Conspiracies of Conspiracies

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<PDF> ✪ Conspiracies of Conspiracies  Author Thomas Milan Konda –
  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Conspiracies of Conspiracies
  • Thomas Milan Konda
  • 16 November 2018
  • 9780226585765

Conspiracies of Conspiracies It S Tempting To Think That We Live In An Unprecedentedly Fertile Age For Conspiracy Theories, With Seemingly Each Churn Of The News Cycle Bringing Fresh Manifestations Of Large Scale Paranoia But The Sad Fact Is That These Narratives Of Suspicion And The Delusional Psychologies That Fuel Them Have Been A Constant Presence In American Life For Nearly As Long As There S Been An America In This Sweeping Book, Thomas Milan Konda Traces The Country S Obsession With Conspiratorial Thought From The Early Days Of The Republic To Our Own Anxious Moment Conspiracies Of Conspiracies Details Centuries Of Sinister Speculations From Antisemitism And Anti Catholicism To UFOs And Reptilian Humanoids And Their Often Incendiary Outcomes Rather Than Simply Rehashing The Surface Eccentricities Of Such Theories, Konda Draws From His Unprecedented Assemblage Of Conspiratorial Writing To Crack Open The Mindsets That Lead People Toward These Self Sealing Worlds Of Denial What Is Distinctively American About These Theories, He Argues, Is Not Simply Our Country S Homegrown Obsession With Them But Their Ongoing Prevalence And Virulence Konda Proves That Conspiracy Theories Are No Harmless Sideshow They Are Instead The Dark And Secret Heart Of American Political History One That Is Poisoning The Bloodstream Of An Increasingly Sick Body Politic.

10 thoughts on “Conspiracies of Conspiracies

  1. Sumit RK says:

    In Conspiracies of Conspiracies, Thomas Konda traces America s obsession with conspiracies from the early days of the republic till today Though the book focuses on American people conspiracies, I believe the theme of book is universal, especially in today s Post Truth Era Conspiracies of Conspiracies details centuries of sinister conspiracies from antisemitism and anti Catholicism to UFOs and reptilian humanoids Thomas Konda has analysed several conspiracy theories, has shown their origins and how they fit into the conspiracy world From the Invention of Conspiracy Theory to the Emergence of the Hidden Hand New World Order to Pan Ideological Conspiracy Theories Denialism and Cover Up, the book covers a range of topics Konda explains why these theories have recently made a comeback on the political stage and dissects a media landscape that increasingly tends to detect conspiracy everywhere.Konda attempts to explore the mindsets that lead people toward these conspiracies and how these conspiracy theories have influenced history, particularl...

  2. Chris says:

    Open any social media platform and you can slam into a conspiracy theory in a matter of clicks These often asinine views have been stretched and further distorted in an attempt at legitimization forum posts become memes become tweets become well, information sharing goes on and on However, though digital distribution is relatively new, there s absolutely nothing new about the theories themselves, as Professor Thomas Milan Konda thoroughly explores.The research presented is than thorough Konda explores the rise of the illogical, tracing conspiracy theories at least to the origins of Freemasonry, its high visibility playing into the idea of something nefarious hiding in plain sight However, they were hardly the last group to be targeted, and Konda convincingly concludes that consparcism is really the belief system of today Look no further than false political memes regularly shared or climate change deniers masquerading as television pundits.Konda s prose does trend academic, but this is refreshing when paired with over the top noise of conspiracy theories It s logic and reason versus unbelievable schemes, the clinical versus the flashy Konda keeps his points grounded, and the result is a slow yet interesting approach that doesn t take the bait of some of the extreme propositions This careful approach also allows Konda to explore some incredibly serious topics with tact A lot of the conspiracies examined here stem from an anti Semitic or xenopho...

  3. David Wineberg says:

    Two conspiracists walk into a bar Do you really believe that was just a coincidence Sorry Couldn t resist In reading Conspiracies of Conspiracies, you need a laugh up front because the content of the book is so discouraging There are thousands of conspiracies circulating, and each has its adherents The United States is positively awash with crackpot theories, and thanks to social media, their proponents are out there pounding the cyber streets for believers It has become a part of daily life The president has made them legitimate.Author Thomas Konda has assembled hundreds of pages of conspiracists and their theories, shown where their ideas came from and how they fit into the conspiracy world It s intimidating just to think how he divided and analyzed the mountain of nonsense that has been growing in number, importance, and legitimacy since the founding of the country Konda is engaging and thorough, as well as worrisome and depressing.There are basically two kinds of conspiracy theory One is based on White Anglo Saxon Protestants WASPs under attack for their very lives, and one where theorists deny anything, from their own lying eyes to theoretical science Both kinds can be linked to violence and both require absolute faith.William Potter Gale was emblematic of the first kind He claimed that communism was Satan s form of gover...

  4. H. Jr. says:

    In this incisive and highly engaging work, Konda SUNY Plattsburgh analyzes the development of conspiracy theories from the origins of the American republic to contemporary movements Written with a clarity of expression often uncommon in academic writing, the book is accessible to a wide readership While acknowledging the persistence of conspiracy theories, the author concentrates on conspiracism, or the mental framework, a belief system, a worldview that leads people to look for conspiracies, to anticipate them, to link them together into a grander overarching conspiracy p 2 Much attention is devoted to defining the meaning of conspiracy theories in an effort to advance scholarly and popular knowledge of the subject chapter one The majority of the book is devoted to a critique of various conspiracy theories and the movements that have arisen as the result of these theories While the author offers valuable insight on all major movements, the trajectory of the book concentrates...

  5. Earl says:

    Conspiracies of Conspiracies by Thomas Milan Konda is a very well researched eye opening work of intellectual history, though in this case perhaps intellectual is a misnomer It certainly explores the ways in which conspiracy theories have influenced history, particularly United States history, and in doing so highlights our collective tendency, here taken to the extreme, of making patterns fit what we believe rather than what they actually mean.While there is a lot to recommend about this volume I will comment about what it did for me Perhaps this will give some idea what you can also get out of it We are all aware of the many conspiracy theories floating around today They become so numerous and amorphous that they either lose all definition for those of us not convinced of them or become congealed into one big conspiracy with little tentacles going every where for those likely to believe them This volume broke down both the history of the theories, since many have common origins, or at least common faux origin stories, and the places where they overlap and contradict each other For me, this made them easier to grasp and thus easier to confront The believers who have completely gone over won t be swayed by any counter arguments, this is their religion, but those who are troubled by society and might see som...

  6. Mannie Liscum says:

    Thomas Milan Konda s Conspiracies of Conspiracies is a solid piece of research and presentation Something that should be read by concerned citizens of the United States It will make you question not only how others can hold conspiratoria...

  7. Gianna says:

    I learned so much from this book It s both a history of conspiracy theories and exploring the different theories including the one about the reptilian overlords that I honestly thought was just a joke, but actually is a real conspiracy theory , and exploring the psychology behind it And honestly, it s terrifying If there s anything this book proves, it s that conspiracy theories are incredibly dangerous and damaging People who fall into that rabbit hole hardly ever come out of it, thanks to algorithms, social pressure and the conspiracism s natural instinct to defend itself against any form of criticism And sure, some people will naturally be inclined to believe in conspiracy theories and those will be difficult to persuade, but others aren t, yet those are getting caught up in the whirlwind This boo...

  8. Greg Chatham says:

    This is one of those cases where there s too much breadth and not enough depth While the author s purpose is to explain long lasting conspiracy theories, the fervor of their adherents, and their history in American politics, the book is essentially a compendium of citations Conspiratorial writers and historical movements are introduced out of order and without context before immediately moving on to the next quote.It s quite possible the ARC format I read it in doesn t do the book any favors The layout was a mess and footnotes weren t enabled But after getting lost halfway through, I went back and reread the first half of the book again with the same result A lot of names and dates listed, but I had very little understanding of how they connected And as is usual with non fiction books dealing with...

  9. Annarella says:

    A very interesting book.It s well researched, engaging and well written.Highly recommended Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC