Doctor Who (The Lost Stories 1.8)

About the Author: Ingrid Pitt

Ingrid Pitt born Ingoushka Petrov was a British actress, famous for her work in horror films She married three times, first to Laud Roland Pitt Jr, an American GI second to George Pinches, a British film executive and then to Tony Rudlin, an actor and racing car driver Her daughter, Steffanie Pitt Blake, is also an actress.

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  • Doctor Who (The Lost Stories 1.8)
  • Ingrid Pitt
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  • 27 May 2017
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Doctor Who (The Lost Stories 1.8) The TARDIS Materializes On The USS Eldridge, After The Philadelphia Experiment Has Gone Disastrously Wrong Most Of The Crew Are Dead, The Ship Is Disintegrating, And The Doctor Soon Realizes That The Problem Comes From Another Dimension As They Attempt To Find A Way To Get The Ship Home, The Doctor And Peri Visit The Distant Planet Capron And Meet Its Tyrannical Ruler Osloo But The Search For A Possible Solution Only Creates Increasingly Dire Problems Osloo S Horizons Have Been Widened And Space And Time Are Hers For The Taking

10 thoughts on “Doctor Who (The Lost Stories 1.8)

  1. Christopher Buchanan says:

    Very solid and enjoyable story Interesting subject matter and good execution It s also written by Ingrid Pitt In case you don t know who she is, she s an actress that appeared in The Time Monster and probably has on of the most phenomenal sets of tits to ever grace Doc...

  2. Wendy says:

    The Doctor and Peri arrive on the USS Eldridge in the midst of the Philadelphia Experiment, and discover that the ship s power is being drained off by people from another dimension, led by the dictatorial leader Osloo Having the Doctor visit the site of famous historical mysteries is a time honored device in Doctor Who, and it works pretty well here I didn t know much about the Philadelphia Experiment before I listened to this story, but the play does a good job of filling the listener in on the essentials I like the fact that the beings from another dimension initially have no idea that they re causing problems for the crew of the Eldridge, but that Osloo quickly decides that she s going to conquer Earth once she learns of its existence Osloo makes a rather wonderful villain as someone who instantly grasps the essentials of any situation, no matter how far out of her normal experience it is except that the grasps it only to the extent that it furthers her own ambitions She is nasty, treacherous, and smart None of the other secondary characters really match up to her Once again, though, Peri gets to show both initiative and verbal sass that we rarely saw on TV It does make me wonder how all these Lost Stories scripts treated Peri back when the stories were originally written Was the character being weakened in the process of script editing and getting the episode made Or is this stronger Peri purely the product of the adapting these scripts for a mod...

  3. Dione Basseri says:

    A great end to a season of radio dramas The Doctor and Peri are visiting the site of the Philadelphia Experiment, and find that it may have worked a bit better than intended A hole has been ripped between universes, trapping the ship s crew in between A visit to the alternate univers...

  4. Angela says:

    The Doctor and Peri get stuck on a rotting ship that turns out to be the one in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment To make matters worse, an alternative dimension is stealing its energy This is part of the lost season of 80z scripts The parts set on the ship are really ...

  5. Steven Shinder says:

    This is an odd choice for a season finale, seeing as how it is one of the weaker stories Regardless, the season as a whole is a 4 5 in my opinion, and it definitely makes me like the Sixth Doctor a bit and crave further adventures.

  6. Debra Cook says:

    The Doctor and Peri are trapped in two dimensions trying to stop a problem an experiment is causing with power issues.