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  • 09 January 2019
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Supernatural Selection In , Scientist Richard Dawkins Published A Blockbuster Bestseller, The God Delusion This Atheist Manifesto Sparked A Furious Reaction From Believers, Who Have Responded With Numerous Books Of Their Own By Pitting Science Against Religion, However, This Debate Overlooks What Science Can Tell Us About Religion According To Evolutionary Psychologist Matt J Rossano, What Science Reveals Is That Religion Made Us HumanIn Supernatural Selection, Rossano Presents An Evolutionary History Of Religion Neither An Apologist For Religion Nor A Religion Basher, He Draws Together Evidence From A Wide Range Of Disciplines To Show The Valuable Even Essential Adaptive Purpose Served By Systematic Belief In The Supernatural The Roots Of Religion Stretch As Far Back As Half A Million Years, When Our Ancestors Developed The Motor Control To Engage In Social Rituals That Is, To Sing And Dance Together Then, About , Years Ago, A Global Ecological Crisis Drove Humanity To The Edge Of Extinction It Forced The Survivors To Create New Strategies For Survival, And Religious Rituals Were Foremost Among Them Fundamentally, Rossano Writes, Religion Is A Way For Humans To Relate To Each Other And The World Around Them And, In The Grim Struggles Of Prehistory, It Offered Significant Survival And Reproductive Advantages It Emerged As Our Ancestors First Health Care System, And A Critical Part Of That Health Care System Was Social Support Religious Groups Tended To Be Far Cohesive, Which Gave Them A Competitive Advantage Over Non Religious Groups, And Enabled Them To Conquer The GlobeRather Than Focusing On One Aspect Of Religion, As Many Theorists Do, Rossano Offers An All Encompassing Approach That Is Rich With Surprises, Insights, And Provocative Conclusions

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  1. Michael Brady says:

    Homo Sapiens was not always the most successful hominin on the planet Homo Sapiens did not always have speech, art, or religion Rebuffed by Homo Neanderthalensis in the Levant 100,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens returned to Africa where the entire species was nearly exterminated by the Mount Toba super eruption Homo Sapiens left Africa for the second time 70,000 years ago and promptly colonized the entire planet What changed Why do all human societies have speech, dance, art, and religion A compelling thesis is laid out in careful detail in Supernatural Selection How Religion Evolved, by Matt Rossano.Rossano expands on ideas expressed by James McClenon and others that receptivity to rhythmic vocalizations and simple dances rewarded participants with pleasantly altered states of consciousness and small group cohesion In time the ability to sing and dance and a predisposition to hypnotic revery and the healing power of placebo was transmitted to future generations Simple ritual grew into what we now think of as shamanism.Rossano details the impact this sort of proto religion had on egalitarian hunter gatherers He explains why complex hunter gatherers began to exhibit social stratification and ancestor worship In a world occupied and influenced by the all seeing spirits of our ancestors entities who took an interest in our daily activities and our thoughts social order and group cohesion was enhanced by religion s tendency to reinforce and reward a moral faculty.The rest is pre history.This is a book I wish both William Lane Craig and Richard Dawkins would read Religion need not be God breathed or factual in order to have played an important role in human flourishing, evolution, and progress.

  2. Mavaddat says:

    Professor Rossano does an excellent job synthesising the latest research in ethnography, anthropology, and even philosophy in his highly erudite exposition through the history of human evolution out of Africa twice I was impressed with his deep understanding of philosophy regarding ethics, and the care that he took to make sure every claim he made was backed up in the footnotes by multiple bibliographic resources However, I thought he dwelled too much on what capacities of religious life could have evolved for humans during the Interregnum The consequence of the makings on the snake rock at Tsodilo Hills of Botswana is a bit overblown by Rossano, I think The chapters seven, eight, and nine are absolutely must reads, however, for anyone interested in the religious origin of humans and the human origin of religion.

  3. Steve Wiggins says:

    Religion defies easy explantion Rossano provides an evolutionary approach that makes for some head scratching and some head nodding A clear exposition of a controversial idea Further remarks at

  4. Alina says:

    Some interesting ideas here.

  5. Samantha says:

    Too academically written for me to wade through at the moment despite my curiosity Maybe later.

  6. Peter says:

    Borrowed this from library, too good not to buy, bought ebook , prob worth five stars, very very good