Arson and Old Lace: A Far Wychwood Mystery (Harwin, Patricia. Far Wychwood Mystery Series.)

About the Author: Patricia Harwin

PATRICIA HARWIN is the author of the national bestseller Arson and Old Lace, the first novel in her acclaimed Far Wychwood mystery series Like her heroine Catherine Penny, she is a librarian She lives with her husband in Rockville, Maryland, where she is hard at work on the next Far Wychwood mystery.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Arson and Old Lace: A Far Wychwood Mystery (Harwin, Patricia. Far Wychwood Mystery Series.)
  • Patricia Harwin
  • 19 August 2018
  • 9781982117221

Arson and Old Lace: A Far Wychwood Mystery (Harwin, Patricia. Far Wychwood Mystery Series.)You Re A Librarian, Not A Detective, Catherine Penny S Daughter Reminds Her But Catherine, Suddenly Single In Her Sixties, Finds It Easy To Slip Into Sleuthing Mode When She Leaves Behind New York City And A Failed Marriage For A Lovely 17th Century Cottage In The Idyllic English Village Of Far Wychwood But Behind The Town S Quaint Stone Walls And Lace Curtained Windows Lurk Dark Secrets And Whispers Of Witchcraft And When Her Crusty Neighbor George Crocker Dies In A Tragic Fire, Catherine Alone Suspects Arson Lacking Hard Evidence, The Police Pay Little Attention, And The Villagers Swear She Must Be Mistaken Catherine, However, Is One Feisty Expatriate American Who Leaves No Stone Unturned When Circumstances Point To Murder She May Not Be Miss Marple Yet But Her Ingenious Knack For Uncovering The Truth Is About To Take Far Wychwood By Storm

10 thoughts on “Arson and Old Lace: A Far Wychwood Mystery (Harwin, Patricia. Far Wychwood Mystery Series.)

  1. Denise says:

    I really liked this but am sad to know there is only one other book and then the publisher put a stop to the series I hate investing time and energy into starting a new author series and then have it come to an end in 2 books Two books does not a series make.

  2. Kristen says:

    I wanted to like this It sounded good, and I liked that the main character was closer to my age than most cozy mysteries Unfortunately, by the 55 page mark, I was already annoyed by virtually every character in the book, so I knew this was not going to be a good read for me.Catherine is whiny Yes, your husband left you for a younger woman and that sucks He sucks But you decided to turf everything and move to England to be closer to your daughter and start a new life good for you Except, you arrive in England and immediately start whingeing about the ex, and being focused on the past rather than the future Call me mean, but I don t want to read about boo hoo, he dumped me and woe is me Maybe some readers enjoy that scenario but it s of no interest to me.Then there is the daughter Yes, you have a degree in psychology and you are working as a therapist That doesn t mean you know everything about everything And even if you did, being smug and self important in telling your mother and from the husband s reactions, everyone else how things should be because you know best is seriously obnoxious.Don t even get me started on Catherine s busybody act with the nasty old man who lives next ...

  3. Jamie says:

    Catherine Penny, fresh from her divorce, moves from Manhattan to a small English village to be closer to her daughter and granddaughter In the bustle of settling in to a new home and culture, and still stinging from her husband s abandonment, she accidently adopts a neighbor in need of someone to take care of him But as she discovers the reason behind his exile, a plot unfolds to keep his mouth shut and her nose out of long buried business.The plot moves quickly and is easy to follow The solution makes sense and it s a strong motive, and while the killer escapes justice it doesn t go the abrupt mental breakdown route I ve been seeing so much of lately Really, is it so hard to come up with a motive that authors have to make their up to then perfectly rational killer completely insane for the final confrontation Catherine s constant reflecting on her ex husband actually isn t as annoying as it usually is Possibly because she doesn t mope a little then never mention it again the wound is still fresh, and she s moved to a place where she has memories of happier times with her family seems rather perverse, but to each their own There s forced introspection early on where her neighbor gives her a nightmare about the abandonment of her father in a home, and it only serves to tie in to the strained father child relationship theme going on in the book, but the neighbor is the Murder Victim du Jour so she can t harp on it as m...

  4. Shannon says:

    Patricia Harwin is the American Hazel Holt for sure Her heroine, Catherine Penny, is like Holt s heroine, Sheila Malory, in many ways They are both inveterate gossip mongers, pet lovers and fond of cross country walks in all weathers Catherine Penny has pulled up roots from New York City in order to live close to her daughter, Emily and grandson, Archie, who live in Oxford, England Catherine s husband of 30 some years, has divorced her and married a younger woman Catherine is still smarting over the rejection However, she quickly finds friendship and strange puzzles galore on her doorstep in the quaint village of Far Wychwood Her extremely elderly and gaga neighbor, George, dies gruesomely just days after her arrival On top of that, was the discovery of an older burial of an unknown body found th...

  5. Deb says:

    Catherine Penny is divorced and a retired librarian from NYC She moves to Far Wychwood to be near her married daughter and grandson who live in Oxford Catherine tried to help a 93 year old man that lives across...

  6. Stephanie Thompson says:

    First in series OK, not great Would read .

  7. Priya says:

    Conclusion was satisfactory And a decent mystery as well in spite of the protagonist appearing too nosy at times.

  8. Shirley says:

    Loved it Hope she continues this series

  9. Aurian Booklover says:

    I had big difficulties getting into this story, as it was totally not what I was expecting of a sweet cozy mystery, taking place in England Catherine is recently divorced, her husband fell in love with a very young woman, and ended their marriage Of course Catherine is still full of resentment over that fact, as she never saw it coming Her job at the library is no longer satisfying her, as she can t embrace the digital new time, with ebooks and such She loves handling books, feeling them, smelling them, looking at them As her only daughter lives in Oxford, England, she decides to leave New York with all the memories it has, and move to England herself She bought a small cottage close by Oxford, sight unseen, packs her things, and emigrates She wants to be near her daughter and her new grandson As Emily wants to go back to her work as a psychologist, Catherine will be able to look after Archie Catherine finds it very hard though, to adhere to Emily s wishes in how her son is to be raised No excitement, no overstimulation, no t.v. And he gets to do whatever he wants, without ever being told no It all is educational of course Well, unless he is going to harm himself doing stuff Archie is a very busy child, and Catherine is afraid she is in over her head with him...

  10. Pam says:

    AUTHOR Harwin, PatriciaTITLE Arson and Old LaceDATE READ 06 16 14RATING 4.5 B GENRE PUB DATE PUBLISHER OF PGS Mystery 2004 Simon Shuster 278 pgs SERIES STAND ALONE 1 in The Far Wychwood seriesTIME PLACE 2004 Far Wychwood and English village near OxfordCHARACTERS Catherine Penny retired librarianFIRST LINES I pulled the car in close to the hedgerow and turned the key, and that amazing silence came down It was the silence I had been wanting for than a year, since my husband had left me, since I d decided my only hope of peace lay in the ancient rhythms of an English village COMMENTS Catherine Penny is originally from Ohio but had lived in NYC for most of her adult life married, mother of one daughter and a librarian All that has changed she is retired, her daughter is now married and a mother and living in Oxford, UK and her husband left her for younger woman She decides a change is due and moves to the small village of Far Wychwood, affordable than Oxford but close enough to be near her daughter and babysit her grandson Catherine loves her home and village Her elderly neighbor is living on his own but his health is failing and she goes over to help when she sees smoke He is rather irascible and rather muddled despite him not wanting help, Catherine is persistent in finding out where his family is and why they ar...