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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Zucked
  • Roger McNamee
  • 04 June 2019
  • 9780525561354

Zucked The Story Of How A Noted Tech Venture Capitalist, An Early Mentor To Mark Zuckerberg And Investor In His Company, Woke Up To The Serious Damage Facebook Was Doing To Our Society And Set Out To Try To Stop It.If You Had Told Roger McNamee Even Three Years Ago That He Would Soon Be Devoting Himself To Stopping Facebook From Destroying Our Democracy, He Would Have Howled With Laughter He Had Mentored Many Tech Leaders In His Illustrious Career As An Investor, But Few Things Had Made Him Prouder, Or Been Better For His Fund S Bottom Line, Than His Early Service To Mark Zuckerberg Still A Large Shareholder In Facebook, He Had Every Good Reason To Stay On The Bright Side Until He Simply Couldn T.ZUCKED Is McNamee S Intimate Reckoning With The Catastrophic Failure Of The Head Of One Of The World S Most Powerful Companies To Face Up To The Damage He Is Doing It S A Story That Begins With A Series Of Rude Awakenings First There Is The Author S Dawning Realization That The Platform Is Being Manipulated By Some Very Bad Actors Then There Is The Even Unsettling Realization That Zuckerberg And Sheryl Sandberg Are Unable Or Unwilling To Share His Concerns, Polite As They May Be To His Face.And Then Comes The Election Of Donald Trump, And The Emergence Of One Horrific Piece Of News After Another About The Malign Ends To Which The Facebook Platform Has Been Put To McNamee S Shock, Even Still Facebook S Leaders Duck And Dissemble, Viewing The Matter As A Public Relations Problem Now Thoroughly Alienated, McNamee Digs Into The Issue, And Fortuitously Meets Up With Some Fellow Travelers Who Share His Concern, And Help Him Sharpen Its Focus Soon He And A Dream Team Of Silicon Valley Technologists Are Charging Into The Fray, To Raise Consciousness About The Existential Threat Of Facebook, And The Persuasion Architecture Of The Attention Economy Broadly To Our Public Health And To Our Political Order.Zucked Is Both An Enthralling Personal Narrative And A Masterful Explication Of The Forces That Have Conspired To Place Us All On The Horns Of This Dilemma This Is The Story Of A Company And Its Leadership, But It S Also A Larger Tale Of A Business Sector Unmoored From Normal Constraints, Just At A Moment Of Political And Cultural Crisis, The Worst Possible Time To Be Given New Tools For Summoning The Darker Angels Of Our Nature And Whipping Them Into A Frenzy Like Jimmy Stewart In Rear Window, Roger McNamee Happened To Be In The Right Place To Witness A Crime, And It Took Him Some Time To Make Sense Of What He Was Seeing And What We Ought To Do About It The Result Of That Effort Is A Wise, Hard Hitting, And Urgently Necessary Account That Crystallizes The Issue Definitively For The Rest Of Us.

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  1. Mehrsa says:

    Fascinating account from an insider on facebook A few points I took away after reading this 1 Facebook responds to every problem with a tech fix The world is bugs to be fixed to Zuck 2 Facebook will sacrifice everything for increased growth and connection3 Facebook knows their potential for harm and they seem not bothered by it4 Facebook should not have so much power over our lives5 This is the tip of the iceberg We can bring down facebook thru...

  2. Morgan Blackledge says:

    Oh man I m so cranky right now.I should not be writing while I m in this mood But Zucked has me all worked up.So here goes..I hate Facebook.I super fucking hate it But I used to love it back when it first started.It was so AWESOME to reconnect with the friends you lost touch with, learn about their accomplishments and foibles, share memories and see how old they got And then everyone s mom was on it, and you couldn t talk about the time you took acid back in the day with you re buddy because their nephew from Michigan could see the conversation, and just like that, the party was over Worse than that People started FBing you before job interviews and suddenly the whole deal was practically Orwellian Question how fun is it to have a discoverable, written correspondence, with old stoner pals, collage friends and exes, that your elderly relatives, your children, your students, your colleagues, your clients, your potential employers and like literally the police can read for like, forever Answer NOFUNATALL I think my last post was in 2...

  3. Gayle Fleming says:

    I know I know You have nothing to hide so you don t care if your personal data is collected The benefits you believe you derive from the big three internet platforms Facebook, Google and far outweigh the information they collect about you Well, dream on sucker Seriously This book is frightening in the way it explains how our personal data is monetized, manipulated and distributed in nefarious and unscrupulous ways My eyes have been opened and I will never view Facebook as a benign entity that connects the world as I once did The filter bubbles that Facebook creates with its algorithms and the personal bubbles that Facebook users create for themselves has served to drive us apart rather than bring us together in any meaningful way This book tackles not just the dangers of the data collecting, algorithm manipulation of what shows up in our Facebook news feeds, and the tactics that are developed and used to get us hooked to the dopamine fixes we get from our addiction to social media and devices it also goes into great detail about the dangerous role FB played in the Russian interference in the 2016 election and the complete hubris of Mark Zuckerberg in not taking responsibility for Facebook s role think Cambridge Analytical and his refusal to make any serious effort to clean up the platform to deter further bad actors from interfering in future elections.If you care about the future of democ...

  4. Michael Perkins says:

    Brand new TED talk 4 16 19 from the journalist who uncovered the Cambridge Analytica connection to FB Both the British Trumpkins AND Facebook sued the journalists to try stop the truth coming out FB is not neutral It s a publisher that profits off of evil.https www.ted.com talks carole_cadw This astounding two parter by Frontline is a must watch for those interested in the FB debacle.https www.pbs.org video the faceboohttps www.pbs.org video the faceboo Its first iteration, Facemash, invited Harvard students to compare photos of female classmates photos Zuckerberg stole from online student housing directories for the high cause of determining who was hotter Yes, the world s fourth most valuable company can trace its origins to the frustrated misogyny of an ur incel The moral vacuousness Zuckerberg displayed as a young adult should have told us something about how he and many other young disrupters intended to operate Hostile foreign intelligence services also love this platform, if only because its users have proved shockingly vulnerable to social manipulation a dark art the company itself has admitted to dabbling in In 2014, the company set out to learn whether it could make its users sad and angry on purpose It learned it could When this astonishing breach of user trust became public, the company claimed it wasn t a big deal, that many companies did similar things It was, and they don t with the author.https www.nytimes.com 2019...

  5. Lane Erickson says:

    astounding amount of filler most of the book reads like a plea from the author to be taken seriously, where this is not necessary the content could have been condensed to 30 45 pages without losing anything not much to think about, at least if you are already familiar with tech

  6. Paula says:

    Be scared Be very VERY scared about what Facebook and Google and , et al are doing to our democracy and our brains and how we are living our lives in general This is one of THE scariest and most historica...

  7. Gary Singh says:

    Here is the cover story I wrote about Zucked in Metro Silicon Valley

  8. Marie says:

    My trust in Facebook has been misplaced The algorithms choose posts calculated to press emotional buttons because scaring users or pissing them off increases time on site Facebook is the fourth most valuable company in America and its value stems from its mastery of surveillance and behavioral modification Google put a fence around half of a public park and started commercializing it User privacy has become a pawn to be traded to accelerate growth Facebook allows users to connect to other sites using only their Facebook password This also enables Facebook to track the users To make its advertising valuable, Facebook needs to gain and hold user attention which it does with behavior modification techniques that promote addiction Facebook and Google were pretending to be neutral but they are filtering content in ways that are invisible to users It is no accident that Facebook s terms of service and privacy settings are hard to find and nearly impossible to understand Technology companies have devoted some of the best minds to exploiting the weaknesses in human psychology It is difficult t...

  9. Juarez Poletto Jr. says:

    Important message but terrible delivery I had two major problems with this book, first, it bored me to death, it compensates the lack of content and new facts to the story by repeating itself over and over.The second one, which made me abandon the book on epilogue, was that t...

  10. Peter Mcloughlin says:

    Facebook and social media is something unprecedented in business and ordinary life Namely, it is the melding of the two People use platforms like Facebook to connect with people in our social circles both intimate and mere acquaintances This is no mere billboard for social interaction but a tool to leverage our close and far social connection in ways that can turn a profit It tracks who we are close to and pops messages that algorithms choose at us from our friends This is not only a highly surveillance oriented technology but also and intimately influencing on us with a lot of power both coming and going with our info The Medium definitely Massages us and pushes us through all the psychological tricks of the trade in the direction the medium wishes to push us and our social circle The fact that a large corporation wields this much unregulated pow...