Happiness for Beginners

About the Author: Carole Matthews

Carole Matthews is an international bestselling author of hugely successful romantic comedy novels Her unique sense of humour has won her legions of fans and critical acclaim all over the world A Minor Indiscretion and A Compromising Position both reached the Top 5 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart in the UK You Drive Me Crazy reached number 8 in the original fiction charts The novel Welcom

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  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • Happiness for Beginners
  • Carole Matthews
  • English
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9780751572100

Happiness for BeginnersMolly Baker Is Living Her Best Life.Thirty Eight Years Old, She Lives On The Twenty Five Acre Hope Farm In Buckinghamshire, Surrounded By Mostly Four Legged Friends And Rolling Hills There S Anthony The Anti Social Sheep, Tina Turner The Alpaca With Attitude, And The Definitely Not Miniature Pig, Teacup.Molly Runs The Farm As An Alternative School For Kids Who Haven T Thrived In Mainstream Education It S Full On, But She Wouldn T Have It Any Other Way So When The Well Groomed Shelby Dacre Turns Up At Hope Farm Asking To Enrol His Son Lucas, Molly Isn T Fazed.But Lucas Is Distant And Soon Molly Realises He Might Be Of A Handful Than She Anticipated And Then There S The Added Problem That His Dad Is Distractingly Handsome Molly Has Her Beloved Farm To Think Of Could Letting Lucas And Shelby In Be A Terrible Mistake, Or The Start Of Something Wonderful

10 thoughts on “Happiness for Beginners

  1. Paromjit says:

    I have never read a Carole Matthews novel before, and I only chose to read this when I saw how well it was being received by so many readers I have to admit that I struggled to get into it at the beginning when it crossed my mind that this was not going to be for me, but it was not long before everything changed It grabbed hold of me and never let go until before I knew it, it was the end of the book This is a delightful read, funny, witty, with bags full of heart and overflowing with charm 38 year old Molly Baker is a misfit, a loner, shy, running Hope Farm in Buckinghamshire, which she inherited from her beloved Aunt Hettie, now dead, but still desperately missed by Molly The animals on her farm are the real stars here, unwanted, damaged, missing limbs, with attitude and health issues, all taken in by Molly who loves them to pieces Molly s life is pared down to the basics, she lives in a dilapidated and ancient caravan, has no TV, her life revolves around running the farm, trying to make ends meet financially, but never succeeding She runs the farm as an alternative school for those children that mainstream education cannot cope with, those with behavioural and learning difficulties, autism, and The children resp...

  2. Cheri says:

    I brush the dirt from my hands, my jeans, my shirt I should introduce myself to you How rude of me not to have done it before I m Molly Baker I m thirty eight no idea how that s even possible I m single, but I m not a mad cat lady I m a mad all kinds of animals lady Welcome to my life at Hope Farm Molly runs Hope Farm, an untraditional farm that provides a home to unwanted animals Anthony the anti social sheep, Tina Turner, one of the alpacas with attitude Teacup, a definitely not miniature pig, and a rooster named Dick the Cock, a horse that s allergic to her mane, and Little Dog and Big Dog Additionally, she offers alternative education to kids who haven t blossomed in mainstream schools Then the distractingly attractive Shelby Dacre, an actor famous for his role in a beloved soap opera, turns up hoping to enroll his wayward son, Lucas, Molly isn t fazed, after all she doesn t even own a television set, so she has no idea who he is She does, however, immediately accept his son as a student, if only to grow concerned that Lucas might prove to be of a handful than she predicted Is believing in Lucas a terrible mistake or will Lucas, like all the others, find a second chance at Hope Farm ...

  3. Rachel Gilbey says:

    Always a happy day when I am able to read a new book by Carole Matthews, and Happiness for Beginners was a joy to read Mollie introduces us to Hope Farm and what they do there, plus all the animals and their back stories over the first few chapters, in such a chatty style you feel like she is talking directly to you And what fabulous place Hope Farm is, with its assortment of animals all with their own distinct personalities And then there is the school aspect of what they do there, as its not a farm in the traditional sense, rather a place where troubled teens who have most likely been excluded from schools, can learn practical skills and become independent and from helping to take care of the animals And this really is a delight for all animal lovers, I m not sure I could pick a favourite, but Fifty the ...

  4. Lizzie Lamb says:

    One thing I like about this author s books is that they come with an inbuilt feel good factor Secondly, I like the slightly older heroines she portrays ladies who have given up on finding love and happiness and then wham it finds them This book is no exception It also has the added bonus of farm animals with attitude good and bad , an assistant whose t shirts keep the heroine and her sidekick guessing nice touch and a to di for hero in the form of Shelby Factor in children with learning difficulties, Lucas still grieving for his dead mother and the fact that the government has decided to drive a high speed Trainline straight through the farm and you have many nail biting page turning...

  5. Sarah says:

    I couldn t finish this novel, though I really tried Seeing all the rave reviews and high ratings, it must be me It doesn t help that it s written in first person Perhaps I am not patient enough to wade through so much sweetness I found it all rather predictable and nauseating.

  6. Tripfiction says:

    Heartwarming romance novel set in BUCKINGHAMSHIREIf you have ever come across Carole on Twitter, or seen her beaming smile in her promotion photos, you KNOW that Happiness for Beginners will be an upbeat and mostly feel good story She just exudes positivity and a generous spirit and I haven t even met her.Molly runs Hope Farm, from her battered caravan She largely took over when her Aunt Hettie, with whom she grew up, passed away Molly had a difficult childhood with a mother who was fond of too many tipples and Hettie took her under her wing Now at Hope Farm Molly wants for nothing, her pleasure is giving the wayward animals in her care a good enough home.There is Anthony the anti social sheep, the trio of Alpacas, Little Dog and Big Dog, Dick the cockerel and so many others, all awkward animals with troubled histories and individual quirks At Hope Farm, however, they can find redemption and love Children and young adults who are struggling to fit in at school and society come to learn about animals and work through their own difficulties under Molly s watchful eye and tutelage For both children and animals this is the last chance saloon.The farm is on a financial knife ed...

  7. Anne says:

    Reading this book made me remember why I ve always loved Carole Matthews writing she can be very, very funny combine that with a clutch of animals with distinct personalities and wills of their own and you have a definite winning combination , but also handles a range of emotions and a number of serious issues with absolute ease The characters in this book human and otherwise are just superb Carole s books do tend to have a charismatic heroine at their centre, and I loved Molly from the very first encounter she has such a passion for the animals and children in her care, still feeling sad after the loss of her aunt, crippled by awkwardness and shyness, living a solitary life in her ramshackle caravan and really well overdue to find some happiness of her own.Hope Farm is a wonderful setting, vividly described, providing a home for the farm animals the damaged, difficult and demanding that no one else wants and it also provides an alternative for young people who ve had problems in mainstream education, introducing them to the whole concept of caring for others while having fun, with the less popular conventional lessons in the afternoons When difficult and misundersto...

  8. Meg Dean says:

    Every single time I review a Carole Matthews book I say this is her best one yet, it doesn t get better and every single time she replies with hold my tea I swear this woman is the QUEEN of ChickLit Carole has taken a lovely, quirky rom com and ...

  9. Jypsy says:

    Such an endearing story Happiness For Beginners is a fun romp through a wonderful world The animals are awesome The humans are loveable and real It s an all around warm blanket read If you want to smile, read this book You w...

  10. Joanna Park says:

    Happiness For Beginners is a fun and uplifting book which is perfect for coseying up with on a cold night.I was drawn into the book immediately with the most hilarious opening to a book I ve ever read I don t remember ever having laughed so hard at poor Molly s attempts to placate her temperamental goat The author s writing style makes this book easy to read and makes you think that you are conversing with a friend due to the way the author seems to talk directly at you.The characters in this book are just brilliant with a fantastic mix of both animals and humans that helps keep the reader thoroughly entertained I loved that all the animals seemed to have their own little quirks and personality which made Hope Farm seem a very friendly and colourful place to live I wanted to move there instantly to meet all the characters and live Molly s life with even the thought of the outside shower not putting me off The story develops at a good pace with lots of descriptions of the farm and everyday life there which keeps the reader thoroughly engaged in the book I found I so enjoyed spending time with Molly at her farm that I didn t notice the pages flying...