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  • 05 October 2018

The Minuteman In The Early S, Pro Nazi Groups Began Popping Up Across The US In An Attempt To Drum Up Support Among Recent Immigrants For The Fascist Movement Developing Back Home With A Large German Population, Newark, New Jersey Became A Hotbed For This Kind Of Nazi Recruitment, With Pro Fascist Groups Like The German American Bund Staging Parades, Screening Anti Semitic Films, And Organizing Boycotts Of Jewish Business And Politicians Through The City But At The Time, Newark Was Also The Epicenter Of The Jewish Mob And Abner Longie Zwillman, Known As The Al Capone Of New Jersey, Who Had Made A Fortune In Gambling, Bootlegging And Racketeering And Controlled The City S Ports And Police Force, Helped Organize A Group Of Ex Boxers, Factory Workers And Students To Defend The City S Jewish Interests The Group Dubbed Themselves The Minutemen Ready At A Moment S Notice And Took To Breaking Up Nazi Gatherings Using A Combination Of Stink Bombs, Baseball Bats, Lead Pipes And Brass KnucklesGreg Donahue S The Minuteman, Tells The Story Of One Of Newark S Native Sons Ex Prizefighter And Longtime Zwillman Enforcer Sidney Abramowitz, Aka Nat Arno, Who Took Over Leadership Of The Minutemen In And Made It His Personal Business To Put An End To What He Saw As The Bund S Anti American Activities For Six Years, Arno And His Crew Of Vigilantes Battled Newark S Nazis At Every Turn The Minuteman Is A Story Of The Ethics Of Violence In The Face Of Fascism A Forgotten Legacy That Is As Relevant Now As It Was Nearly A Hundred Years AgoPhotos Included In Cover Art Courtesy Of The Jewish Historical Society Of NJ Warren Grover Collection

10 thoughts on “The Minuteman

  1. Joe Kraus says:

    This one is so up my alley or, as the case may be, down my dark alley that I can t be neutral about it.In this case, that s a good thing I could easily get irritated with someone who didn t know what he was doing in narrating a history of a Jewish boxer gangster who set out to attack Nazi Bundists in the 1930s Instead, Greg Donahue does this with a real flair for narrative and without the can you believe there were tough Jews tone that many lesser writers might have brought.The result here is the riveting story of Nat Arno, a Longy Zwillman tough guy charged with leading the Minutemen, a group of Jewish shtarkers who broke up Bund meetings throughout Newark, NJ and greater New York City area The idea of such characters isn t new Robert Rockaway wrote about many of them from across the country in his But He was Good to His Mother years ago But this book or long booklet is a valuable addition to that history I knew that Zwillman contributed a lot to anti Bundist work, but I d never heard of Arno, and I d certainly never seen his story so focused.In addition to recounting a battle after battle chronicle of Arno s life, Donahue raises some intriguing questions about the nature of Jewish self defense The nature of the story inclines him to see it as a good thing he appreciatively quotes Jewish gangster authority Myron Sugarman saying that, if Jews had always defended themselves in such a way there d be no anti Semitism but Donahue does raise the opposite perspective There are many in the Jewish community who continue to believe that anti anti Semitic violence does harm than good.In a compelling wrap up, Donahue reflects on how long it took for the Jewish community to acknowledge Arno s accomplishments, and he sees it as a reflection of the deep ambivalence about his approach.This one is short, probably too short to raise those larger questions in full, but it s perhaps the finest I have read of the free books Audible gives out each month for members An impressive job, and a good way to glimpse a larger history that I ve worked to tell myself.

  2. Alan Teder says:

    Minutemen vs American Nazis in 1930 s Newark, N.J Review of the Audible Original audiobook Jan 2020 The most shocking element here isn t that there were American Jewish vigilantes in 1930 s America prepared to fight Nazis, but that there was such a large American Nazi organisation that they could fill Madison Square Garden with a capacity of 20,000 in 1939 The lead Minuteman, Nat Arno aka Sidney Nathaniel Abramowitz, seems to have been an obscure character in this history previously and even his New Jersey boxing history biography is incorrect on various points e.g he couldn t have been working undercover for a non existent 1930 s OSS which wasn t formed until 1942 Greg Donahue has done an excellent job in collecting this history and the narration by Jonathan Davis was well done The Minuteman was one of the free Audible Original audiobooks for members in January 2020 It is available to everyone for a standard price.Trivia and LinkThe February 20, 1939 German American Bund rally at Madison Square Garden was documented in a recent 7 minute short film A Night at the Garden 2017 dir Marshall Curry, which can be seen on Vimeo that anecdotal boxing biography may of course have been based on stories from Nat Arno himself, who understandably would have found it glamorous to say he worked for the precursor of the CIA rather than as an enforcer for Jewish gangsters.

  3. Autumn Araujo says:

    Listen I am a huge history fan This story wasn t my favorite It was literally like being transported 15 years into the past where I was sitting in the third row second seat from the front in Mr Nevarre s 12th grade history class Only thing missing was the annoying popping of bubble gum bubbles And the clicking of pens in the background I literally wanted to turn it off after the first half hour Now Because of my need to succeed I trudged fourth into the anti semitism and Nazi anger The story was boring It is possible the voice is what did it in for me However, it drained on And afterwards I literally Not figuratively took a nap course I take a nap at least once a day. but we will never know if this book caused it or not The end

  4. David says:

    Set in the pre World War II Newark, New Jersey Jewish community, this story gives us a piece of history that is little known and underappreciated.This documents the fight between the Jewish community and The German American Bund and the Bund s attempt to bring Hitler s special kind of crazy to America With the exception of Mr Donahue s, comparison at the beginning of the book between The Minutemen and the modern day group Antifa, a complete fallacy IMHO, I found it very well written and informative Unfortunately it was too short it did have a tendency to take on the aspect of a rushed term paper.

  5. Jeff says:

    I was unaware of the story of Sidney Abramowitz, the leader of a Jewish group called the Minutemen who fought literally Nazi s in Newark in the 1930s In fact, I had no idea that there were so many home grown Nazis in the US pre WWII The Minutemen used force to break up Nazi gatherings They were comprised of boxers, factory workers, students, and anyone else who wasn t afraid to pick up a bat and go after fascists We think we live in dangerous times now violence and brutality was of a means to an end 80 years ago The author mentions Anitfa in this book to make a loose comparison I don t agree that they are in the same category as the Minutemen.

  6. Nica Borders says:

    I m a big fan of the podcast Behind the Bastards which this special reminded me of It tells a story of a dark time, that echos today, and discusses the true bloody nature of resistance What I like most about this special is how real it felt that victories and losses hit the same way I found my mind drifting easily, especially as someone who has heard about the original Nazi movements in America before, but it s a quick listen at 2 hours, and tells a story we rarely hear about a Jewish mobster going to war against the Nazi s who think they re American than him I recommend it.

  7. Tiffany says:

    This was a free and quick audible listen that turned out to be interesting I had no idea there was such a strong pro Nazi movement in the US during the 1930s This story follows some of the Jewish gangsters in New Jersey, or Minutemen, who organized to breakup the pro Nazi gatherings The Minutemen stepped in where the law couldn t with everything from stink bombs to brass knuckles to stop what they saw as anti American activities What a great story

  8. Amanda Sola says:

    Free audible book So boring I had a tough time focusing It could be that I didn t like the guy this book was about nor the actions of the minutemen so that could be the problem But like A The dude met his future wife when she was 8 and he told her to call him when she grew up Ew B Let s fight violence and hatred with violence Great plan.

  9. Samaire says:

    Fascinating story of the Jewish fight against Nazis on the home front Truth be told, I had no idea there was such growing Nazi support in the US at this time The ingenuity of the minutemen s attacks against the swastika bannered bretheren made me smirk with glee This was a satisfying yarn that adds to the overall narrative of life during WWII.

  10. Lauren says:

    Is this book fact or fiction I need look find the answer to this question If this is fiction hats off to the power of the writer s imagination If this is truth the writer has exposed at time in American history that we all should be alarmed about especially with the growing concerns for racial conflicts in this present age.