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Hi I m Naomi Hughes, writer of quirky young adult sci fi and fantasy I live in the Midwest US, a region I love even though it tries to murder me with tornadoes every spring When not writing, my hobbies include reading of course , traveling, and geeking out over Marvel superheroes and certain time traveling Doctors.

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  • 320 pages
  • Refraction
  • Naomi Hughes
  • English
  • 28 January 2018

Refraction After An Attack On Earth, All Reflective Surfaces Become Weapons To Release Monsters, Causing A Planet Wide Ban On Mirrors Despite The Danger, The Demand Rises, And Year Old Marty Callahan Becomes A Distributor In An Illegal Mirror Trade Until He S Caught By The Mayor S Son, Whose Slate Is Far From Clean Both Of Them Are Exiled For Their Crimes To One Of The Many Abandoned Cities Overrun By Fog But They Soon Realize Their Thoughts Influence Their Surroundings And Their Deepest Fears Begin To ManifestWith Fast Pacing And Riveting Characters, This Is A Book That You Ll Finish In One Sitting

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  1. Athena (OneReadingNurse) says:

    Thank you to Page Street Kids and the FFBC for the finished copy and for including me in the instagram tour for Refraction I actually read it in two sittings, the synopsis is not exaggerating at all when it says faat pacing I was hooked from the start to the end, for a few different reasons.First off I liked the characters After an alien invasion, any reflective surface can now spawn vicious shadow creatures, so mirrors become illegal Marty deals in illegal mirrors which are still prized for their potential to create electricity in the dystopian society that has developed on the island Elliot is a great character too, I enjoyed watching the two boys begrudgingly work together and then become friends.The plot was absolutely breakneck, and after the boys are exiled and start learning what is happening to Earth, it became awful hard to put the book down It is hard to not give spoilers but the main character has OCD, which ties into the rather large psychological aspect of the story The way that the action is framed can be done either very well or very poorly, and I was nervous at first but the author did it VERY well I thought, because it made sense You ll see what I mean when you read it I would fully recommend the book for any fans of sci fi, psychological aspects, and there is a touch of horror and supernatural as well There is something for everyone here including found families and a lot of personal growth Thank you again for including me in the tour

  2. Naomi Hughes says:

    Hey I m Naomi Hughes, author of Refraction I wanted to use this space to add a bit of detail that I wasn t able to put in the book itself.First, yes, this book is ownvoices for OCD In part because of that, writing this story was one of the most intense journeys of my life, and also possibly the most rewarding I hope it s as meaningful to you as it was to me Second, I wanted to include a note on some potential triggers that are present in the story Although some of these are general like descriptions of dead bodies and people being killed , others are a bit specific and also likely to specifically trigger anxiety in people who have certain types of OCD Some of the trigger warnings also relate to spoilers I ll hide those with the spoiler tag so you can choose whether you want to see them or not.I ll make this list as comprehensive as I can, but there s always the possibility that I ll miss things either through oversight or my own ignorance of things that might cause anxiety in others but not me, so please read with care if you tend to get triggered while reading this type of book Trigger warnings Characters are attacked by shadowy monsters of all types that crawl out of mirrors in a highly creepy fashion Death of a minor character by view spoiler impalement hide spoiler

  3. Shannon (It Starts At Midnight) says:

    You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 3.5 I know that this doesn t come out until next month, and I usually am hesitant to review stuff that far out But when I started reading it and found that it involves mental health in a non contemporary setting, well I knew it had to be done Because not only is the main character s OCD a part of the story, it s a fairly significant part And it s like finally, you know Because you better believe that my anxious, depressed ass is trying to figure out what exactly I d do during the apocalypse Med withdrawals, no support therapy self care, and the stressors would be off the charts And thank goodness, Naomi Hughes has written this very thing Now look, it s going to be hard to review this without giving anything away, so if you think I m being vague it s cause I am At first, I found that I needed to suspend quite a bit of disbelief But I promise that if you can do so in the beginning, it ends up working itself into making sense There, that s as least spoilery as I can make that while still making you understand that it s okay if it seems a little bananas at times.Anyway, Marty just wants to find his brother, who he thinks might be in London Clearly, these two are close, and that s pretty awesome Brother books are so rare, and this book features two pairs of them Marty ends up in exile with his nemesis, after which I can tell you almost nothing, but let s just say they have an interesting and intense journey.Throughout the book, Marty has to battle his OCD Before the attack, Marty had made a lot of progress in therapy and was starting to be able to manage his condition But now, when the world is in shambles, Marty isn t having as much success The thing I love so much about the mental health rep in this book is that the author has made Marty s situation so relatable, even if aliens haven t attacked us Marty s OCD is inopportune, illogical, and creeps up on him just when he thinks he has gotten a grip on it That is so many of us, just in usually slightly less dire circumstances Marty has to continue to battle his OCD and challenge himself every day, just as he did when Earth was in one piece Bottom Line Despite some initial suspension of disbelief, this was enjoyable Fast paced, filled with a lot of relatable moments and relationships, it s a great representation of mental health, with some aliens thrown in for good measure.

  4. Katya de Becerra says:

    My official thoughts On an isolated island shrouded in malevolent fog, your worst fears crawl out of mirrors Nowhere is safe The entire world is not safe Refraction is a first contact story like no other, and it packs a punch Seen and experienced through the eyes of the narrator with OCD, the horrors of this intricately woven world become particularly tangible With tension escalating and shocking revelations coming on every page, Refraction is an edge of your seat tale of unlikely allies forced to work together in order to survive a nightmare, but at what cost Highly recommended for the fans of psychological Science Fiction exploring the concepts of sentience, alien communication and survival My unofficial thoughts I was incredibly lucky to receive an ARC of Refraction directly from the author thanks, Naomi I love SF, and first contact stories are my particular catnip , especially those rendered in unusual, new ways So naturally, I had high expectation And OMG, this book not only exceeded those expectations it completely blew them out of the water This book destroyed me in the best possible way It made me THINK It asked all the right questions and then answered them in a way I totally didn t see coming Please, PLEASE read this amazing book

  5. Lyn *NomadicWorlds says:

    In a dystopian world where aliens came and launched an attack on earth using a strange fog and mirrors to set forth horrifying creatures on the population, only a few places survived Mirrors have now been banned but of course, there are always those who rebel against these laws and bans, such as one 17 year old Marty Callahan who distributes mirrors illegally, until the day he s caught by Elliot, the mayor s son and they are both exiled into the fog, at the mercy of unnatural beasts.Marty was a scoundrel selfish, unrepentant and he did whatever it took to get what he wanted, no matter who he hurt He also had OCD For all those who live with OCD, you know how your mind can be a hellish place, an inescapable prison chaining you with your deepest fears In spite of those constraints, Marty kept his illegal business going without being caught.Until Elliot, who was the complete opposite of Marty Elliot saved people, he tried to do what was right tried to earn his mother s approval which wasn t forthcoming They were forced to work together in order to survive and along the way, shocking truths came to light.I have to admit I liked Elliot better but I also admire Marty at the same time for trying so hard to fight his OCD I understood him and I could relate with his struggle Both Elliot and Marty were strong personalities and the author did a great job showing their character growth.Let s talk plot The plot was excellent with an intriguing storyline wrapped up in secrets and superb twists that kept me turning page after page The scenes were fast paced and dynamic The author s writing style was pretty good and I had no trouble envisioning the scenes in my head.I enjoyed this book way than I d expected Refraction was a solid, good story with a clever plot line that kept you guessing and wanting .Posted on Blog

  6. Penny says:

    I really have been off of YA lately just because I have my own teens at home, and the angst there is enough for me LOL However, I do read one once in a while if something strikes me, or it s from an author I like The plot of this book really struck me, and I had to read it I m very glad I did This tale, from beginning to end, was very hard to put down I love how the author weaved in OCD, but not in an in your face way It made it that much real Twists and turns kept me guessing which is hard to do as I usually figure out twists before they even appear The characters did have a good depth, and Marty is a great main character, though at times I did have a hard time relating to him This was a fast paced, action packed great book that I do recommend

  7. J.L. Slipak says:

    MY THOUGHTS I received this book in exchange for my honest review.A science fiction nice The premise caught my attention and I had to read this book.First, why must every book be broken down into this grouping or that grouping, this category or that category showing this trigger or that trigger, has this mental health issue or that mental health issue Can we just love the damned book for being a great freakin science fiction I mean come on I have anxiety and depression, I m medicated, my daughter has OCD BIG WHOOP More importantly this is a GREAT SCIENCE FICTION Seriously, we get it, we get it Our young people have mental health issues that we are now openly acknowledging and categorizing Frankly, that s great but why must we now be expected to label everything and everyone in our books too Why can t we sit down and just enjoy it It s so that we can relate to the characters, it s about marketing, it s because in the young adult genre, it s what youth want to see as a mechanism of support sure, great They need to relate in order to buy the book So if there s a diverse character with acne all over his her face, all the acne laden youth out there will buy the book because they can relate to the acne infested MC Seriously Ten years ago if a person had measles all over their ass, you didn t see all the measles laden youth rushing to the stores to buy a book so they can relate They bought the damned book because it was good This science fiction book is good Did the conditions of the MC make the story any better Not really If we took his conditions away and just had the story stand on its own, would it survive the test of time Maybe Maybe not Did having this MC with these conditions push the story along and make it crucial to its success NO So why have it I don t know, you tell me All I know is that reading about every OCD action by the MC grew tiresome and was distracting.Fortunately for me, I love science fiction I also love supernatural elements in a story Put them together and you have me after the title and blurb To keep me interested, there had better be superb writing to hold my attention or I DNF faster than a speeding bullet.As I weeded my way through this garden of science wonder and alien invasion, a destroyed ship and funky mirror monsters, annoying fog and suspenseful writing, I found that I actually did like this story It moved fast and was an excellent page turner I just wish Can we not just write and let the chips fall where they may You want diverse characters, then put them in Do so in a way that we don t trip over them or their conditions, but rather have them and or their conditions useful to the story moving forward Otherwise, lose them You want diverse characters, then make THEM important to the story, not the color of their skin or their medical mental health issues Triggers UGH Why prepare the reader If it s done right, there ll be no need Listening to a list of triggers in reviews prior to reading a book is like listening to directions to a castle filled with treasure at the corner turn right, then left, then go twice around the court, then back counter clockwise, then straight ahead up the hill, turn right, left, straight, left and right, around the block, up the one way street, etc., AND get no written instructions to get there It s a waste of time Let the reader imagine and experience, read and be surprised Give the reader some credit they ll figure it out

  8. Olivia says:

    REFRACTION is a highly readable devourable book that is certainly a page turner In the post apocalyptic future, a small island appears to be the only place to have survived an alien landing A strange ship showed up in the sky and mirrors are the tools through which aliens have sent Beings to destroy humankind The island has survived by outlawing mirrors.Marty has hopes that his brother is still out there somewhere, and he is determined to get to him He illegally deals in mirrors to gather the funds he needs to find his brother The penalty for such dealings is exile, which essentially equates to death with the Beings who are out there When he is caught by the mayor s son, and they are exiled together, their journey becomes even stranger than the lone island they came from, and bigger questions and answers arise.To avoid spoilers, I will be somewhat vague The plot was quite creative with plenty of twists and turns A lot of questions come up earlier and they are all answered by book s end The strongest part of the book is the main character, Marty, and how he lives with his OCD The book does a great job of describing this as well as his past therapies treatments, and the portrayal really brings OCD to life for people who do not have this disorder Given the setting other events, this may seem like a smaller part of the story, but I found it to be the most poignant and the biggest takeaway from a solid sci fi dystopian read.Overall, this is a great YA sci fi read not only for the page turning, fast paced, and mind stretching plot that keeps the reader hooked, but also, mainly, for the powerful ownvoices portrayal of a main character with OCD Highly recommend picking this one up.Please note that I received an ARC All opinions are my own.

  9. USOM says:

    Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest Refraction has been on my TBR ever since I heard of it Having read Afterimage, Hughes debut, I am such a big fan If you love books that almost feel like a mirage, that are hard to pin down, then check out Refraction I loved the idea of mirrors as soon as I read it in Refraction The idea that a surface designed to show you a reflection, an image of the world, is actually used as a vehicle for mystical and dangerous beings Count me in While I was totally geeking out about the almost science fiction fantasy elements within Refraction, the characters are what kept me reading Marty, a teen with OCD, is part of the illegal mirror trade and to me, his character was so fascinating Because when mirrors are weapons, you ask yourself, why does Marty keep trading in mirrors But he s actually a complex character who is, in some ways, motivated by hope Contrasting the other character, the son of the mayor, they believe that they are both on the right side One who is convinced the mayor is brainwashing us all into obedience, another who believes that the mirror trade kills.full review

  10. Paige Dan says:

    This is the book that made me realize I can no longer say I don t really like science fiction Wholly original, it s a real window into the horrifying world of obsessive compulsive disorder Join black market mirror dealer Marty on his quest to find his brother after the fog arrives on earth, spawning Beings that shred humans in moments Monsters that spawn out of mirrors, fear that turns us all into the true monsters, and finding goodness where we least expect it Oh, and aliens To say I m a fan is an understatement.