Mr. Hunt, I Presume (Playful Brides, #10.5)

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  • Mr. Hunt, I Presume (Playful Brides, #10.5)
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  • 09 August 2019
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Mr. Hunt, I Presume (Playful Brides, #10.5) He Never Forgot Her When General Collin Hunt Is Ordered To Take A Much Needed Holiday, He Resigns Himself To Rest And Recreation At His Brother S Country Estate But When The Only Woman He Ever Loved And Selflessly Gave Up Shows Up As His Sister In Law S Governess, His Carefully Ordered Life Is Turned Inside OutShe Ll Never Forgive Him When Erienne Stone Defied Her Family And Fled Her Life Of Privilege, She Never Expected To Be Reunited With The Man Who D Abandoned Her Than A Decade Before But Lucy, Duchess Of Claringdon, Is A Hard Woman To Say No To, Even When Erienne S Heart Is In Danger Of Breaking All Over AgainA Meddling Matchmaker May Be The Key To Their Second Chance After A Decade Of Pain And Heartache, Can Two Star Crossed Lovers Trust The Truth In Their Own Hearts

10 thoughts on “Mr. Hunt, I Presume (Playful Brides, #10.5)

  1. Andrea says:

    I love a good second chance romance, and this had a lot going for it Collin and Erienne grew up next to each other, but the son of a man who was discharged from the Army because of his drinking was never good enough for her ambitious family Separated by a mixture of you deserve better and meddling parents, they haven t seen each other in years Now, she is a governess, and he climbed the ranks in the Army and is a decorated officer and celebrated war hero Due to luck and a little help from the matchmaking Lucy, Collin s sister in law, they find each other being in the same house after years of longing I actually really loved the beginning, which set up the story nicely and did a wonderful job of showing how the two battled their feelings But for my taste, there was too much happening in the second half that I didn t really enjoy view spoiler there was a near death experience that of course made the heroine finally admit her feelings, and then a last minute separation that was resolved with Collin storming after her, barging into the house of a strange, titled lady who was interviewing Erienne for a governess position, and proposing right there in someone else s house hide spoiler

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    Another good story from Valerie Bowman, though it was a little too abrupt for my tastes I ve been really loving Valerie Bowman recently, and I think that this book had a lot of potential, but the novella format stopped it just short of being great Mr Hunt, I Presume was a very sweet second chance romance between a long ago separated couple Colin is a workaholic and Erienne is resigned to be no than a governess Everyone from the side characters to the main couple were great, full fleshed out characters, which is hard to get in a novella I enjoyed the lightness and good natured humor in the story However, I didn t love the fact that all of the tension in the story relies on a long ago misunderstanding, and I think that Erienne and Colin still had years of turmoil to work through when the story ended I wanted time with them as a couple, getting to know one another again Still, the relationship was fulfilling and lovely, and it made me want to read Playful Brides novels to find out what else Valerie Bowman can come up with with a full length story goodreads instagram twitter blog

  3. Tanya Sridhar says:

    3 5 stars I received this book from the author and the publishers in exachange for an honest opinion This does not in any way affect my opinion of the book and it s characters The plot of the book is laid out really well in the blurb itself, it s a classic second chance romance between star crossed young lovers Only this time aided by Matchmaker in Chief of the Playful Brides series, Lucy Hunt This time however, it s personal for Lucy as the man she s trying to match make is her brother in law That too, against the explicit wishes of her husband Derek You can guess where this is going to go General Collin Hunt the decorated War Hero and Spy, now paper pushing military man and brother to Duke has been living his life for work and country for over 14 years His father ensured that he and all his brother s dedicated their lives to the service of the crown and country No time for love, basically Someone forgot to give this memo to Erienne Stone, a young girl born to a Baron who lived close by to Collin and his brothers She went ahead and fell in love with him since she was about 16, and Collin tossed his father s memo out the window and fell right back in love with her Considering this is a second chance romance we all know things weren t hunky dory after this 21 year old Collin Hunt arrives back from the war and tells 18 year Erienne Stone that she deserves better than him and leaves her But not before asking her to let him go Years later, 14 to be exact, enters our mingler in cheif Lucy Hunt when she hires Erienne as Governess to her two children But of course, her primary objective is to re unite her and Collin and get another notch of successfully constructed romances in her ledger Lucy s basically once again prioritized her matchmaking side habit over the education of her children One of them an heir to be to a dukedom FYI and I can t decide if that s adorable or just bad parenting I m going with adorable because I quite like Lucy I wish I had a Lucy in my life I m digressing, back to the main couple Finally, around the 40% mark, Erienne and Collin meet each other and I won t lie, I had been waiting for the ultimate meeting after fourteen years I was surprised, pleasantly, by Erienne s cheek in the tense but well written dinner that followed It was clear, abundantly so that both Collin and Erienne still deeply loved each other and it wasn t difficult to root for them to find each other again In this aspect, the author did a good job I was highly enjoying myself until not much after the tense, almost awkward dinner things suddenly turn between the MC s Not that I mind a little bit of hanky panky, but it felt so out of place that I literally sat blinking for a minute and went back and checked if I skipped an entire chapter by mistake view spoiler Nope, we went straight from high stress first encounters to fingering in a library I guess that s how Military Men roll Not much later there s a random af near death experience for Erienne because she can express her deep seeded desire to fondle his ding dong I don t even know what the purpose of this was but hey, I guess this is how Miltary Men s ex lovers roll hide spoiler

  4. Barbara Rogers says:

    Series Playful Brides 11.5Publication Date 2 8 19Number of Pages 120My rating is 3.5 stars rounded up to 4This is a lovely second chance romance novella It is well written, but I felt it was a bit rushed and I didn t feel as if I were finished with it at the end I loved the storyline, I liked the main characters, I adored the secondary couple, and the children were wonderful I just felt like there were chunks of story that were missing or things progressed much too fast Too fast Consider the scene during their first dinner and then moving to the library I don t want to say too much and spoil it, but when you read it you ll see what I mean.I loved that we got to spend time with Lucy and Derek again Catching up with them and seeing their love and their life as a married couple was wonderful and their two children were a great addition to the story It was nice to see that Derek has resigned himself to Lucy s matchmaking and just loves her to distraction This time, Lucy is matchmaking for Derek s brother, Collin and their childhood neighbor Erienne Stone I would have thought that Collin s story would have come earlier in the series since Lucy and Derek were the featured H h in the first book, but maybe it took a while to find just the right lady for him.Collin and Erienne had a relationship of some sort when they were younger You learn what that relationship was in bits and pieces as you move through the story It is a story of family betrayal and feelings of unworthiness that cost these two fourteen years of being miserable and apart Neither of them ever married.Collin Hunt and his two brothers are basically from the wrong side of the tracks Their father was put out of the army because of his overindulgence in alcohol Their father was also cruel to them because he was training them to be soldiers Both Collin and Derek were very good at soldiering Derek s success earned him the title of Duke of Claringdon for his heroism during the war and Collin is now a general and a high ranking member at the Home Office Most of Collin s career can t be mentioned because he spent his time as a spy.Erienne defied her parent s marriage expectations and left home to become a governess Now, fourteen years later, the children she was caring for are grown and it is time for her to move on to her next family When the agency sets her up with an interview with the Duchess of Claringdon, she doesn t feel she can turn it down She s truly surprised at herself when she finally after much persuasion by the Duchess accepts the job She s torn she wants to know about Collin, but she s afraid she can t handle actually seeing him.It really is a nice story, but I think I could have lived with a little less backstory if it bought me time with the couple in the now More time for me to know them and them to know each other and especially time for a less abrupt ending There was a distinct lack of conversation and discussion between them They just go straight to lust and remain there The proposal is entertaining but certainly lacks romance As I read, I thought What, this is it and it was.Please check out my reviews at Blog Page I requested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it my review is my honest opinion and given w

  5. Stacee says:

    I had read a previous book in this series and I m a sucker for a good novella, so I couldn t resist I love love loved Erienne and Collin I loved that they were childhood friends and the history between them I especially loved that they pined away for each other Lucy is straight up adorable I need to go find her book immediately Plot wise, it was quick and to the point There was a touch of drama, but that s to be expected after 14 years The angsty times were short lived and it had a fabulous grand gesture Overall, it was a fun read I can t wait to start the next book Huge thanks to June Third for providing the arc free of charge

  6. Sissy& says:

    Mr Hunt, I Presume by Valerie Bowman is book 10.5 in the Playful Brides Series This is the story of Collin Hunt and Erienne Stone I have read the previous books and loved them but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so Collin and Erienne about 14 years ago were young and in love but then Collin step away to do the right thingwhich set in motion hurt and distrust Now all this time later he is taking a break from the military to go to his brother s country estate There he meets Erienne againbut can he walk away this time Erienne was crushed when Collin didn t choose her and has since went into the work life of being a Governess When her kids are to old for one she goes to take a new job within the Hunt family Although she knows it is risky to be so close to Collin s family, but she wants to see what is happening with Collins.besides the money being offered for the job is than she can turn down So in love with their story and this second chance at love.

  7. eyes.2c says:

    Does Lucy Hunt overplay her game Loving each other since childhood, Colin Hunt reluctantly broke with Erienne Stone after a request to that effect from her parents As they put it he had nothing to offer Erienne and she was all but spoken for by someone far superior Now a decade later Erienne is a governess and Colin a General and spy working for the home office.When Colin is ordered to take a holiday he heads for his brother Derek s, the Duke of Claringdon estate, little knowing that he d run into the woman he d loved and left all those years ago Ah Those meddling Regency mothers have a lot to answer for Lucy Hunt, the Duchess of Claringdon, is up to her usual match making tricks This time they might just harm than help.A pleasing second chance romance.A NetGalley ARC

  8. Jessica Grogan says:

    I always feel like I need to start a review of a second chance romance with a disclaimer I greatly dislike that trope For the most part, I find them repetitive and boring I am happy to say, however, that this novella was not repetitive or boring Collin Hunt and Erienne Stone were childhood sweethearts kept apart by their social status Erienne accepts a position as governess to Collin s niece and nephew at the same time Collin is forced to take a holiday from work They soon learn the past doesn t always stay in the past as they begin spending time together As I said, I usually find these stories to be repetitive, but the shorter length of a novella helped keep this from happening I didn t have to read the same what if thoughts over and over like I would ve in a full length second chance romance And I enjoyed the flashback to Collin and Erienne s past explaining why they parted ways I really liked both Collin and Erienne, and felt they made a good couple A lot of the novella was from Collin s POV, and I loved that He was a good guy and I wish we had gotten of him than a novella I regret to say I didn t read Derek and Lucy s story, but I liked them so much here that I will probably go back and do so My only real issue with this novella was the fact that I couldn t really see why Collin and Erienne couldn t be together this time It seemed like they parted ways again a second time because reasons and because it was expected I received an eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  9. Pelusa Rivera says:

    I wasn t crazy about this book I did try to remind myself of the era and take that into considerations So we meet Collin who was in love with Erienne but for some reason since his father was a drunk they kept saying or thinking that he was not good enough for her What that was your dad not you but anyhoo it is what it is So he goes to the military and she becomes a governess Yeah didn t get but again it happens, so she is working for his sister in law who has too much time on her hands besides taking care of her children which she should have done instead of being a busybody, again sorry for rant So as I was saying Erienne is working for sister in law and they meet again, but they are wishy washy and she doesn t admit her feelings or realize them til an almost death experience and then its like of my god, yeah no..And then he in a dramatic fashion waits to go after her when she is in an interview, why then you had other appropriate times But whatever..again it is so so..Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author. netgalley Voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions.

  10. Joana V. says:

    Review published on my blog I should have known better why do I keep doing this to myself I love Valerie Bowman s books, and I know what novellas are, and yet I keep reading them Novellas short stories don t work for me The beginning is always great and then everything is done in a jiffy And it works for some people, it just doesn t for me If you like novellas, this is a good one It s a sweet story, a reunited lovers trope It has characters that we already know and love from previous books in the series The writing, as always, is entertaining and funny, romantic and pleasant to follow This is a typical case of it s not the book, it s me So, go for it, if novellas are your thing