In the Enemys House

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[PDF / Epub] ✅ In the Enemys House  ⚣ Howard Blum –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • In the Enemys House
  • Howard Blum
  • 25 October 2017
  • 9780062458261

In the Enemys House The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Dark Invasion And The Last Goodnight Once Again Illuminates The Lives Of Little Known Individuals Who Played A Significant Role In America S History As He Chronicles The Incredible True Story Of A Critical, Recently Declassified Counterintelligence Mission And Two Remarkable Agents Whose Story Has Been Called The Greatest Secret Of The Cold War In , Genius Linguist And Codebreaker Meredith Gardner Discovered That The KGB Was Running An Extensive Network Of Strategically Placed Spies Inside The United States, Whose Goal Was To Infiltrate American Intelligence And Steal The Nation S Military And Atomic Secrets Over The Course Of The Next Decade, He And Young FBI Supervisor Bob Lamphere Worked Together On Venona, A Top Secret Mission To Uncover The Soviet Agents And Protect The Holy Grail Of Cold War Espionage The Atomic BombOpposites In Nearly Every Way, Lamphere And Gardner Relentlessly Followed A Trail Of Clues That Helped Them Identify And Take Down These Soviet Agents One By One, Including Julius And Ethel Rosenberg But At The Center Of This Spy Ring, Seemingly Beyond The American Agents Grasp, Was The Mysterious Master Spy Who Pulled The Strings Of The KGB S Extensive Campaign, Dubbed Operation Enormoz By Russian Intelligence Headquarters Lamphere And Gardner Began To Suspect That A Mole Buried Deep In The American Intelligence Community Was Feeding Moscow Center Information On Venona They Raced To Unmask The Traitor And Prevent The Soviets From Fulfilling Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev S Threat We Shall Bury You A Breathtaking Chapter Of American History And A Page Turning Mystery That Plays Out Against The Tense, Life And Death Gamesmanship Of The Cold War, This Twisting Thriller Begins At The End Of World War II And Leads All The Way To The Execution Of The Rosenbergs A Result That Haunted Both Gardner And Lamphere To The End Of Their Lives

12 thoughts on “In the Enemys House

  1. Yibbie says:

    I made it about 1 3 of the way through this book before I gave up Until then it was a rather slow moving but interesting book The author has painstakingly compiled the stories of the main characters involved in the KJB s spy rings focusing on the atomic bomb program and the cryptographers and FBI agents bent on stopping them At the spot where I quit, the Americans were just starting to make progress toward breaking the Soviet codes That was when the language got too foul for me.