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A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A in English from York University From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.Elle currently writes for various publishers She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just

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The Risk A Sexy Standalone Novel From New York Times And International Bestselling Author Elle Kennedy THE RISK Takes You Back To The World Of Hot Hockey Players, Feisty Heroines, Bro Banter, And Steamy ScenesEveryone Says I M A Bad Girl They Re Only Partly Right I Don T Let Fear Rule Me, And I Certainly Don T Care What People Think But I Draw The Line At Sleeping With The Enemy As The Daughter Of Briar S Head Hockey Coach, I D Be Vilified If I Hooked Up With A Player From A Rival Team.And That S Who Jake Connelly Is Harvard S Star Forward Is Arrogant, Annoying, And Too Attractive For His Own Good But Fate Is Cruel I Require His Help To Secure A Much Coveted Internship, And The Sexy Jerk Isn T Making It Easy For Me.I Need Connelly To Be My Fake Boyfriend.For Every Fake Date He Wants A Real One.Which Means This Bad Girl Is In Big Trouble Nothing Good Can Come From Sneaking Around With Jake Connelly My Father Would Kill Me, My Friends Will Revolt, And My Post College Career Is On The Line But While It S Getting Harder And Harder To Resist Jake S Oozing Sex Appeal And Cocky Grin, I Refuse To Fall For Him.That S The One Risk I M Not Willing To Take.

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  1. Melanie says:

    ARC provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. 1 The Chase I m not sure what the world has done to deserve Elle Kennedy and all the amazing stories she keeps giving us set around this hockey team, but we are so damn blessed, friends I hope she continues to write them forever And The Risk was so sexy, so funny, and so phenomenal Reading this was pure joy, and my biggest complaint is that I wish we had an extra epilogue, because I want and I need The Risk perfectly plays with the enemies to lovers trope, but also adds the fake dating element, and I was truly living my best life while reading this story Brenna Jensen Daughter of Briar s head hockey coach, and a bit of a bad girl Even though she has had some awful things happen in her past, she is strong, confident, and isn t going to let anyone boss her around Plus, she is focusing on getting a jumpstart with a hockey news internship Jake Connelly Captain of the Harvard s hockey team, and already all star He has signed with the Oilers for the next season, but is trying to win it all his last year in college, and cannot risk any distractions for him or his team I know you re Chad Jensen s daughter I know you would take any opportunity to mess with my players heads I know we re probably going to be facing off with Briar in the conference finals in a few weeks And Brenna and Jake s paths cross when Jake meets up with Brenna to tell her that she is being a distraction to one of his players Which, Brenna obviously doesn t listen to, even if she isn t really romantically interested in the other Harvard player But it is the perfect set up for Brenna and Jake s paths keep crossing as enemies, even if they can t stop thinking what it would be like if they were lovers Plus, we have seen the chemistry between these two characters brewing for so dang long, and even when they are disagreeing on something, their banter is perfection And they are both the perfect amount of hard and soft, I m not even going to hint at it, I m just going to say this this book has the best sixty nine sex scene I ve ever read Like, there were so many elements that made it so sexy, but it was amazing In this story we really see a lot of people in the sports industry be very nasty and hold some very misogynistic views Sadly, Brenna experiences this first hand when trying to enter the field she eventually wants to work in But even sadly, this is something that so many women deal with in our world, too I m sure most of who have been to a sports bar, you have heard people say some gross stuff about women interviewers for any pro sport But I really loved and appreciated Brenna, and a few other women, trying to break those toxic cycles.I also loved how this book constantly discusses how bad things that have happened to you in your past are not your fault, even if you can t help but feel an immense amount of guilt over them People make bad choices all the time, and just because you love someone and were a part of their life when they were making bad choices, does not mean that those bad choices are your fault whatsoever This is constantly brought up throughout the book, and I think survivor s guilt is something that we should talk about in society, and I really appreciate how it was handled in this book I ll be honest with you, I thought this installment was going to be my favorite out of everything that Elle Kennedy has written, and I truly kept thinking that until around the 85% mark I just didn t love the ending of this one, and I felt like the coach being a jerk was just a quick and kind of dumb bump in the road to give us one like little unnecessary angst plot Which I would have been able to overlook, if we would have seen a really romantic or sexy scene after But it just got wrapped up, and the Epilogue was about personal success than relationship success, so it left me wanting so much I don t know, I feel bad saying this, but because the book was so freaking amazing and unputdownable for 85%, that last 15% just felt like such a letdown and left me a bit sad upon closing the book But I still loved this story as a whole Overall, Brenna is, without question, my favorite protagonist from the entire Off Campus world And I honestly might even go as far as to say that Jake is my favorite love interest of them all, too They are both the characters that I would want to date the most, but they are truly so damn perfect for one another I won t lie though, I am dying to get Hunter s book, so I am ready to pray every night that The Play will end up being his book Also, side note, I do not want Hazel to come back into the story or be a love interest So, I m extra crossing my fingers and limbs for that not to happen But yeah, this was a wonderful installment I read it in twenty four hours because I couldn t put it down The sex was mind blowing The set up was glorious enemies to lovers perfection And I truly can t wait to see what comes next Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quote above was taken from an ARC and is subject to change upon publication.Content and trigger warnings for explicit sex, a lot of misogynistic comments always challenged , talk of past loss of a loved one, drug addiction and substance abuse, use of the word cr zy, talk of past miscarrying, and a panic attack 1 The Deal 2 The Mistake 3 The Score 4 The Goal I also read this for Contemporary a thon

  2. Cristina | CristiinaReads says:

    When enemies who have that witty banter and know that as rivals they must be far away, their attraction and emotional attachment is what makes them inseparable When I first read about Brenna and her fierce attitude, I knew that I would be drawn to her and her back story no matter what it may be I think I might have hyped it up just a tad bit because I am not one hundred percent pleased with her story Maybe it s because the story went very thoroughly into other aspects that did not involve themselves with Brenna and Jake Don t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of Elle s writing but this one book in particular is one that did not go up there in the radar for me When the pages would turn and Brenna and Jake were together, everything would change The ambiance of the fictional world felt different in a way that made progress to the story In the beginning it was rather slow for me, but once the claws came out from that original Brenna I fell in love with in The Chase, I knew that the party was just starting The affection I have towards Jake is one that has found quite an interest to my heart in a way no other character has done before The reason being is because his attitude at a college life is one that is so refreshing to read about College romances in general are refreshing to read due to the fact that it s the start of a youth s life when things are becoming independent and the liberty of doing things and their sexuality expands It s the time to discover, the time to make regrets and make memories that will forever be engraved in your head Elle Kennedy is the one ideal author who thoroughly knows how to do that She spoils her readers with this fictional world filled with sexual steam, and lot s of sexy hockey players, something that I personally rather miss wink wink But in general, Jake Connelly, the Harvard hockey team captain is the head of everyone and he knows when a distraction is arising In this case, this distraction we are talking about is Brenna The Briar hockey coach s daughter, the off limits gal who should know better than to mess with her school s rival But hey, you know what they say about the foribdden It s too dam delicious to pass out on Once the touching begins, and the teasing still is at play for the fake portion of the relationship, Brenna and Jake learn that their relationship is one that they have never been able to feel or understand with their previous partners This one of a kind relationship is what makes Jake crave her touch and her affection and attention towards him, and it is also the one thing that makes Brenna question what she is doing due to her past relationship with a former boyfriend from were she is originally from Her past is always there to haunt her, asking and chasing her for the bad, and thankfully Jake and her father are there to prevent any sort of emotional damage from happening Jake knows that this protective side he suddenly has towards her is due to the affection he slowly begins to have towards Brenna Damn, she smells so good I breathe in the scent of her shamppo, sweet with a mere trace of spice Which is funny, because Brenna is the exact opposite spicy, with a hint of sweetness I like the spice, though I like it a lot A lot can be said about characters that have that emotional past that prevents them from moving forward with their lives Brenna is that strong individual that portrays that in a way that you find compassion towards her But she also hides that inner innocence of needing someone to protect her and defend her She needs no man in her life to demonstrate how strong she is but having Jake by her side is the one thing she slowly learns how to open her heart and let him in, even if it s difficult for her to admit those feelings that bloom for Jake Overall, Elle has created another novel that brings the life of the Briar boys to a whole new technicolor point of view I laughed, I shed a few tears, and I lusted over Jake But most importantly, I truly did enjoy that witty banter between him and Brenna that will have you wanting of their story Elle already has the third installment in the works called The Play and I think I may have an idea as to whom it may be about But I am not one hundred percent sure We just have to wait and see ARC kindly provided by the publicist in exchange for an honest review Follow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

  3. Tara says:

    This book COMPLETELY lived up to all my expectations Jake and Brenna are my new faves and this book has become my fave of the series I swear I was grinning so stupidly during this entire book and all their scenes at the cuteness and the banter, it was all A , I wish I could give it 10 stars tbhps also I have to believe the next book is gonna be Hunter s book The only girl I can think of possibly as his love interest that was in this book is Hazel It would make it an all Briar book again or it could also just be a new girl, idk I m up for either Feb 2019, ugh whyyyyy so long away god I so hope this book is about Brenna and JakeUPDATE IT S JAKE AND IT S FAKE DATING AND ENEMIES TO LOVERS, YESSSSSSSSSSSS

  4. Carol [ Addict] says:

    RATING 4.5 STARSThe Risk is book two in the Briar U series by Elle Kennedy We first met Brenna in the first book as she and Summer met and became close friends I really liked her in that book but I love her in this one She s tough, snarky, and determined to succeed Brenna Jensen is the daughter of the hockey coach at Briar University Her life has always revolved around hockey and she loves the sport She loves everything about it That is why she is majoring in sports journalism and is in her junior year She met Jake Connelly in the first book and they started right out from the start with a bit of a contentious relationship Brenna is applying for an intern position with a major sports news channel based in Boston The man interviewing her doesn t feel like women belong in the sports news business but he is also a huge fan of Jake s Before she could stop the words from coming out of her mouth, she told him that Jake was her boyfriend, thinking it might help her to get the internship So now she has to convince Jake to be her fake boyfriend.Jake Connelly is captain of Harvard s hockey team He is a senior and has already signed on to a professional team in Edmonton, Canada after graduation Jake, like any of the hockey players, has no problem with getting women But he has no interest in a relationship His focus is always hockey But, there is something about Brenna She couldn t be off limits Briar U s team is Harvard s rival She s the coach s daughter She s definitely trouble So why can t he stop thinking about her When she comes to him asking him to pose as her fake boyfriend, he agrees, with a stipulation For every fake date, he gets a real one As Jake and Brenna begin to spend time together, they are both surprised to find that they actually enjoy each other s company It s obvious that there is something there, something worth exploring Their bond grows stronger, trust is beginning to form, and Jake proves to Brenna the sort of man he really is, a man that can be there for her when she needs him Secrets are shared, and real feelings come in to play But is it enough Their teams are rivals Their friends are enemies And Jake is graduating and moving away Brenna has one year left.I actually loved this one than the first one I loved Brenna and Jake together I have to say that it has one of the most intense hockey games I ve ever read I was literally chewing my fingers down to nubs It s a miracle I can still type this review My one and only complaint is the ending Although of course, we get our happy ending It just sort of stopped I really needed a bit I love epilogues and it would have left me with a much better sense of closure if we could have gotten a glimpse into how the future played out for these two With that being said, I really enjoyed this I felt like both of these two were mature and well grounded and were just perfect for each other So if you enjoy hockey romance with fantastic characters, this book is most definitely for you.For about this book and so many , come and visit me at Carol s Crazy Bookish World.https groups 44036

  5. nick says:

    I am bummed to only be giving this book 3 stars While I was reading the first book in Elle Kennedy s spinoff series, I was just dying to read Brenna and Jake s book So, I eagerly awaited the release of The Risk While I enjoyed the book overall, it wasn t exactly the hit that I was hoping for.It s hard for me to describe why this one didn t work as well as I thought it would for me because there wasn t anything inherently wrong with the book In fact, Kennedy s writing remains top notch, and she writes characters who are engaging enough that I was able to finish the book I hyped this book up a lot for myself and I kept craving intensity from these characters I liked both Brenna and Jake individually Brenna, especially, was a great girl with a good head on her shoulders Her storyline was interesting enough, especially with her trying to get an internship at a company with a sexist prick of a boss She was very passionate about hockey and was willing to suffer through almost anything to achieve her dreams Brenna s storyline with her father was also one I really liked I almost shed a tear or two when it came to them Jake was a bit harder to warm up to because I couldn t quite get a strong feel for his character I don t think I enjoyed him as much as I thought I would, but he was decent enough The guy was equally passionate about his game of hockey and he was a good teammate.From the vibes that these two gave in The Chase, I was sure that this book would have some strong and epic hate to love forbidden love vibes Then the actual summary of the book promised fake dating Those are all tropes that I am especially obsessed with However, I didn t think The Risk did a good job with these tropes In fact, all those vibes actually went away fairly quickly This brings me to why this book wasn t exactly what I expected I wanted so much from this romance I felt like it was very muted if that makes any sense Brenna and Jake had so much potential, but their relationship didn t live up to it for me I wanted intensity, chemistry, sexiness I just wanted I also found myself being very frustrated with some of the side characters stories, especially Hollis and Rupi s one It was so over the top and irritating I just felt out of place in this book.Anyways, I m sad that The Risk didn t live up to my expectations, but I m certainly in the minority I hope those of you who read it end up loving it

  6. KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕ says:

    THE RISK is the second full length romance novel in Elle Kennedy s Briar U which are a series of interconnected stand alones Spoken in Dual Perspectives Brenna Jensen is the daughter of Chad who is Briar Hockey Team s coach and Summer s best friend who we met in THE CHASE She doesn t let many people in, she s tough as nails, sassy, sexy and smart with a take no shit attitude So to see her connection developing with Jake the captain and the star hockey player at Harvard University, which we met briefly in THE CHASE I couldn t wait to see how this would play out Harvard and Briar are rivals with that being said, these two together should ve been a no go area Her father would skin her alive if she ever dated the enemy, and Jake is definitely the enemy Straight off the bat these two are at loggerheads, the banter is steamy, it s funny, and you know it s going to lead to them straight to the bedroom Want to make out some before we go Jake s tone is boyishly hopeful Nope His gaze turns devilish How about a blowjob Aw, I appreciate the offer, but I don t have a penis.Jake Connelly doesn t do girlfriends, though he does have a revolving door into his bedroom, other than getting off his main priority is Hockey, he lives and breathes it, he s the IT man on the ice He s arrogant, knows what he wants in life and nothing is going to get in his way of getting there He doesn t do distractions and he think girls and partying are a huge distraction so puts the team on lock down and to make some sacrifices until they make it to the finals But things don t always go to plan Brianna has always wanted to become a sports journalist but with it being dominated by the male gender it s going to be hard getting her foot in the door She s majoring in Broadcasting and Journalism at Briar This was one of my most highly anticipated books for 2019, the slight forbidden aspect of it had me gasping to get my hands on it Forbidden to date a hockey player from an opposing team, add to the equation Brenna hiding her new relationship from her father this all made for an angsty read of goodness For me it was a slow burn, it only really started to pick up at the half way mark, which made it slow to ignite, but once these two gave into their attraction it ignited off the pages and I found myself rooting for these two.

  7. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author The second installment of the Briar U series is a sexy and hilarious enemies to lovers romance I happened to enjoy THE RISK a lot than the first book The chemistry between Jake and Brenna was scorching hot The sarcastic banter between them was entertaining and I think the forbidden romance angle spiced up their romance even Brenna s dad is the coach of Briar U s Hockey team and Jake is the captain of the Harvard hockey team They should be sworn enemies to the end but they re absolutely perfect for each other.Brenna is a beautiful, intelligent and confident woman, who is focused on her future and doesn t want to get involved in any romantic entanglements She has most guys wrapped around her finger but she never tries to lead them on She may come off as being tough as nails but inside she has the biggest and most compassionate heart She s made some huge mistakes during her teenage years but has been able to successfully turn her life around Brenna guards her heart with a fierceness Jake is less than a year away from his NHL career He lives and breathes hockey and doesn t let anything get in the way of his goals He s close with his parents and has been best friends with a girl since they were in grade school There isn t anything he wouldn t do for a friend He may come off cocky but is such a good guy that he never appears to be douchey There hasn t been a woman yet that has been able to steal his heart But when Brenna comes to him for a favor, it s like a switch goes off inside him that has him wanting to get closer to her.When Jake promises to be Brenna s fake boyfriend in order to impress a potential boss, his only request is that she go out on a real date with him in return These two have intense physical chemistry and they ll soon learn that one taste is not even close to being enough.Can two commitment phobe people make a real relationship work Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 4.5Plot 4Angst 4Steam 4.5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5THE RISK releases on February 18th

  8. Gaia says:

    As a big fan of Off Campus, I was looking forward to Briar U ever since it was announced Sadly, I found the first book to be not on the same level as the main series However, the little Brenna Jake hints from The Chase really made me interested in this second installment The Risk was still not as good as I hoped It s not about the main relationship, which was pretty solid not the Greatest but also way nicer than how Summer and Fitzy ended up.The things I disliked are actually all little stuff around the main couple I m starting to think I might be too picky for NA romancesI m gonna make a list of them and halfway through I realized it just turned into a rant I m sorry view spoiler 1 Brenna was the character that I loved the most in The Chase already She is still badass and I loved how she always challenges herself to keep trying to make her dream come true even though it s a constant fight against those who think all things related to sports are a field for men only However she kinda fell too often in the I m not like the other girls narrative Both in the way she refers to herself and in the way Jake sees her Why can t it be she likes this thing instead of it being everyone likes that thing but she likes this one instead I m honestly tired of seeing characters shine over the general population for liking something else Everyone has different preferences, it s normal and it doesn t have to involve making somebody else who likes something Mainstream look bad especially when the contrast is between The Other Girls who like Girly and Feminine stuff and the main character who s tough and doesn t mind getting their hands dirty or whatever I m sorry this point is so long it just annoys me2 The Hollis Rupi situation There was nothing cute about them Summer gave out his number without asking him and didn t tell him about it after, the whole thing walked a thin line between too interested a bit stalkerish they just kept making fun of Hollis and even Hollis ended up liking this girl but uh it just felt so weird and uncomfortable 3 The Eric thing Did Brenna do the right thing by breaking up with him Yes Yes she absolutely did and none of what he s done after that is her fault But the dude is a drug addict and no one else cares We don t know what happens to him He s just described as hopeless the whole time It made me super sad.4 The Let s Keep It a Secret for No Good Reason trope I get not telling the teammates, her father or whoever But Brenna not telling Summer just because she would just tell Fitz makes it sound like Summer is a terrible friend and, as far as I remember, she was not.5 Not to mention how this book just felt like a whole repetition of past tropes In fact, it was a lot like a lesser copy of my favourites Dean and Allie hide spoiler

  9. Laura says:

    ARC kindly sent by the author in exchange of an honest review When we met Brenna in The Chase, I was instantly hooked I needed of her and I was dying to know her and get in her world and I love her even now I m soft for characters like Brenna, all steel on the outside but very warm on the inside Her backstory is quite interesting and a big mystery throughout the book but when it came down to gut us with the reveals, well, it was painful I liked that her conflict with her father made sense, given what we know now abut their past Something I also liked was the approach on the topic of women on sport journalism field and how hard it can be to be in a very men dominated environment You can find your usual sexist jerk and you can also find great people and I love the fact that, in the end, women helping other women is amazing If you know you are in a very male dominated space, look out for your fellow sisters.Now, Jake Oh, my, he was something else and like Brenna I adored his confidence I like a man who knows what he wants and he is not afraid to say but also knows not to be pushy about An overall very great guy whom I wish I could say I know but, sadly, that s not case While I like Connelly and enjoyed him a lot, I did not get to know much of the guy Maybe not all people need to have a tragic past in order to be amazing people, and that s how it is with Jake He was funny, driven and so sexy I liked his relationship with his teammates and how determinate he was, and the little fact that, after Garrett, he is the best collage player made me so happy And when I say I didn t end up know Jake as much as I wanted to it s because we don t know much about his backstory, his relationship with Hazel and his parents.I really like how solid and enjoyable Elle Kennedy s books are You just can open one and lose yourself in them It s awesome And The Risk is not exception to this I see myself re reading this story soon and loving it just the same.Hollis and Rupi were a plus that had me laughing my ass off Hollis is a puppy and Rupi is a bulldog, I thought I was not going to like her but I was proven wrong Hunter is someone I want to read about Not only what motivates him to play hockey but his semi destructive behavior and how he is going to redeem himself is something I definitely need to read I just hope Elle is planning on giving him the spotlight soon The only thing I did not like about the book was the insolation I know why Brenna didn t want to tell Summer about what was happening with Connelly and her life but she kind of shut Summer and her friends out Same with Connelly I like his closeness with Brooks and it s already bad that Jake will leave and probably won t have time to hang out with his friends but Brooks and Hazel were just kind of there and that s it I like when the lives of my main characters don t revolve entirely around their significant other, and while this is NOT completely the case, I could see bits of it and yeah, not cool.Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot, probably even than the previous books and I wonder if we ever will get to see the original gang again I want to see how Hannah and Garrett, Logan and Grace, Allie and Dean and Tucker, Sabrina and the baby are doing Having Summer in this new series is an excellent way to check on them I m crossing my fingers this is something we can see at some point.

  10. Corina says:

    Oh boy was I excited to read THE RISK After meeting Brenna and Jake Connelly in The Chase I knew their story would be one of my most anticipated books of 2019.The Risk started a little slow for me, but in the end it had EVERYTHING I love in a New Adult College Sports romance just look at all these fabulous tropes All my favorite tropes wrapped in one book.At this point I can also confess that the novels in Briar U so far are my most favorite of all Elle Kennedy books, besides Him US of course.The forbidden aspect of Brenna and Jake s love story totally worked for me, and I must say that Jake was all kinds of YUMMY That boy was almost the most perfect boyfriend possible I loved how he pushed Brenna s buttons, but never overdid it, and always had an amazing insight into her personality They really clicked.Brenna was as feisty and spunky as I remembered her Her confidence was a highlight of this book There were a couple situations I wished she would have gone all out, but in the end she was true to herself And I loved her for that And going for what she wanted Jake really made my day.In the end The Risk was a great addition to the Briar U series and delivered in every way I hoped it would I had tons of fun, LOLed many times, and just enjoyed reading a college sports romance that checked all my boxes.I actually need books like The Risk More college romances with women that have fun, are spunky and just interesting in an unique way And having guys like Jake by their sides doesn t hurt He was the epitome of a book boyfriend and I can t wait to see what the author comes up with next ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review If you want to chat with me about books, find me on Instagram Interested in Sports Romances Here are my recommendations.For of my reviews My Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog