The Monster Hypothesis

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[Ebook] The Monster Hypothesis  By Romily Bernard –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Monster Hypothesis
  • Romily Bernard
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9781368028554

The Monster Hypothesis Welcome To Bohring Home To People Alligators, And One Monster CurseCorrection Home To People, Now That Kick Winter Is Living In The Swamp Hollows With Her Grandma Missouri, The Town Fake Psychic Bohring Is Anything But Boring For Kick Who Has Already Blown A Hole Through The Kitchen Floor, Befriended A Chicken Eating Gator, And Discovered That The Town S Hundred Year Curse Is Upon ThemIt S The Bohring Curse And All The Kids Are About To Become Monsters Or So The Legend Goes People Are Worried Except For Kick She Knows There S A Scientific Explanation For Everything, Especially Curses And Monsters But Kick Is The New Kid In School And She S Determined To Make A Name For Herself By Pretending To Be PsychicAccording To Her Calculations One Teeny Tiny Life Fake Psychic Skills Popularity But When Kids Start Disappearing And Glowing Creatures Start Showing Up, Kick S Theory Quickly Evaporates In A Puff Of Foul Smelling Swamp Gas Can Kick Use Her Real Science Smarts To Prove The Curse Is A Hoax Or Is It Just Maybe Sort Of Somehow Possible The Curse Is Here Author Romily Bernard Weaves A Fast Paced Middle Grade Mystery Filled With Humor And Scientific Intrigue, Set In A Perfectly Eerie Southern Town

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  1. Romily Bernard says:

    12 12 2017 Okay, so I haven t technically read the whole thing because I haven t written the whole thing, but seeing this on my author shelf made me giggle so I had to chime in Really excited for this one, y all Haven t loved a heroine this hard sincewell, probably ever.

  2. JenLovesBooks says:

    This was a short, but jam packed read, with many characters to make Bohring than what its name might insinuate This place is anything but boring And, that s the beauty of a unique place like Bohring and the people that fill it Which, you would think with the small amount of people in it, there wouldn t be much to create any sort of disunity, but there enters the magic of the curse and all it means for Kick and everyone involved Anyway, her uncle added, hoisting the bags of groceries into his arms, whether we believe in the curse or not is immaterial Everyone else believes in the curse, and they d rather blame that than admit something logical and maybe even dangerous is happening And what a character we have in Kick If you need a little about her, just look at that name and the fact that it s actually Karis, but she chooses to be called Kick It s the first step in knowing who she is as a person and what that means for the rest of this story It s definitely saying a lot because she really makes this book and what it means to be yourself Much of that includes lot of sciency goodness and several nail biting moments Kick was already out of the car She dashed across the road, stopping where the dirt met the grass, and peered into the darkened gap between the swamp trees It was the end of the shortcut to school Where I smelled and heard the monsters, she thought The memory grabbed her breath A breeze lifted drooping branches The Spanish moss swayed And there it was again Glowing green As the novel progresses, it becomes so much With friendships arising from the craziness that s taken over the town, to family becoming than just a title, and a town divided by differences brought together through a tale that spans generations There was very little that kept me from completely enjoying all of this novel, but those tidbits mentioned above eclipsed the rest Such a fun and spooky adventure for sure I received this copy from Disney Publishing, in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

  3. Paige Green says:

    Disclaimer I received this book from Disney Thanks All opinions are my own.Author Romily BernardBook Series Standalone so farRating 5 5Publication Date December 10, 2019Genre MG MysteryRecommended Age 10 science and mystery Some scary moments with missing kids Publisher Disney HyperionPages 304 LinkSynopsis Welcome to Bohring home to 453 people, 2,053 alligators, and one monster curse.Correction home to 454 people, now that Kick Winter is living in the swamp Hollows with her Grandma Missouri, the town fake psychic Bohring is anything but boring for Kick who has already blown a hole through the kitchen floor, befriended a chicken eating gator, and discovered that the town s hundred year curse is upon them.It s the Bohring curse and all the kids are about to become monsters or so the legend goes People are worried except for Kick She knows there s a scientific explanation for everything, especially curses and monsters But Kick is the new kid in school and she s determined to make a name for herself by pretending to be psychic.According to her calculations one teeny tiny life fake psychic skills popularity But when kids start disappearing and glowing creatures start showing up, Kick s theory quickly evaporates in a puff of foul smelling swamp gas Can Kick use her real science smarts to prove the curse is a hoax Or is it just maybe sort of somehow possible the curse is here Review This was a really fun book I loved the character development of Kick and Carolina, I loved seeing that Kick, who s our main character, had a love for science, in a day and age where we still need women in STEM programs, and I loved the story It was a fun mystery filled with scientific explanations and even for a middle grade book the writing and explanation of the science was very well described The book also features Kick s experiment book in the back and it tells kids how to do some of science experiments Definitely recommend for any middle grader.The book didn t really have an issue, but I would like to see of this book in a series I think that this could be greatly expanded and it can help younger girls and boys alike get into science and history.Verdict A definite must read for your little ones and for you older ones too Never too old to learn science

  4. Olivia says:

    See my full review here MONSTER HYPOTHESIS is a really fun middle grade investigative mystery Kick is living with her grandmother, a fake psychic who has taught her how to trick people, while her parents, who are scientists, are off doing important things Kick is a little anxious about starting the new school and wants to be a scientist herself When she starts school and encounters some mean girls, she ends up telling her classmates that she is a psychic like her grandmother.The problem is that now people expect her to help save them from the curse that plagues their small town a curse that Kick certainly does not believe in that says a witch cursed the town that every 100 years, their children would all turn into monsters However, when the clues start appearing and indicate that the curse might be real, Kick is left to fight against the fake facts while also protecting the secret that she is not a psychic Accompanied by her cousin and budding friend, Carolina, they will try to create and test hypotheses about this monster curse.What I loved I always adore stories which feature characters, especially girls, who are STEM oriented and use these tools in fun ways This was no exception, and it was so cool to watch Kick investigate and form hypotheses There are also some really fantastic messages about being true to yourself and seeking out friendships with people who respect you for who you are The mystery and intrigue is just icing on the cake, making this a fast and devourable book overall I would happily read a whole series featuring these characters and this intriguing location.Final verdict THE MONSTER HYPOTHESIS is a highly devourable, clever, and downright delightful book that combines STEM, curses, and fantastic messages into a page turning middle grade read Highly recommend for mystery readers in this age range.Please note that I received an ARC All opinions are my own.

  5. Michelle says:

    The Monster Hypothesis is a middle grade mystery by author Romily Bernard I really enjoyed this book I don t read many middle grade stories any, and the ones that I do I am very picky with This one pleasantly pleased me It was fun, interactive and engaging I think this would be an excellent book for younger readers to pick up as they move into the middle grade age group, and I think the story is well done enough that it will capture and hold the attention of older readers as well Based on my enjoyment of the Monster Hypothesis, I can t wait to read books from Romily Bernard.In The Monster Hypothesis, we meet our main character Kick Kick is on a mission to prove that the monstrous curse that plagues her town is nothing but a hoax I enjoyed Kick She is smart, feisty, adventurous, scientific and logical and was a fun characters to lead the readers on her adventure I loved the scientific voice and reason that Kick brings with her as she tries to debunk the curse And the atmosphere of the book was absolutely perfect It is set in a swamp town, one where I could very easily picture as teeming with all kinds of monsters and creatures Romily Bernard did a fantastic job making this book feel spooky at times, and the rich descriptions brought the swamp town to life.The combination of Science with the supernatural element of psychics fake or not and monsters was a really fun combination I had a blast with The Monster Hypothesis The characters were strong, the plot adventure was a ton of fun and the world was very engaging I think this book will be a hit with readers of all ages Not to mention the mystery kept me guessing until the very end I absolutely loved solving it

  6. Deirdre Hottinger says:

    The Monster Hypothesis is a story with something to appeal both to kids and the parents who read to them monsters, swamps, STEM, curses, a fake psychic, a pet alligator, glowing slime and explosions The engaging plot moves fast, and the heroine is a likable, well developed, real kid One who can t leave a mystery unsolved, and who understands what it means to be the new, smart kid who just doesn t fit in Every kid will relate to Kick s longing to be part of a group and every parent will remember lessons learned in their own childhood A fun read with bonus experiments.

  7. Em Jay says:

    This was such a fun ride THE MONSTER HYPOTHESIS follows our heroine, Kick, as she tries to prove a monstrous curse is nothing but a hoax whilst avoiding becoming a target at her new school Without a doubt, the strongest part of this book was the VOICE It s hilarious and whip smart, never dumbing down for a middle grade audience Kick has just the right amount of rule breaking slyness, combined with the familiar yearnings of fitting in I adored her I also adored her relationship to cousin Carolina, the frilly dress wearing girl with depths of her own.The mystery, too, is cleverly plotted and occasionally genuinely creepy I loved the atmosphere of this seething swamp town, fake psychics and all The best mysteries are unpredictable whilst still allowing for the reader to make their own guesses, and I think MG audiences will find this book fits the bill My only real critique is that occasionally, the story did seem to approach too familiar territory Perhaps it s because the last MG I read also involved a hyper scientific girl trying to solve a mystery navigate middle school THE BOX OF BONES but I did crave a little freshness Still, this is a highly personal factor, and I wouldn t hesitate in recommending THE MONSTER HYPOTHESIS to fans of spooky contemporary mysteries Kick s experiment recipes are even included in the back 4 5.

  8. BreeAnn (She Just Loves Books) says:

    What I Loved The main character Kick is EVERYTHING She is adorable and funny and full of energy and smarts I loved her adventure and was so glad she was written the way she was She is the perfect example of being who you really are.How I Felt The Monster Hypothesis has such a fun story that had me so interested in the story The main character, Kick is into science and I really loved how that was woven into the story We always need science in our children s lives and this book makes science so fun To Read or Not To Read This book is perfect for middle graders that enjoy a little bit of spooky and mystery My third grader can t wait to start this one What s This Book About Anyway Kick is starting a new school in a new town while she temporarily moves in with her grandmother, a fake psychic After a trio of mean girls set their targets on her, she tells everyone that she is a psychic like her grandmother.With her newly exposed and fake abilities, people turn to her to help with the town s curse Every 100 years, the town s children will turn into monsters Believing this curse to be fake, she tries to figure out this mystery The clues, though, begin to make it look like this curse might actually be real Using her science knowledge and her friend s help, she creates theories and tests them to figure out this curse.I was provided an advanced reader s copy of this book for free I am leaving my honest, unbiased review voluntarily.This book will post on my blog on 12 23 19 All of my reviews can be found at

  9. Heidi | Paper Safari Book Blog says:

    loved this book from the very beginning I was immediately sucked into Kicks world where anything can be an experiment, her grandmother is a fake psychic and in trying to find new friends she decides to use her grandmothers teachings to claim her psychic abilities Now the whole town scared of a 100 year old curse that would turn all the children in the town into Monsters may be coming true and the Mayor and the kids all look to Kick and her Grandmother to help break the curse This is a fast paced book with great characters even Figgis the alligator who lives under Kicks house in the swamp and eats rotten chicken breasts has a personality This book reminds you what its like to want to fit in, to be the new kid and desperate to find friends Even the Jenna s remind me of Mean girls with their matching outfits and sassy attitudes Kick is witty and resourceful and while her experiments could benefit from her reading instructions they are inventive and fascinating even when she winds up blowing a hole through the kitchen floor If you want a fun ride with great characters this book has it all Thanks to Rockstar Tours and Disney for getting me a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  10. Nay Denise says:

    Received an ARC for review.This was a fun little mystery suspense read I loved the scientific aspect to this story I felt like I was back in a chemistry class it was awesome The writing was good, the characters were all unique, the pacing was great.Kick is the new girl in Bohring She lives in the swamps with her grandmother, the infamous psychic and she s trying to fit in Kick was such an awesome character for me She was determined to prove that everything had a scientific explanation She was intelligent, hardworking, never gave up, sweet and downright funny I found myself loving her than the story itself.Grandma Missouri was funny She was sweet, she played psychic and was down to earth She was great at reading people and giving them answers She supported Kick and loved her town Carolina, Kick s cousin, was annoying at first, but as the story progressed I began to love her She was such a useful character to Kick s growth.Finding out the secret behind the curse was INSANE I would not have expected that at all Finding out who the culprit was killed me in a great way Especially since there was than one, but only one got caught.Definitely enjoyed it and would totally recommend it