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  • 28 December 2019

The Right Man A Pretty Woman And A Handsome Rock Star.A Modern Retelling Of Cinderella By New York Times Bestselling Author Michelle Mankin.A Once Upon A Time With A Hooker Who Used To Be A Good Girl And A Bad Boy Lead Singer Living A Lie.Two Lost And Lonely Souls And A Chance Encounter On A Dark Street Corner In LA.Is It Happenstance, Fate Or A Fairy Tale Can A Hookup For Cash Become A Happily Ever After Text ROCK BOOK TO 345345This Is For Author Michelle Mankin Cover Reveal And Release Text Alerts Only.

10 thoughts on “The Right Man

  1. Lisa Anthony says:

    Full Review to follow on release dayText ROCK BOOK to 345345This is for Author Michelle Mankin cover reveal and release text alerts only.I adore a modern day Cinderella story The story synopsis and beautiful cover grabbed my attention The Cinderella in this story is a girl named Jewel and her Prince Charming is named Rush The story had me from the moment she got in his car I believe that it is destiny that got them together that night Both characters have secrets, creativity and big hearts Both have pasts that have them feeling undeserving of love and riddled with guilt Their courtship is sweet and super intense But as with most relationships they have to weather a few storms before they get to the happily ever after.Sizzling hot 5 star new release THE RIGHT MAN now only 99 magical cents pretty woman and a handsome rock star.A modern retelling of Cinderella by New York...

  2. Snow says:

    3.75 just like the Pretty Woman starsAwwwwI usually don t go for sweet and yet when I stumble upon such a treat I then, take it in stride, as it is.So, this modern fairy tale ish story of a rockstar in pursuit of a sense and meaning and self questioning quest chance encounters a young woman working a corner and somehow this instant spark changes the odds for both of them.What are the odds she s a struggling prostitute with a heart of gold and moral principles and he s a rich rocker who found himself a muse and purpose BUT reality still stands This isn t dating, Rush It s us capturing a moment in time We can put off the reality of your world and mine for a few days, maybe a week Then I have to go back to my life. add a little bit drama, a misunderstanding and a stubborn mistake and a little bit of groveling for a HEA, and you got yourself this little Pretty woman look a likeor well the heroine s words could work for this f...

  3. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

    Every guy had been wrong before him All of them Did he get it Did he guess the truths that I couldn t speak I d been lost before he found me on that street corner I m a big fan of the works of Michelle Mankin, she fulfills my rock star fantasies with her wondrous words I ve read many of her books, but I think this one is my fave Well, no promises that I won t say that again when I read the next one I am addicted to reading stories with broken characters and I definitely got my fix with this one A destitute hooker and a jaded rock star, you can t get better material to work with than that, right They both had so many issues that it would take than a fairy godmother s magic wand to remove the obstacles standing in the way of a happily ever after for those two You could dress her up and take her out, but you couldn t remove her past And hiding itjust ask a rock star how well that works for them Yeah, the paparazzi are bloodhounds and they can smell a story no matter how well it s hi...

  4. Kahea says:

    5 Wishes Are The Seeds of Desire in Our Heart Stars And we have another fairytale inspired romance done right, add in a good dose of rockstar smexy and you have a book I couldn t put down and gave me all the feels right up until the very last words.I adored Rush and Jewel Both were a little bruised and battered by what life had thrown at them and the choices they had made, but they survived with their hearts mostly intact and found ways to keep going As for their journey to their HEA It definitely has Pretty Woman vibes, but it is all theirs The smexy going on between them was nuclear, but that was only the tip of the iceberg The connection they had from the start was strong and I loved watching as it grew the longer they were together They had a flow to them that made it easy to believe that they could have a forever if they d only let it happen As for the lovely not so lovely jack knife in their journey I growled a little and readily admit that I wanted groveling, but I understood how it could happen and that in the end I loved how they got back on track.This was a great read from start to finish I loved the dual 1st person POV s and the pacing was a good one The angst was there but in comparison to say the angst level in the RFC series, it falls on the low end o...

  5. Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms says:

    I received a free copy of The Right Man This has in no way influenced my review which is honest and unbiased The Right Man is a modern day fairytale And I fell so hard for Rush and Jewel I just loved how they clicked from the beginning even with the odds unevenly...

  6. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    If you love PRETTY WOMAN and Michelle Mankin s fabulous reads, you will absolutely love her newest book, THE RIGHT MAN And it doesn t hurt that we get to see past favorites make an appearance I didn t instantly love Rush but it sure didn t take long for him to grow on me He turned out to be such a fantastic guy and watching him fall for Jewel made me melt Jewel is sweet, but doesn t hold back She has this charm about her you cannot hel...

  7. Janee says:

    I loved the way the book started out With Jewel s grandmother telling her a fairytales.This story hit close to home I was never a prostitute, but I lost my mother when I was young I had to live with grandparents Jewel learned a lot from her grandmother, but still made mistakes I understand her very well I think making those mistakes, and learni...

  8. Jennifer Crutchfield says:

    Full length stand alone told in dual POV with HEA and super sweet epilogue Rush is a lead singer and guitarist who just finished a long tour His label Black Cat Records has just denied all the songs for the latest album and his drummer is ready to kill his bass player Jewel is no stranger to homeless shelters and is barely getting by The only thing I wasn t a fan of was the fact that Jewel was a hooker, it just felt extreme for her personality why not a stripper like her mom The relationship between Jewel and her roommate felt very much like it came out of the movie Pretty Woman A chance encounter between Rush and Jewel has them spending an hour together, then the hour turns into all night, then all night turns into a week, etc Their back stories are good and through They have a strong connection and the they open up to each other the t...

  9. A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog says:

    4 1 2 starsEverything in Rush and Jewel s life is not what is seems Rush should be on top of the world as the lead singer of his band, but he is not happy Jewel life is nowhere where it should be as she has fallen so far down as having to be a prostitute just to squeak by A random encounter puts them on a path of one hour, one night, to one week of being together in lust to love The feelings are there on both sides, can they trust those feelings to create a future is the most ...

  10. Karin says:

    I absolutely fell in love with this book and the hero Rush and heroine Jewel They were totally opposite but yet absolutely perfect for one another and there chemistry was off the charts.