Elsey Come Home

About the Author: Susan Conley

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Elsey Come Home
  • Susan Conley
  • English
  • 08 February 2017

Elsey Come HomeFrom The Widely Praised Author Of Paris Was The Place A Shattering New Novel That Bravely Delves Into The Darkest Corners Of Addiction, Marriage, And Motherhood.When Elsey S Husband, Lukas, Hands Her A Brochure For A Weeklong Mountain Retreat, She Knows He Is Really Giving Her An Ultimatum Go, Or We Re Done Once A Successful Painter, Elsey Set Down Roots In China After Falling Passionately For Lukas, The Tall, Danish MC At A Warehouse Rave In Downtown Beijing Now, With Two Young Daughters And Unable To Find A Balance Between Her Identities As Painter, Mother, And, Especially, Wife, Elsey Fills Her Days Worrying, Drinking, And Descending Into Desperate Unhappiness So, Brochure In Hand, She Agrees To Go And Confront The Ghosts Of Her Past There, She Meets A Group Of Men And Women Who Will Forever Alter The Way She Understands Herself From Tasmin, Another Much Richer Expat, To Hunter, A Young Man Whose Courage Endangers Them All, And, Most Important, Mei Wife Of One Of China S Most Famous Artists And A Renowned Painter Herself With Whom Elsey Quickly Forges A Fierce Friendship And Whose Candidness About Her Pain Helps Elsey Understand Her Own But Elsey Must Risk Tearing Herself And Lukas Further Apart When She Decides She Must Return To Her Childhood Home The Center Of Her Deepest Pain Before She Can Find Her Way Back To Him Written In A Voice At Once Wry, Sensual, Blunt, And Hypnotic, Elsey Come Home Is A Modern Odyssey And A Quietly Dynamic Portrait Of Contemporary Womanhood.

10 thoughts on “Elsey Come Home

  1. Britta Böhler says:

    Not a terrible book but, how can I put it, a bit boring.

  2. Barbara says:

    Elsey Come Home is a quiet, meditative novel about an artist mother who struggles to find balance in her life In fact, she s going through a bit of a mid life breakdown in trying to be not only a great artist but a devoted mom and wife.Elsey tells her story in first person It s not a linear story, rather a reflection of her life and how she got to where she is right now on a retreat in a small mountain town in China that her husband borderline forced her to go Elsey is originally from Maine, but went to Dublin early in her artistic career She met and married a Danish musician expat and they now live in Beijing The reader also learns that Elsey enjoys drinking, especially when she is painting Her marriage is ...

  3. Dan says:

    Susan Conley s Elsey Come Home revolves around alcoholism, marriage, and motherhood Maine born and bred Elsey lives in Beijing with Lukas, her Danish electronic musician husband and their two young daughters Elsey tells us that I didn t know how to be in a marriage A real marriage I m not sure he did, either Once a commercially successful artist represented by no less than Saatchi, Elsey has stopped painting Her recovery from thyroid surgery and her recurring arm pain sap her energy, leaving her unable to paint and with limited attention for her daughters She seeks solace and obliteration in alcohol Hoping to jolt Elsey out of her downward self destructive cycle and to remove her from easy access to alcohol, her husband gives her a week s yoga retreat in Shashan, a remote village Elsey s reluctant to go, but she felt it was crucial and that things in her marriage were at stake Despite her ...

  4. Jill says:

    There s something about Elsey you re bound to like.She s vulnerable and open, wry and perceptive, refreshingly blunt and self deprecating but most of all, she s hurting up a storm When we first meet her, she is about to venture forth on a week long mountain retreat, a chance for participants to reinvent themselves It s a veiled ultimatum from her husband Lucas, who is almost at the end of his rope from her drinking issues Elsey s fear is that if she goes, she and Lucas may never find each other again.Elsey Come Home is a sparse novel narrated by a character with a straightforward yet hypnotic voice, who doesn t shy away from confessing that she s at an important life juncture As a mother who isn t quite sure how to parent, a painter who may be losing her muse, a wife who loves her husband but keeps disappointing him, and most of all, an addict who can t quite face that alcohol is taking over her life, Elsey needs fixing fast.What elevates this novel other than the spot on voice is Susan Conley s fine ability to sketch and then fill in characters that could easily leap from the page into one s living room Elsey and h...

  5. Bonnie Brody says:

    Elsey is a woman who is fearful of intimacy and goes so far as to lie or dissociate rather than deal with her emotions She was once a fairly well known and respected artist who sold her work regularly However, after marrying Lukas and having children, she feels like she can t be both a mother and an artist Instead, she drinks.and then drinks some Lukas is beside himself, as the children have grown frightened and often neglected He strongly suggests that Elsey go on a retreat to Shashan to help find herself and, in Elsey s mind, to become sober.Currently, they are living in China because Lukas is a musician and his electronic music is very popular there He has tried to reach out to Elsey in every way possible but he is unable to reach her, really reach her There marriage is at stake and Lukas hopes this retreat will help save it In Shashan, a mountain retreat where she goes for one week, Elsey practices yoga, meditation, and silence She participates in a talking circle Most importantly, she meets people with whom she can connect Others trust her with their secrets but can Elsey tru...

  6. Cherise Wolas says:

    Elsey is not fully inhabiting her life or her skin She s American, from Maine, and living in Beijing with her husband Lukas, a successful electronic music composer and DJ, and their two young daughters, Myla and Elisabeth Once a successful painter, we are dropped into her world as she s grappling or not grappling with her drinking problem, her unresolved grief over the loss of her younger sister in childhood, and her husband s desire to fix their marriage Seemingly always quiet, she has gone quieter, and has distanced herself from her family She s a cypher in many ways, despite what we learn about her, and she never completely came into focus for me She doubts her ability to mother not helped by her drinking and has lost that touchstone of painting which defined her The novel is organized around her week long stay at a mountain retreat yoga, silence, walking along the Great Wall of China that her husband insisted she attend We learn about the peo...

  7. BookGypsy says:

    Once a successful painter, Elsey can t find the joy she once felt in life Married with two children, Elsey drowns herself in alcohol and can t find her place as artist, wife and mother When her husband gives her a brochure for a mountain retreat she knows she has to go Once at the retreat Elsey meets people and finally understands what she has to do to find happiness A really great story Multi layered plot I really enjoyed this.I was give a copy from the publisher for my honest ...

  8. Jennifer says:

    She s a wife, a mother, an artist who doesn t believe in herself When her husband Lukas tells her about a retreat called Shashan, she leaves her family for a week of rediscovering herself, waiting for that moment when she is fixed from her demons Here s an excerpt that really struck me I worked hard then to remember Lukas loved me and my girls loved me and that I wasn t being punished I was being helped I stayed caught between being weak and being helped and in this way Shashan called on me to clarify something about myself Did I love myself or hate myself Until I met Lukas, I didn t know there were people who liked themselves even with the damage they carried This is a story about choices we make, addictions we carry and how we can forgive ourselves our past and try to move on Elsey s attention to detail ...

  9. Paltia says:

    Elsey is a woman who, at first, thinks she can keep running away from herself She gives up her art where all her emotions were expressed to try and be a mother Essentially this is about unresolved grief, if grief ever resolved More accurately it is about unexpressed grief She feels she is neither wife nor mother and tries to find solace in alcohol While at a retreat she becomes acquainted with an artist, Mei Mei so different from Elsey yet they click This...

  10. Julia says:

    this book only got somewhat interesting towards the end, but it was a hard read because it was simply too boring and i skimmed a lot of chapters, which didn t affect my ability to follow along at all since nothing incredibly pressing ever happened in the plot.