The Kremlin Strike

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Former U.S Air Force captain Dale Brown is the superstar author of 25 consecutive New York Times best selling military action aviation adventure novels FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG 1987 , SILVER TOWER 1988 , DAY OF THE CHEETAH 1989 , HAMMERHEADS 1990 , SKY MASTERS 1991 , NIGHT OF THE HAWK 1992 , CHAINS OF COMMAND 1993 , STORMING HEAVEN 1994 , SHADOWS OF STEEL 1996 and FATAL TERRAIN 1997 , TH

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  • 464 pages
  • The Kremlin Strike
  • Dale Brown
  • 16 October 2018
  • 9780062843043

The Kremlin Strike In This Exciting, Visionary, And All Too Plausible Next Chapter In The Legendary Dale Brown S New York Times Bestselling Techno Warfare Series, Brad McLanahan And The Iron Wolf Squadron Must Fight The Russians On A Dangerous, Untested Battlefield Outer Space.The Previous Administration S Ineffective Response To The Growing Russian Threat Has Left America Vulnerable Setting A Bold Course For America S Defense, The Decisive And Strong New President, John Dalton Farrell, Intends To Challenge Russian Aggression Head On Brad And Patrick McLanahan And The Formidable Iron Wolf Squadron Including The Recently Injured Nadia Roz, Rested And Back To Fighting Form Thanks To A Pair Of State Of The Art Prosthetic Legs Are Ready And Eager To Join The Battle.But Even With Their Combined Forces, The Russian Menace May Prove Too Great For The Americans To Overcome Done With Provocative Skirmishes And Playing For Small Stakes, The Russian President Has Set His Sights On The Ultimate Prize Controlling The Entire World Expanding Beyond Earth S Bounds, The Russians Have Built A New High Tech Space Station And Armed It With Weaponry Capable Of Destroying US Satellites As Well As Powerful Missiles Pointed At Strategic Targets Across Earth.Devising A Cunning Plan Of Attack, Brad, Nadia, And The Iron Wolf Warriors Will Take To The Skies In Their Advanced Space Planes To Destroy The Space Station, Check The Russians Plan For Dominance, And Save The World But Is It Already Too Late

10 thoughts on “The Kremlin Strike

  1. Kevin. Mckernan says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was fast placed but also fairly good character developed

  2. G.H. Eckel says:

    Give it 3.5 stars.Plot 5 it moves Characters 1 everyone is 2 dimensionalHigh concept 3 War is space is not a new idea but the space weaponry in the novel is good.Language 3 The writing is not beautiful but kudos for the tech talk that provides verisimilitudeRussia gets the jump on the US by launching laser and plasma guns into space The plasma gun shoots toroidal plasma at 4000 km s In minutes, American satellites are disabled and the Russian premiere is on the phone with the US president dictating terms of subservience It s up to the clever guys at Battle Mountain who somehow have weaponized space planes that the US Air Force does not There s lot of bravery, action, risk, and heroism exhibited by the guys and gals of Battle Mountain Without them, the US armed forces would have been reduced to ash.You can t get your arms around any of the characters Their cardboard cutouts would cut you...

  3. Joey De La Torre says:

    A night and day experience.This book is split right down the middle There s a lot of time spent in the beginning setting the stage, this is primarily moving characters around into their new rolls amongst the aftermath of the previous book, The Moscow Offensive, and for the most part introducing a plethora of new everything I don t know how many new technologies, devices, weapons and crafts are introduced in the first half, but it s a LOT And for a while, I thought The Kremlin Strike was going to be another Starfire, where the entire thing is mostly just setup for the next book in the series Then about halfway through, everything got dialed up to 11.You could say that the second half consist entirely of only two scenes a massive search and rescue mission, followed by a climactic space battle with an ending that will surprise many longtime fans.Now there s only one real negative here but it s kind of a big one , and it s that Dale Brown goes a little overboard with the military terminology in this one Now I ve been reading Dale Brown for a while now, so I do understand that the specific plane models and weapon calibers he puts into his writing is part of his appeal While I am a f...

  4. Robert Knorr says:


  5. Unseen Library says:

    In this week s instalment of Waiting on Wednesday, get ready to fight the Ruskies in the Third World War with two upcoming novels that sound like they will be action packed thrill rides which I am very much looking forward to Now, usually military thrillers are not within my usual wheel house, unless there is some historical, fantasy or science fiction element to them However, in the last year, I have gone out of my way to read a few of these books, such as Red War by Kyle Mills based on the series by Vince Flynn and The Moscow Offensive by Dale Brown, both of which had outrageous plots that deeply appealed to me These books turned out to be really awesome, and I had a real blast reading and reviewing them I loved the extreme action, the intriguing considerations these authors had put into planning out conflict between modern day countries as well as the interesting use of Russia as America s main antagonist once again While they are somewhat over the top, these books were awfully fun, and I am now very keen to check out some military thrillers as I know I will really enjoy them.As luck would have it, two extremely entertaining sounding military thrillers are coming out in the next couple of months, and I am really looking forward to both of them The first of these books is The Kremlin Strike by Dale Brown It will be the 23rd book in the author s Patrick McLanahan series and is set to be released in May 2019 although it will p...

  6. Joan says:

    I continue to enjoy this series featuring future political intrigue and conflict The year is 2021 Brown imagines technological advances like space planes capable of innovative warfare, specialized bots, advanced laser pulse rockets, hybrid engines and He gives readers a good idea of what might happen when a rogue enemy leader implements a secret and deadly plan to dominate space Thank goodness the Iron Wolf Squadron and SkyMasters are one step ahead of him with their advanced technology They battle against seemingly impossible odds Only quick thinking and dare devil action will enable them to survive.Brown includes a good balance of character development and space war suspense Most of the plot revolves around saving the world and the space above it from evil domination, however I think some of the vehicles and warfare implements could have had a little description to help visualize them Perhaps readers who e...

  7. Rick says:

    Book Review The Kremlin Strike by Dale BrownI absolutely loved this book It took me a few days to read because I was working when I started reading it.This book is a fantastic return to the space and high tech aircraft combat that has been this authors focus for quite a few of his books He imagined a US space force using a military space station and advanced space planes Now the ...

  8. Ric Ulloa says:

    Another one of Dale Brown s great novels in the series I only wish they came faster, but that is the wish of any avid reader My only disappointment was that the title didn t really represent the story as much as I thought it might, but ...

  9. Larry says:

    As usual Dale Brown has written another very good book with a lot of high tech gadgets and a very active high tech imagination It always seems to be the Russian or Chinese that we are fighting He does leave us with a small hook into the flavor of his next book.

  10. Lou Washington says:

    Nice to read a well conceived story written cleanly and delivered in an entertaining way.Great entertainment Dale Brown is a master of this genre His story telling prowess is just as impressive as it was 30 years ago