Iron Warriors

About the Author: Graham McNeill

Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill narrowly escaped a career in surveying to work for Games Workshop as a games designer He has a strong following with his novels Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky, Black Sun and Storm of Iron.

[Ebook] ➨ Iron Warriors  ➧ Graham McNeill –
  • Paperback
  • 960 pages
  • Iron Warriors
  • Graham McNeill
  • English
  • 22 October 2017
  • 9781784969387

Iron Warriors A Great Omnibus, Collecting Together Iron Warriors Stories From Two Great Black Library Authors The Traitorous Iron Warriors Are Masters Of Siegecraft, Builders Of Nigh Impenetrable Defences And Just As Good At Tearing Down Those Of Their Foes, As These Action Packed Tales Of Siege Warfare Demonstrate.

10 thoughts on “Iron Warriors

  1. Big Pete says:

    The Iron Warriors Omnibus is the ultimate work of literature on the post Heresy IV Legion It links in with the Ultramarines series also by Graham McNeill , and has a Horus Heresy era prequel, Angel Exterminatus of which my review can be found here Right The IV Legion are the ultimate practitioners of siege warfare amongst the Traitor Astartes, and this omnibus plots the course of the half breed Astartes Honsou, from his rise to power to after his campaign on Calth as seen in Chapter s Due First up is the only novel in the collection Storm of Iron my separate review of that worthy tome can be found here Following that is the short story, The Enemy of my Enemy which follows some of the Imperial survivors of Hydra Cordatus as they walk the nightmare landscape of Medrengard It s a direct prequel to Dead Sky, Black Sun, and, though not necessary reading, is totally worth your time 7.8 out of 10 Comin straight outta Medrengard is The Heraclitus Effect a short story that occurs a while after Dead Sky, Black Sun It follows Honsou, his lieutenant Cadaras Grendel, the renegade Raven Guard warrior Ardaric Vaanes and the disturbed clone of Uriel V...

  2. Betawolf says:

    There s a bit of a risk involved in reviewing this omnibus as a whole rather than the individual stories I might not give each item the space it needs However, I think it s worthwhile, because I get to address something which only makes sense when you know I ve read the omnibus That is the missing stories , the bits of this tale which aren t there.Iron Warriors is McNeill s collection of tales about Honsou, an up and coming Warsmith in the eponymous Legion It contains a novel, _Storm of Iron_, a number of short stories and a sort of novella length tale, _Iron Warrior_ The stories are roughly chronological, but there are noticeable gaps in the narrative This is my biggest complaint with the series events critical to Honsou s story aren t in the omnibus They are part of the Ultramarines series, where he features as a villain This gives the omnibus the feel of being less a story centred around a character, and a collection of snippets the author had lying around, really detracting from the value._Storm of Iron_ is the most substantial part of the omnibus, and by far my favouri...

  3. Milo (BOK) says:

    Original Post only started reading Black Library novels about three years ago, I m still quite a newcomer to the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Which is why, I found myself missing the original release of Graham McNeill s Storm of Iron, the first novel to introduce one of my favourite Warhammer 40,000 characters, Honsou the Iron Warrior, and one of the first novels about Chaos Space Marines.So, when the Omnibus came out, naturally, I was really excited to see its release, especially when an advanced review copy turned up on my doorstep, and dove into it enthusiastically and quickly devoured not only Storm of Iron but also the short stories and novella contained within its pages in a very short time, for an Omnibus at least.And, I can say that what a fantastic Omnibus it was Although by no means a work of literacy brilliance, this wasn t what McNeill set out to create in the first place Storm of Iron, the first and only novel in the Omnibus, contains possibly one of the best siege battles that I ve read yet It was unputdownable, and a real edge of your seat page turner that kept me hooked right the way through.I think it s probably best to point out that you don t want to get yourself attached to any of the loyalist characters in Storm of Iron Although there are some excellent ones out there, such as Guardsman Julius Hawke, one of the key characters in the novel, you ll find that should you get attached to them, you might find yourself disa...

  4. Gali Gali says:

    Graham McNeill demonstrates his talent with the Iron Warriors Omnibus To be outright, this is a fantastic read and one that I recommend to everyone, loyalist and heretic alike It s a novel with many admirable qualities and very few not so admirable ones To begin with the pro s, it s an exciting story with expertly developed characters We as the readers get to see the cast of character personalities evolve over the novel s course, as they endure experiences that are often than not horrific and hardening This is something McNeill has done extremely well, and it cannot be said for some authors of 40,000.Con s are few, if any I did find the latter half to be a tad bit duller than the first, but with that said, I can t give a definitive reason why It s j...

  5. Abhinav says:

    Shadowhawk reviews Graham McNeill s first omnibus of the year, focusing on the jaded siege masters of the Iron Warriors Chaos Legion An absolute joy to read from start to finish, the omnibus is a book of the year for me The Founding FieldsI m a huge fan of Graham s work, whether its Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines of M41 or the Emperor s Children and Thousand Sons of the Horus Heresy At times his prose is highly descriptive, at times it is very straightforward Some times he brings you to tears, and other times he makes you punch the air with a grin on your face Suffice to say that he is a very versatile author who can write for anything and everything He s written everything from High Elves and Kislevites for Warhammer Fantasy, Space Marines of all stripes and Imperial Guard for Warhammer 40,000, has a horror series in progress for Fantasy Flight Games, has written for StarCraft and has also worked extensively with the Games Workshop Design Studio Among other things I would easily set him up in the top 5 Black Library...

  6. Joao Matos says:

    Pretty amazing story, specially the main one storm of iron which i ve been waiting to read for years The short stories are good but not my cup of tea, I like the long format better.

  7. Denis says:

    The Iron Warriors omnibus was written by Graham McNeill, a collection of stories, a novelette, and a full novel about the iron willed, siege mastering Iron Warriors, a Chaos Space Marine chapter that is considered one of the most dangerous enemies to all The chronology focuses on the main antagonist within the chapter, the mighty and genius leader Honsou who carves his name s fame and worthiness in total and merciless destruction of his enemies.The chronology can be split into two parts the first being in exploring Honsou s past and promotions in an army led by a soon to be daemon Warsmith The second way describes his path of destruction and war as a new Warsmith after his master s ascension to daemonhood and his construction of a legion and daemonic allegiances for one goal slaying his nemesis, the Ultramarines captain Uriel Ventris.The major part of the first omnibus s half starts with a bang, exploring the way of warfare within the legion of Iron Warriors It truly describes the hopelessness and despair of their foes as well as the tactical...

  8. Brett Dunning says:

    The story starts off in the perspective of a captain in an evil military force known as the Iron warriors named Honsou They are experts at siege warfare and are very skilled at breaking into fortresses and heavily defended spots The Iron warriors seek to invade a barren red planet in order to attack a fortress for an unknown reason only known to the leader of the army himself The defenders put up an enduring fight with long ranged artillery and blast any of the attackers before they get close Honsou and his men eventually destroy the artillery and map out their positions by using captured civilians and prisoners as cannon fodder, which shows a lot about who they are and what they will do to achieve these goals Without the arterially and multiple sabotages, the attackers break into the fortress outer walls and begin to battle the defenders who fight desperately Outmatched and outnumbered, the defenders are easily swept away after days of defending The Iron warriors take their prize, materials to make super human warriors.People who like science fiction, war and a good and evil perspective would like this book This book has a lot of war, especially on the offensive and defensive fronts Tanks, planes, and other monsters are prevalent throughout the story, used by both sides There are heavy science fiction elements throughou...

  9. John Behles says:

    This book follows the chaos warrior group called the iron warriors The book follows the specific character known as Honsou and his ban of misfits from other groups This initially follows Honsou s master as he searched for demonhood and as this story continued, he became a demon and passed his reign onto Honsou The end I m not willing to share because of the great end to the book and the true beginning of the Iron Warriors They continue to plague the galaxy in the end of the book.I gave this book 5 stars because of the literature, story and the true complete awe this book left me with.One significant qoutation in the book is Whatever you are, I can garuntee that that you will fail your assault No mortal, I am the leader of your greatest fears and I have completely overwhelmed you And by the way, you can call me Honsou McNeill, 594 This reminds me of the memoirs that we are working on currently because of the style of w...

  10. Michael says:

    Graham McNeill is not afraid to buck the common Black Library trend of Imperium vs Xenos usually Orks with the good guys inevitably winning against impossible odds Instead of having the menace stop with a single climatic battle at the end of one book, McNeill continues long drawn out conflicts, rivalries and feuds across his works.This omnibus is one of only a few focusing on a traitor Legion Word Bearers is another , and interestingly enough, it ties in with the characters of his two Ultramarine Omnibus as well Uriel Ventris, the conflicted Ultramarine captain that McNeill has used to move that chapter away from the do no wrong Games Workshop poster boy Space Marines is a motivating factor for the Iron Warriors in these stories.This omnibus fleshes out the siege masters, the Iron Warriors, by focusing on a rising half breed Warsmith Chaos Lord Honsou, who has a special place in his hateful heart for Uriel and the Ultramarines If you w...