Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free

About the Author: Veronica Reuckert

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free book, this is one of the most wanted Veronica Reuckert author readers around the world.

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  • ebook
  • 256 pages
  • Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free
  • Veronica Reuckert
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9780062879356

Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them FreeAre You Done With The Mansplaining Have You Been Interrupted One Too Many Times Don T Stop Talking Take Your Voice Back.Women S Voices Aren T Being Heard At Work, At Home, In Public, And In Every Facet Of Their Lives When They Speak Up, They Re Seen As Pushy, Loud, And Too Much When Quiet, They Re Dismissed As Meek And Mild Everywhere They Turn, They Re Confronted By The Assumptions Of A Male Dominated World.From The Supreme Court To The Conference Room To The Classroom, Women Are Interrupted Far Often Than Their Male Counterparts In The Lab, Researchers Found That Female Executives Who Speak Often Than Their Peers Are Rated 14 Percent Less Competent, While Male Executives Who Do The Same Enjoy A 10 Percent Competency Bump.In Outspoken, Veronica Rueckert A Peabody Award Winning Former Host At Wisconsin Public Radio, Trained Opera Singer, And Communications Coach Teaches Women To Recognize The Value Of Their Voices And Tap Into Their Inherent Power, Potential, And Capacity For Self Expression Detailing How To Communicate In Meetings, Converse Around The Dinner Table, And Dominate Political Debates, Outspoken Provides Readers With The Tools, Guidance, And Encouragement They Need To Learn To Love Their Voices And Rise To The Obligation To Share Them With The World.Outspoken Is A Substantive Yet Entertaining Analysis Of Why Women Still Haven T Been Fully Granted The Right To Speak, And A Guide To How We Can Start Changing The Culture Of Silence Positive, Instructive, And Supportive, This Welcome And Much Needed Handbook Will Help Reshape The World And Make It Better For Women And For Everyone It S Time To Stop Shutting Up And Start Speaking Out.

9 thoughts on “Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free

  1. Viral says:

    Thanks to HarperCollins for the ARC at BEA 2019 I feel weird responding to and critiquing this book, as a cis man My close friend Saloni had some phenomenal things to say, so in the spirit of this book, I ll first link her review, since I agree with it and will be building on it completely agree with Saloni, and I would like to add that while I think this book brings up an important problem with strong evidence that women don t speak up enough and are often ignored , I don t agree with the author s conclusions women should be assertive, rude, and cut people off the way men do I feel like the conclusion we should reach from the fact that men cut women off all the time is.we need to collectively tell and teach men to shut the fuck up And let women speak Like I don t think the problem is improved if women start being the ones who ignore men s opinions and cut men off all the time Maybe, people just shouldn t be cutting each other off and we should listen to people I also don t like that the author very lazily tried to link different women with very different approaches to power and social issues together due to ...

  2. Saloni says:

    Thanks to Harper for providing me a free copy of this book at BEA 2019 I m honestly conflicted about the message of this book and have a lot of thoughts.This book does not describe an innovative concept There are hundreds, probably thousands, of books encouraging and advising women to be assertive and outspoken Where the book becomes interesting is when Veronica focuses on how vocal tonality, pitch, and rhythm affect how someone is perceived, which did not comprise a majority of the book Additionally, this book, like most, takes a very cis gendered approach to the differences between men and women In a society where gender fluidity receives acknowledgment, messages from these books can feel antiquated Having recently read Lean Out see review here , which highlights a lot of the pitfalls books like Outspoken fall into, it was hard to take many of the results of the research studies for face value i.e how much time female characters speak in Disney movies, how many times female senators are interrupted, etc Using these studies as evidence, Veronica then lays out advice for the reader assumed to be female on how to be Outspoken She advises that women should take up space with their bodies, should speak powerfully, and should be at peace with interrupting others She even describes that to promote and encourage such behaviors in her daughter, she gives her daughter permission to cry and scream in social...

  3. Kelly Hager says:

    There s something for every woman in here We ve been trained our whole lives to take up the least possible amount of space, to be quiet and let the men speak This book is about how to change that.It doesn t mean screaming, of course, but how to change the way we talk I m guilty of hedging and uptalk, definitely, and probably a little vocal fry and how to stop hunching in on ourselves on mass transit if the guys can sprawl, we can at the very least sit up enough to be ab...

  4. Meg says:

    I wholeheartedly recommend Veronica Reuckert s groundbreaking analysis of the myriad ways women are unheard seen as too much or dismissed as not enough and, in both cases, silenced Since reading Outspoken, I ve been cognizant of my own patterns in speech and space, in posture and performance and am working to reclaim my voice I loved as a child before my library job cubicle voice, before the shame in talks too much elementary school report card comments, before friends made fun of my singing on karaoke night, before my first public speaking induced, deeply painful attack of nerves, before being told I apologize too much and before realizing who refused to make eye contact with me during important conversations Beyond the call for personal improvement, though, I m also feeling a surprising strength post Outspoken read Reuckert s call for reclaiming one s voice is certain, sincere and buoying and she asks that we begin where we are Where am I I have a long way to go but now give myself props for things like choosing as my life partner my friend who read Outspoken the day before I did and who has long held the open, supportive face I can look to when speaking my mind the kind of face Reuckert r...