Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

About the Author: Janet Burroway

Janet Burroway is the author of seven novels including The Buzzards, Raw Silk runner up for the national Book award , Opening Nights, and Cutting Stone a volume of poetry, Material Goods a collection of essays, Embalming Mom and two children s books, The Truck on the Track and The Giant Jam Sandwich Her most recent plays, Medea With Child, Sweepstakes, Division of Property, and Parts of Speec

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft
  • Janet Burroway
  • English
  • 25 February 2018
  • 9780226616698

Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative CraftMore Than 250,000 Copies SoldA Creative Writer S Shelf Should Hold At Least Three Essential Books A Dictionary, A Style Guide, And Writing Fiction Janet Burroway S Best Selling Classic Is The Most Widely Used Creative Writing Text In America, And For Than Three Decades It Has Helped Hundreds Of Thousands Of Students Learn The Craft Now In Its Tenth Edition, Writing Fiction Is Accessible Than Ever For Writers Of All Levels Inside Or Outside The Classroom This New Edition Continues To Provide Advice That Is Practical, Comprehensive, And Flexible Burroway S Tone Is Personal And Nonprescriptive, Welcoming Learning Writers Into The Community Of Practiced Storytellers Moving From Freewriting To Final Revision, The Book Addresses Showing Not Telling, Characterization, Dialogue, Atmosphere, Plot, Imagery, And Point Of View It Includes New Topics And Writing Prompts, And Each Chapter Now Ends With A List Of Recommended Readings That Exemplify The Craft Elements Discussed, Allowing For Further Study And The Examples And Quotations Throughout The Book Feature A Wide And Diverse Range Of Today S Best And Best Known Creators Of Both Novels And Short Stories This Book Is A Master Class In Creative Writing That Also Calls On Us To Renew Our Love Of Storytelling And Celebrate The Skill Of Writing Well There Is A Very Good Chance That One Of Your Favorite Authors Learned The Craft With Writing Fiction And Who Knows What Future Favorite Will Get Her Start Reading This Edition

10 thoughts on “Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

  1. Taka says:

    Excellent, with some quibbles Used by creative writing programs all over the U.S., this book pretty much covers everything about the craft The contemporary short stories at the end of each chapter were really good, especially starting from Chapter 4 with Mule Killers by Lydia Peelle.The main focus of the book is literary fiction and is admittedly biased against genre fiction with a convincing reason whereas writing literary fiction can teach you how to write good genre fiction, writing genre fiction does not teach you how to write good literary fiction She further draws a comparison between realism and drawing of still life in painting, which analogy I found to be pretty compelling.There are limitations to the book, however First, there are other books that cover certain topics much in depth, such as characterization see Swain s Techniques of the Selling Writer , point of view see Orson Scott Card s Characters and Viewpoint , description Monica Wood s Description , story and structure James Scott Bell s Plot Structure and Donald Maass s books , revision Self Editing for Fiction Writers , etc Also, the students are left to find all the topics implemented in the s...

  2. Dave Cullen says:

    This is THE classic how to on writing fiction I used this both as a student and teacher The examples are incredible.Update, Aug 2017 I just bought the 8th edition of this book, and started rereading several chapters again I also went back and reread 10 years ago Even an experienced writer can really benefit from a quick refresher on techniques I ve left behind We each fall into our own writing ways, doing the stuff that has worked for us, and it s remarkable how many things I m NOT taking advantage of Or techniques that I spurned at another time, didn t feel right for me, but I m in the right place for now.And exceptional book A true gift for writers Note It s really expensive, but thank God for used books I find that if you go back one edition, it s dramatically cheaper The 9th edition is out, so I bought the 8th for 30 Still pricey for a paperback book, but this is unique, and a steal at that...

  3. Steelwhisper says:

    Unhelpful waffle.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Almost any reader can identify with almost any character what no reader can identify with is confusion.

  5. Steven says:

    I cannot in good conscience give this text anything higher than a two The advice is solid, I m not going to argue against that, but there is far too much meat in the writing that comes across less as solid writing advice and as a formulaic approach to writing This text is full of bland approaches to writing and repeats the same things I ve read in other books The exercises are tedious and boring there is no sense of adventure or experimentation It s a methodical, bland, autopsy of writing and what works, supposedly, in making writing better If your goal is to understand the craft of writing, this is not the book for you I recommend Jerome Stern s Making Shapely Fiction, Stephen King s On Writing, or The Truth of the Matter Art and Craft in Creative Non Fiction for the sake of actual method and practice material This book is for you only if you re goal is to be a write by numbers kind of person If you need the formula, if you need every single little aspect of writing to be laid bare for you, then read this If you re purpose is to understand writing, well, you ll get that from this but it s a longer journey to take and can be done better and succinctly via other paths.If you wish to be a good writer, well, write That s the best advice anyone can and will, in every writing guidebook tell you After that, read Then, if you re lucky and have talent, you can be a successful writer No formulaic approach will make you better ...

  6. Miranda says:

    I am beginning my last semester of a Creative Writing BA program in San Francisco, and out of the many writing books I read Anne Lamott, Stephen King, David Morley, Natalie Goldberg this one came close to perfection It provides students a grounding vocabulary With this book students can discuss the elements of writing rather than rely on anecdote or discuss talent As a student myself, I ve been frustrated by authors and teachers explaining writing as a boundless art form that cannot be learned by a conventional curriculum Writing Fiction does not try to contain writing in a concrete definition, but the book makes creative writing possible to study and discuss with others A...

  7. Ellie says:

    I love Janet Burroway s writing I want to read all her work Such a great presence shining through the words And very motivating Just what it says a guide and a very good one It teaches as much about how to read as how to write I ve read it several times want to read it again Soon.

  8. Alice says:

    If your goal is to improve your fictional writing know that this volume is filled with great advice and beautiful examples to help you learn the ways In addition to in depth explanations of how to work with setting, characters, time, space plot and point of view it offers many intriguing writing exercises and fun prompts It s an excellent source of advice to any writer aspiring to be published, or even just if your creative writing is limited to your own entertainment It offers methods to shape, enrich and enliven the stories by discussing, throughout the book, the main concerns with planning fiction, in its multiple aspects, going beyond outdated advice like Faulkner s kill all your darlings.I was impressed by how the book really seemed to cover all possible realms of the writing process and loved Burroway ...

  9. Stef Smulders says:

    Excellent treatment of the elements of fiction, with clear examples, like characterisation, show don t tell, point of view If you do not understand it after reading this book, you will never get it.

  10. Nicole Pramik says:

    This is, without a doubt, probably the go to textbook for college level Creative Writing courses Many years ago I refuse to say how long , this was the text my professor used in his class So the fact it has been in print for years is a testament to the longevity of its advice Though there are pros and cons to this text, both for writers and professors instructors.First the good stuff Despite being a textbook, this book doesn t come across as a hard read It s organized nicely with its topics divided into modestly sized portions so it s easy to locate and read what you need Likewise, the sample readings and exercises prompts can be beneficial to those writing short fiction The same principles can certainly apply to writing novels but I sense most Creative Writing classes focus on short stories for the sake of time Basically, if you read this book, you really don t need any other fiction writing text as they all essentially, though with some deviation, cover the same material, and fiction writing isn t an area field that constantly changes How to craft good dialogue, for instance, isn t going to change too much in terms of what makes good dialogue and what makes poor dialogue Those methods are pretty much set without anything new to add So if you own Writing Fiction then consider your fiction writing library essentially complete.That being said, this book does have some weak points that are worth mentioning On...