded up to 3 starsI decided to read this book because I had read this author Jill Santopolo s earlier novel The Light We Lost back in 2017 and liked the story well enough, even though with that book, the characters didn t work for me and the emotional aspect was lacking however even with a few issues, there had been a twist to that story and the dialogue was meaningful enough that it almost made up for some of its flaws In other words, I was still able to enjoy that book to some extent, even though it wasn t a genre that I m particularly keen on contemporary romance Unfortunately, the same can t be said about Santopolo s second book More Than Words , which publishes next month on February 5th While I would say that, just like her debut, this book was also well written and definitely readable, one huge difference was that this time around, the story itself lacked depth the impression I got after finishing this book was that the story was too superficial and clich d, the plot so predictable and formulaic that about halfway through, I felt like I didn t have to finish the book and I would still know exactly how the second half would play out I finished the book anyway and yes, the rest of the story matched almost exactly with what I had predicted In addition, many of the same issues that I felt had plagued the first book and therefore made it an ave...

  9. Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    I wanted to try this author after her last novel was highlighted by Reese Witherspoon It s solidly in women s fiction bordering on romance.Nina works in politics but is destined to take over the family business, a lucrative hospitality corporation in NYC As her father approaches the end of his life, she is confronted with the truth of what happened in her childhood and has to decide who she wants to be I liked the quick chap...

  10. Jennifer Kyle says:

    3.5 Stars