How to Write a Great Book and Get It Published

About the Author: Tom Evans

I am an author, writer s unblocker and creative catalyst.I love exploring how the mind works or doesn t and reading the esoteric with the aim of making it exoteric.Currently exploring how to bend time and space, how to tune into future memories and how authors can channel their future self who knows the words they have yet to write or something like that

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  • How to Write a Great Book and Get It Published
  • Tom Evans
  • 27 July 2019

How to Write a Great Book and Get It Published Now It Is Easier Than Ever To Publish A Book Especially With Great Sites Like Smashwords It Makes Sense To Write A Great Book This Free Guide From Author, Poet Mentor, Tom Evans, Has Loads Of Useful Tips To Take You Into The Written Published Section Of The Population

10 thoughts on “How to Write a Great Book and Get It Published

  1. Allison Renner says:

    This book is aimed towards the publishing and money side of writing, than the actual telling a story aspect Some of the sentences were pretty ridiculous a twelve chapter book will take 6 to 12 days of your time to write You will need to find this time or engage a ghost writer REALLY The author plugs his own site a lot, which is fine, except it made the book less complete, because you have to go to his site and or pay him to get further information though it could than likely be found on your own On the about the author page, it was said that He has been called, by others, both a wizard and alchemist Just a little ridiculous, no That being said, it s a very short read, and there are a few good checklists of things you need for a query or if you re self publishing, but overall, you could find that information elsewhere.

  2. Donna Jones says:

    very good book short and to the point.

  3. Sherry says:

    This was a fast read it s less than 50 pages In some aspects there was good information especially regarding self publishing but in other aspects the information wasn t really information at all, but just plain old common sense I felt this was an advertisement for the author s business and website than an actual how to book.

  4. The Amusing Muse says:

    It appears this book has some very good information in it I ll be better able to evaluate it once I begin to put things into practice.