The Papacy, 1073 1198

About the Author: I.S. Robinson

Professor I S Robinson is Lecky Professor of History and Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin His research and publications have focused on Papal and Imperial history in the medieval period.

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  • The Papacy, 1073 1198
  • I.S. Robinson
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  • 14 July 2017
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The Papacy, 1073 1198 Before The Mid Eleventh Century The Pope Was Far From Being The Active Leader Of The Roman Catholic Church That He Is Today He Restricted Himself To The Local Concerns Of The Diocese Of Rome And Was Virtually Ignored By The Outside World This Book Is A Study Of The Transformation Of The Role Of The Pope In The Twelfth Century, From Which He Emerged As Monarch Of The Universal Church, Dedicated To Reform And To Making The Church Independent Of Secular Control The Most Important Role In The New Model Government Was Given To The Cardinals, Who Hence Forward Were The Principal Advisers, Agents And Electors Of The Popes These Developments Were Accelerated By Schism And Political Conflict On Three Occasions The Lawful Pope Was Driven Into Exile By An Antipope Supported By A Powerful Secular Ruler Professor Robinson S Text Emphasizes The Growing Importance Of The College Of Cardinals And The Practical Aspects Of Papal Government It Offers The Most Detailed Analytical Study Yet Available Of This Key Period In The History Of The Western Church.

10 thoughts on “The Papacy, 1073 1198

  1. Katie says:

    4.5 stars Let s start with this I m a total pope nerd When Benedict XVI resigned earlier this year, it blew my mind. When a Jesuit subsequently became pope and chose the name Francis, it blew my mind again. It has been quite a year In light of that, it does not take very much for me to find a book about popes fascinating For a lot of people, this book will probably seem terribly dry it s nearly all institutional history, it dives head first into lots and lots of details, and at times it can seem frustratingly fixated on the papal curia There are, I don t know, sixty pages on papal finances I love stuff like that Institutional history has a reputation for stuffiness for a reason, but it s also incredibly important The papacy reached into absolutely every aspect of medieval life, particularly by the end of this period, and I think it s therefore hugely important to figure out how the papacy viewed itself in the broader context of the world in which it operated, and to learn the nuts and bolts of the curia in order to figure out how or to what degree it turned this self image into a reality This book does an excellent job of that Robinson s work is divided loosely int...

  2. Victoria says:

    Dry institutional history of the medieval papacy Argues that it was during this period that the papacy ceased to concern itself solely with its dimensions as the bishopric of Rome, and began actively to lay claim to its so call...