The Hundreds

About the Author: Lauren Berlant

Lauren Berlant is an English Professor at the University of Chicago, where she has been teaching since 1984 Berlant received her Ph.D from Cornell University She writes and teaches on issues of intimacy and belonging in popular culture, in relation to the history and fantasy of citizenship.

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  • The Hundreds
  • Lauren Berlant
  • 27 April 2019
  • 9781478003335

The Hundreds In The Hundreds Lauren Berlant And Kathleen Stewart Speculate On Writing, Affect, Politics, And Attention To Processes Of World Making The Experiment Of The One Hundred Word Constraint Each Piece Is One Hundred Or Multiples Of One Hundred Words Long Amplifies The Resonance Of Things That Are Happening In Atmospheres, Rhythms Of Encounter, And Scenes That Shift The Social And Conceptual Ground What S An Encounter With Anything Once It S Seen As An Incitement To Composition What S A Concept Or A Theory If They Re No Longer Seen As A Truth Effect, But A Training In Absorption, Attention, And Framing The Hundreds Includes Four Indexes By Andrew Causey, Susan Lepselter, Fred Moten, And Stephen Muecke Who Respond With Their Own Compositional, Conceptual, And Formal Staging Of The Worlds Of The Book

10 thoughts on “The Hundreds

  1. Daniel Dillon says:

    Thoughtful, provocative, smart, funny There is a lot to love in this little book I recommend putting the analytic away for the reading feel your way through these and see what happens You can always interpret it to hell once you ve finished.

  2. Nate Rennick says:

    makes me love my soylent

  3. Aya Nassar says:

    Fun to write so fun to read