Stick to the Script (Aces Wild, #13)

About the Author: Lane Hayes

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best Writing full time It s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well told love story with beautifully written characters These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men Lane discovered the M M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked Her debut novel was

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  • 24 November 2018

Stick to the Script (Aces Wild, #13) Jamie Is A Wedding Photographer In Need Of A Break, And A Sexy Freelance Assignment On The East Coast Sounds Like An Intriguing Getaway He Makes His Flight To Vintage Ridge Just Before An Epic Storm Wreaks Havoc On Holiday Travel But When His Friend Is Delayed, Jamie Finds Himself Alone At The Bed And Breakfast For The Night With The Owners Sona Hunky Contractor With A Wicked Smile And A Commanding Presence Not A Problem Jamie Can Handle Light Conversation With A Ruggedly Handsome Man For A Few Hours Maybe If All Else Fails, He Can Read The Script Wyatt Loves Remodeling Old Homes Like His Parents B And B Spending An Evening Entertaining Their Guest While He Finishes Up His Project Doesn T Seem Like A Big Deal, But Wyatt Can Tell There S Something Special About The Nervous Younger Man He Suggests Reading The Racy Script That Accompanies Jamie S Assignment To Get His Mind Off The Weather, But Neither Is Prepared For What Happens Next Their Explosive Attraction Encourages Them To Bend The Rules And Stick To Their Own Scripttogether PLEASE NOTE For The First Days Of This Title S Publication, All Sales And Page Reads Will Be Donated To PFLAGStick To The Script Is Part Of A Multi Author Series Of Books That Take Place In The Same Fictional Town Each Story Can Be Read In Any Order The Connecting Element In The Ace S Wild Series Is An Adult Store Owned By Ace And Wilder The Main Characters From Each Book Will Make At Least One Visit To Ace S Wild, Where They Ll Buy A Toy To Use In Their Story The Only Characters Who Crossover To Each Book Are Ace And Wilder And With Various Heat Levels, There S Sure To Be Something For Everyone

10 thoughts on “Stick to the Script (Aces Wild, #13)

  1. haletostilinski says:

    This was a good, quick read This was set up well and executed well I felt the chemistry between Jamie and Wyatt, who meet after Jamie comes for work he s doing with some friends, but they can t make it due to whether so flights are delayed and Jamie is stuck in the BB they were gonna shoot some pictures at, alone with Wyatt, the son of the owners of said BB.It doesn t take long for them to give into their attraction, and for them to learn they both have kinky sides that line up Things happen quickly for this couple only 8 days but for how short this is only 100 pages , it makes sense I didn t care so much about the short time because the author took the time for them to get to know each other in those 8 days and it wasn t just all sex the whole time We got pages of convos, seeing them start to fall in love, and that makes the quick timeline okay, in my book With short stories like this, you have to make the romance believable and Hayes made it believable, in my book.Definitely recommend I quite enjoyed this Two thumbs up

  2. Leslie says:

    .5 5 Stars Rounding up .5 5 Sizzle FactorAnd so we come to our last book in the multi author, Aces Wild, series Each book can be read by itself I have not read all of the books but have really liked or loved quite a few Neve Wilder s was probably my favorite However I also liked the ones by Alice Winters and Riley Hart Christina Lee And I discovered a new author to follow when I read the one by Jaclyn Quinn I ve become a big fan of Lane Hayes after reading her, Starting From, and, Out in College, series I m also working my way through her, Leaning Into, series but haven t loved those as much None of her books have had any kink so I was curious how this one would be Also, I personally am not into super heavy kink so I was a little nervous I d say I lean towards the mild medium when I choose to read it I should have known that Lane wouldn t let me down with the story or the kink handling The kink was light, the angst was low and the story was sizzling and fun Things did go from lust to love in the blink of an eye But with the length of the story, I kind of expected it so I wasn t unhappy Plus, I don t know about you but sometimes I just want a happy little story with high feels and zero drama.

  3. .Lili. says:

    Everything about Stick to the Script by Lane Hayes worked At first, I wondered how the set up would be able to deliver a full story in 100 pages, but it was perfect I think for Jamie, he was able to let down his inhibitions and allowed his desires to come out, because like he said, he ll never see Wyatt again Wyatt could feel it even if he didn t know it, that his connection to Jamie was than just a hookup They just meshed well together Some highlights Dual POVs Low angst, feel good Small Age gap This story is smoking hot Kink factor is light just enough for me I loved their first meeting Jamie was awkward and tongue tied Adorable Wyatt in bed growly and possessive yet tender While feelings did grow fast, when you know, you know And in the way you just know that something feels right, I knew that was what I wanted This man and a start Don t ask me how I knew he fit I just did Stick to the Script is a delightful holiday romance 4.5 Stars Highly recommend.

  4. Shannon says:

    Review to come

  5. Devoted♥Reader says:

    Unleash your desiresIf I ever get to visit Vintage Ridge in my dreams, I m staying at The Garden House for a few reasons One, it sounds beautiful Two, I want to meet Wyatt s mom Three, it s like a fantasy BB And it included a sneaky cameo or should I say prelude Jamie is adorable all the time but extra cute when he s being awkward Wyatt, umm, yes please I love growly, possessive, tender he hits all my buttons If you re dreaming, so am I And I don t want to wake up Yay for curiosity and storms Mmm, Jamie should never listen and I love it when good boys go bad I adore how Wyatt teases Jamie and becomes his safe harbor They re so flipping sweet together but their chemistry makes this book spark I love the atmosphere that Lane Hayes built in this book The storm, the sexual byplay between Jamie and Wyatt, the script, the dialogue, combine all those with some sexy kink, it s combustible Best of all though is the love and trust these two found I m so happy they made their own script.

  6. Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    Oh boy, I don t think I realized this was book 13 in a series I know, I know, it isn t really a series that has to be read in order but well, that s how I roll normally But, Lane Hayes so I had to have it, I don t even need to read the blurb truthfully, she is one of my favorites for sure Bonus that is takes place around Christmas I am full into my Christmas reads and didn t realize this would fit right in So, I really liked this story I love, love, love an insta love story that does not feel like one These guys had some sort of connection that felt like years and not days and I am so freaking glad it played out exactly the way it did.Another thing I love in my stories, especially at this time of year Storms Storms that leave you stranded Although this wasn t snow, it still read like a perfect set up for togetherness.And lastly, that kink Not normally my kind of thing if I m being honest but here, it was done so well and it was so f n hot and for a brief moment in time it totally was my thing.Yeah to the mention of Zero Good stuff This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review

  7. bookfaerie says:

    A bit too sappy for me I am also not a huge fan of novellas I only read this one because Lane is a favorite of mine The writing is good but I just didn t love either MC and there just wasn t enough story to really get me invested in any of the story.Still glad I read it Enjoy.

  8. ML says:

    Hot HOT Hot Instant chemistry between Wyatt and Jaime is the engine that really fuels this love story It s SO hot how they figure out each other s kinks Minimal angst but maximum sexiness is pushing this book to the top of my reread list Perfect HEA as well.

  9. Cali Layne says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this story I have been loving all of the Ace s Wild books and this one has to be one of my favorites Wyatt and Jamie find themselves waiting out a storm together while Jamie s friends flights are canceled.They find themselves exploring some light kink and finding a perfect partner in each other.I loved their chemistry it was playful and sexy just a perfect short read for a chilly day

  10. Patricia Nelson says:

    This was an incredibly sensual, fantastic, fascinating, smoking hot, sweetly kinky, grab you by the feels, slightly naughty, delightful, and totally awesome story Lane Hayes has written one hell of a tale, and I would DEFINITELY recommend getting this gem immediately